School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE)

Industry - Institute and International Linkages

With the given IT industry and education scenarios in India, a maturity model of industry-academia relationships is said to be revolving which five levels namely - Supplier-Buyer, Donor-Receiver, User-Consultant, Sponsor-Institute, and Long-term. The School fosters an ambience of 'Learning by Doing' for joint project execution (i.e. using Sponsor-Institute relationship model) of faculty-students teams which even attract industry funding and mentoring with an objective of inculcating professionalism and best practices and exposing to vertical industry segments such as Automotive, Defence, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking & Insurance.

Through the focused industry-academia interaction, the School aims to move towards a learning and creative community of practice for academic and research excellence, focussing on a Long-term relationship, building a collaborative and consultative network of experts from academia, R&D and industry in India and abroad.  Thus, there is immense potential and plenty of opportunities for Sponsored Project Execution and Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED) by the faculty.

The School benefits through Memoranda of Understanding with the IT-industry leaders such as Accenture, Intel, Altra and IBM.  It has already established Red Hat Competence Centre and Cisco Centre of Excellence.

Industry certified courses are offered for students on flexi-mode and flexi-time basis in order to provide them tailor-made and need-based learning opportunities The objectives of the courses are to:

  • To inculcate professional and industry practices among students
  • To augment the curricula using flexible extension modules approach
  • To provide self-paced learning and develop an extra-edge for students
  • To function as Learning Centre for need-based skill enhancement for participants from academia, industry and government.The School interacts with distinguished organizations through research and consultancy.  This has resulted in interdisciplinary research linkages between the School and industry. Some of these have potential for commercial exploitation. Besides industry interaction, the School has collaboration and linkage with India's premier institutes such as IISc-Bangalore, IIT-Madras, IIIT-Bangalore, IIIT-Trivandrum etc which help in seeking quality, excellence, innovation and creativity. The School has also good linkages with several Universities in Germany, Australia, UK, France, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, UAE, and Oman for students and faculty exchange. It offers an undergraduate programme for Chinese students under the Chinese Universities Twining Programme and runs a postgraduate programme jointly with Caledonian College of Engineering in Oman.