VIT launches it s new website

"A team of over 20 students from engineering, arts and science faculties have rebuilt the VIT university's website that was re-launched on Thursday by the Vice President Sekar Viswanathan.

Holding the same domain name the entire site has been re-coded to be more faster, fluidic and more image than ever. In this rejuvenated website, all the 85 plus Clubs and chapters in VIT will be able to showcase their events and achievements.

Another remarkable feature of the site is ‘Google Street view,' which has covered the university. It will help the outsiders to have a virtual reality experience of the VIT campus right from their homes. Video embedding, dynamic sliders and in-focus sections are some of the new features that give an insight into the university's activities.

The website was built on latest technologies like Material CSS and Angular JS - provided by Google.

The students who helped in the website making are : Sarthak Saxena, Prerit Kimtani, Shamvil Raza, Amit Rai, Sauraj Babu, Dheeraj Nanduri, Maithili Devadas, Manisha Georgina, Mohammed Jameer, Raghav Adhithya, Karamvir Banga, Mit Ladola, Rituparna Roy, Shivani, Aditya Prabhugaonkar, Pranit Sahni, Chirag Bansal and Vishal Pisharotti.”