School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE)

Dean's Message

We believe here at the School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE) that the mission of education is to promote value based growth.Design of our programmes are aimed to meet societal and industrial needs. Feedback from all the stake holders, discussing and collecting thoughts and ideas help us to remain relevant and create the desired perception about our education system. The faculty is known for their dynamism, openness to learning, pedagogic innovation, teaching ability and updated knowledge through a variety of faculty development programmes. We promote enhanced engagement with alumni, corporate and other stake holders. All of this leads to develop our unique and distinctive path in education.

Our commitment to the future of Electronics and Communication Engineering disciplines drives us to work persistently, while exploiting all possible venues, and the relative advantage of India’s industry in today’s competitive market place and ensure the quality of the next generation of Electronics Engineers in Industry and Academia. This ongoing effort is expressed through the launch of various new programmes which aims to spearhead Faculty-Industrial relations efforts. Leading companies are already part of these programmes focusing on exploiting opportunities in the sphere between Academia and Industry.

The  Faculty of the School of Electronics Engineering engage in cutting-edge technology teaching and research in fields such as: Wireless communication and Networking, Signal processing, Microwave Imaging, Antenna design, MEMS and Microstructures, Free space optical communication, Robotics and automation, Computer vision and machine learning, Sensors and IoT, Chemical and bio sensors, Automotive sensors, Biomedical Instrumentation, Flexible and wearable electronics, Heterogeneous computing, RTOS and Embedded systems, Analog and Digital IC design, System design with FPGA, Cryptography and reversible data hiding.

We give high importance to student-faculty interaction beyond class room, analytical and integrative thinking through case studies, study tours, internship within India and abroad & onsite projects. Special attention is given to sensitize the students to the problems of rural population and the underprivileged section of the society . Similarly development of strong professional values, work ethics, and mutual respect for diversity in the society is consciously integrated in the curriculum.

Driven by interdisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit, our students and faculty venture into activities that are useful to the society. We continue to successfully commercialize through invention disclosures, patents, and ultimately, start up companies.

We have remained innovative in our approaches to improve and excel in teaching, learning and research resulting in a sizeable number of our alumni being employed in leading organizations globally. Many of our alumni are entrepreneurs too.

We remain as eager as ever to continue marking milestones in our transformational growth during the years to come.

Dean, School of Electronics Engineering