Team Kshatriya starts Crowd-funding Campaign for BAJA SAE India 16

Team Kshatriya from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu have been one of the first teams to have participated in the mega motorsporting event; BAJA SAE INDIA since its inception. Formed in the year 2006 by a group of undergraduate students of VIT University, the team has been rising all these years unperturbed and now stands on the pinnacle of its rich history, ranking 3rd consecutively from past two years (out of above 350 participating teams from across India) in the events BAJA SAE INDIA 2014 and BAJA SAE INDIA 2015 held at NATRAX Facility, Pithampur, Indore.
The Team started with the objective of bringing together those brains which are diligently working on a myriad of inventive technologies, and to provide them with a forum for free exchange of ideas and expose them to the latest innovations in terms of automotive engineering. They are proud to have participated in Baja SAE India 2007 – 2015, Baja South Africa 2009 and Baja USA 2007.
Currently, entering their 10th year as a team, they are gearing up for Baja SAE India 2016 and are looking forward to the challenge ahead! Stretching their days to 18 hours, they strive to develop a culture of innovation but fall short due to lack of funds. By securing 2 podium finishes and being in top 5 for the past 3 years they have emerged as one of the most consistent teams in the country. With your help and their passion, they can further improve the standards significantly, raise the bar for others and create alluring engineering talent for the automobile industry. We request your help and support in the form of funds to help them achieve their goals.
Your Contribution might make a big difference in the longer run. You could contribute through the following link given below. “Help make it happen” for Team Kshatriya.

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