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Sep 21 - Sep 21


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The event begins with an introductory session of E-Workshop by MathWorks on basics of Simulink on 29 August 2019. Followed by the introductory session, a one day In-house Workshop on “System Modelling and Simulation with Simulink and Simscape” with hands on session organized in Vellore Institute of Technology on 10 September 2019 in Kamaraj Auditorium (TT Building). The pitching of the Design and Analysis of the solutions to the problem statement will be conducted on 21 September 2019 and, the judging will be done by the MathWorks Experts.

Pre-Design-A-Thon events:  E-Workshop: 29th August 2019
                            Workshop: 10th September 2019

         Design-A-Thon event: 21st September 2019