VIT Business School (VIT BS)

Dean's Message

Greetings! Welcome to VIT Business School.

VIT Business School has come a long way in the past 25 plus years. Our twenty five plus years of experience in delivering dynamic, engaging and comprehensive knowledge practices have helped develop transformational leaders, successful entrepreneurs and modern day managers who could handle complex organizational and community challenges. The core strengths of VITBS are its proven teaching-learning ecosystem, research & knowledge building culture, collaborations & networks, fully digitalized transparent operations, multicultural environment and finest infrastructure. We believe that corporate houses need more leaders with deep knowledge on business principles, technology and managerial skills and hence, our curriculum includes insight on industry-relevant business principles and technology practices. The school’s active partnership with industries, foreign universities, research organizations and NGOs enriches the Under-graduate (BBA), Post graduate (MBA) and Doctoral programme in Business Administration offered. Multi-cultural environment, with faculty and student incumbents from various countries, make learning richer and rigorously competitive. The school practices Applied Learning (CALTM) pedagogy in a Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCSTM), Overseas experiential Learning (OELP).

VITBS is accredited by ACBSP,USA and holds reputable positions in national rankings. International and National accreditations, strong domain expertise of faculty members, fully digitized eco-system, finest infrastructure, cross cultural learning environment, emulated corporate work environment.