School of Chemical Engineering (SCHEME)

Sl No AY Year Content Title Author ISBN Content Type
1 2022 Microalgae Coupled Biofuel Production and Carbon Capture from Thermal Power Plant: A Biorefinery Approach Sruthi V., Jyothirmai P., Anagha E., Aishwarya S., Nair A.T., Chakraborty S., Sivagami K. 978-981-16-8682-5 Book Chapter
2 2021 Legacy, Pathogenic and Emerging Contaminants in the EnvironmentG. Sruthi, S. Aishwarya, S. Karthika, Samarshi Chakraborty, G. Divyapriya, K. Sivagami 9781003157465 Chapter Authored
3 2021 Advanced Microscopy A Strong Analytical Tool in Materials Science Venkata Ratnam Myneni, Nagamalleswara Rao Kanidarapu, Senthil Kumar Kandasamy, Meena Vangalapati 9781774910429 Chapter Authored
4 2021 Legacy, Pathogenic and Emerging Contaminants in the Environment Manish Kumar, Meththika Vithanage, Sanjeeb Mohapatra, Kishor Acharya 9781003157465 Chapter Authored
5 2021 Legacy, Pathogenic and Emerging Contaminants in the Environment G Sruthi S Aishwarya Samarshi Chakraborty S Karthika G Divyapriya K Sivagami 9780367743635 Chapter Authored
6 2021 Nanomaterial based advanced oxidation processes for degradation of waste pollutants Jaykumar Bhasarkar and Dharmendra Kumar Bal 9780128214961 Chapter Authored
7 2020 Integration of biorefineries for waste valorization in Ulsan Ecoindustrial park Izhar Hussain Shah, Shishir Kumar Behera, Eldon R Rene, Hung Suck Par 9780128182284 Chapter Authored
8 2020 Biochar Technology for Environmental Sustainability M. Ganesapillai#, Aruna Singh, D. Sangeetha 978-3-030-38196-7 Chapter Authored
9 2019 Recent Advances in Biotechnology Shishir Kumar Behera 9781536158601 Chapter Authored
10 2018 Impact of Surface Modification of Activated Carbon on BTEX Removal from Aqueous Solutions Hirra Anjum, Fareeda Chemat, Nirmala Gnanasundaram, Appusami Arunagiri, and Murugesan Thanabalan 978-1-138-19673-5 Chapter Authored
11 2018 Machine learning A powerful tool for biologists Shishir K. Behera 9781351029933 Chapter Authored
12 2017 Air, Gas, and Water Pollution Control Using Industrial and Agricultural Solid Wastes Adsorbents Tushar Kanti Sen, Aabid Hussain Shaik 9781138196735 Chapter Authored
13 2015 Basic insight in the production of Petrochemical M Aslam Abdullah 1-626990-43-3 Chapter Authored
14 2019 Methane recovery from landfills: Recent technological advances Mahanty B., Narayanan R.L., Behera S.K., Zafar M. 9781536158618 Book Chapter