Mar 07 - Mar 09

IANC 2024

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The Industry-Academia Networking Conclave (IANC) 2024 conclave aims at serving a platform to discuss and address thrust areas of the industries and galvanizes the efforts towards forging successful partnerships that would prove mutual benefits to the academia and Industry. This three-day conclave will be organized at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore.

The IANC 2024 aims to create a platform for open communication and collaboration between industry and academia. By bringing professionals from both sectors together, we hope to share knowledge, experience, expertise, and technology in order to better understand the areas where they can collaborate.

Furthermore, the conclave is aimed to promote the Institute's capabilities and facilities to industries, as well as to make students aware of the expectations of the industries in which they may work, thereby enhancing their knowledge and skills. The conclave's ultimate goal is to foster a mutually beneficial partnership between academia and industry that benefits everyone involved, resulting in technological advancement and the development of the next generation of professionals.