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Team RC Corsa is the only RC Nitro Racing team in VIT Vellore under SAE, founded in the year 2016. 

The word “Corsa” means spirit, rush, race and by standing true to its meaning we design and fabricate a 1:8 scale RC nitro car. Though the car may look small but the little beast runs at an average speed of 70 kmph and the top speed around 110 Kmph.

The team consists of highly motivated RC enthusiasts form different years and work towards the common goal. Our main aim is to create most efficient RC nitro racing car that could reach the top speed of 161Kmph(100mph) represent India in Globally which is still a dream of many RC enthusiasts in India. We aim to build a platform for all such RC enthusiasts who share the common goal.




  • Full Throttle (IIT Bombay) – Overall 8th /68 (2016); 6th /74 Overall (2017) 
  • Fuel RC 7.0(MIT Manipal) – 1st in Design, 4th Overall (2018)
  • Fast and furious (VJTI Mumbai) – All time Drag record of 2.67 sec
  • International Full Throttle (IIT Bombay) – 10th / 91 overall (2018)


TEAM REV Mechanics

REV Mechanics is the official MotoStudent SAE team of VIT University, Vellore whose aim is to build and race MotoStudent bike (Both IC and V Electric) and showcase it at the International Event – MotoStudent International Competition, Spain, a challenge between University Student teams from all over the world. We, at REV mechanics have an ardent desire to build a highly competent and proficient MotoStudent bike and represent India at an international platform.

Team Rev Mechanics participated in Motostudent 2018 Spain in the combustion category and secured 1st Rank in Asia, 6th rank among the Rookie Teams and 33 overall out of 54 teams. The teams are asked to play the role of a motorbike firm, so that they will have to design, manufacture and evaluate a racing motorbike prototype for the non-professional, weekend and competition market.

Team Rev Mechanics will be designing and manufacturing both electric and combustion bikes for the next Motostudent Edition VI Season.

The challenge to teams is to develop a motorbike that can successfully accomplish with all the tests and events along the MotoStudent Competition. The teams is given the chance to prove and demonstrate their engineering skills, creativity and business abilities in competition to teams from other universities around the world.


SAE Solar Car, Team Celerity of Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. We build Solar-Electric car and participate in Electric Solar Vehicle Competition in Asia's largest Solar Vehicle Championship. Our team of aspiring engineers of various disciplines that have come together under the motto " Innovate to Sustain" to build cars that are undoubtedly going to become the requirement of the future India.



Dream doesn’t become reality by magic it takes sweat, determination, hard work and experience.

Team Kshatriya, SAE Baja Team, found in 2006 by a group of aspiring auto enthusiasts from VIT Vellore. We are a team of engineers who seek to enhance the learning experience and allure engineering talent for the Indian Automobile industry. It is a team fuelled by desire, one that has grown in strength ever since its inception.

Driven by alacrity and passion, the team designs and builds an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and participates every year in one of the biggest inter-collegiate engineering events, BAJA SAE India. What defines us is our legacy of 12 long years in BAJA racing. The team has been competing at BAJA SAE-INDIA events since 2007 and has always been able to turn heads in the competition.

At Kshatriya we believe that learning from our mistakes along with team work, dedication, and focus makes us who we are. We always keep on striving for more improvements to explore our fullest potential. Our mission is to take engineering to new levels by emphasizing on innovation and extensive testing in practical scenarios. With our constant efforts to develop learning outcomes and impart training to undergraduates, Team Kshatriya has been recognized to receive the esteemed "Global Giving International Grant Program" from Ford Motors. We are one of the very few selected entities globally to be associated with this programme.

We started with the objective of bringing together those brains which are diligently working on a myriad of inventive technologies, and to provide them with a forum for free exchange of ideas and expose them to the latest innovations in terms of automotive engineering.








  • 11th Sales Presentation.
  • 13th Cost Presentation 12th Rock Crawl
  • 13th Manoeuvrability
  • 27th Overall


  • 3rd Manoeuvrability
  • 4th Design Presentation
  • 2nd ADWIN video contest
  • 5th in business presentation
  • 29th overall


  • 3rd Manoeuvrability
  • 3rd Design Presentation
  • 5th Sled Pull
  • 6th overall


  • 5th Design presentation
  • 6th Static Evaluation
  • 7th Hill Climbing
  • 7th overall


  • 3rd Sales Presentation
  • 3rd Hill Climb
  • 5th Endurance Race
  • 3rd Overal


Founded in 2009, Pravega Racing - the SAE Formula Student Combustion team of our college, is a team of young minds fuelled by their passion for Engineering and Motorsports. Students come together from all disciplines of engineering to design, manufacture and test a Formula style race car and participate in Formula Student competitions worldwide. From overcoming the challenge of designing a car that meets international standards to becoming the National Champions in Formula Bharat 2017, the team has grown exponentially. In FSAE Australasia 2018, Pravega Racing became the highest scoring Indian team in any Formula Student design event.

With equal emphasis to project management and technical aspects, the team aims to promote Motorsport culture in the country and provide a platform for students to enhance their learning with hands-on experience, bridging the gap between college and industry.



FSAE Australasia 2018:

  • 4th in Design Event
  • 9th in Acceleration Event

 Formula Bharat 2017:

  • 1st in Cost and Manufacturing Event
  • 1st in Business Presentation
  • 1st in Acceleration Event
  • 1st in Autocross Event
  • 2nd in Skid pad Event
  • 2nd in Endurance Event

 Formula Student Germany 2016

  • 13th in Business Presentation Event
  • 39th in Design Event
  • 40th in Cost Event

 Formula Student India 2016:

  • 1st in Business Presentation
  • 1st in Acceleration Event
  • 1st in Skid pad Event
  • 3rd in Cost and Manufacturing Event
  • 3rd in Engineering Design Event

 Formula Student Germany 2015:

  • 8th in Cost and Manufacturing Event
  • 10th in Business Presentation

 FSAE Italy 2013:

  • 2nd in Cost and Manufacturing Event


SAE BajaTeam JAABAZ is a dynamic team from Vellore Institute of Technology, India, founded in 2008. Jaabaz means "Fearless" in Persian, and we, as a team are fortitude personified. This is the spirit we strive to move ahead with in the world of BAJA, which is our area of deep interest, the enthralling world of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Baja SAE is an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).Students must function as a team to not only design, build, test, promote and race off-road vehicles that can withstand the harshest elements of rough terrain of the rules, but also to generate financial support for their project.


2012: Sasol Baja-South Africa 

  • 1st in mass production and feasibility
  • 2nd in cost report
  • 5th in Design Report.
  • Best Foreign Team overall

2011: Sasol Baja-South Africa

  • 3rd in mass production and feasibility.
  • Best Foreign Team overall.

2009: Virtual-Mini Baja 

  • 1st in National level competition conducted by SAE India out of 100+ teams

2009: Oregon-USA

  • 16th in presentation out of 99 teams
  • Best performance among foreign teams


KI Racing is a SAE BAJA team based in VIT University, Vellore. We are a bunch of creative engineering minds with the aim of taking the team to the topmost step of the podium. The team competes in the BAJA SAE Collegiate design series. Our job is to design and build a prototype of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).  About 30 undergraduate engineering students combine their skills and create a one-off design to be showcased in front of the whole world.

Building an ATV is definitely not a one-day wonder, it requires extensive stretches of commitment and a strong affirmation. The speculations we learn in school rouses us to apply them in building genuine race ATV Vehicle. We stretch out our days to 18 hours and unlimited night hours in the workshop to bring life to our vehicle. We construct our ATV starting with no outside help – appropriate from conceptualization, structure, producing lastly entering the testing stage which is a standout amongst the most vital parts of our arrangement.

The team aims to provide exposure to all its members and thus participates in two reputed events that take place in USA and India respectively.



  • Overall 26th rank at BAJA Student India.
  • Completed 16 Endurance laps.


  • Entitled as "Titans of Asia"
  • Secured 54th position out of 120 teams in BAJA SAE held at Oregon, USA
  • 28th rank in cost report at BAJA SAE Oregon, USA


  • 8th rank in acceleration event at BAJA Student India
  • 6th rank in Sales Presentation at BAJA Student India
  • 65th out of total 160 teams in the competition


  • 3rd rank in Sales Presentation at Enduro Student India
  • 4th rank in Cost Event at Enduro Student India
  • 5th rank in Endurance Event at Enduro Student India
  • 7th rank at Design Presentation at Enduro Student India
  • 6th rank overall


  • 67th overall out of 110 teams at BAJA SAE Oregon
  • 53rd in Manoeuvrability
  • 50th in cost event
  • 53rd in design
  • Successfully completed all the static and dynamic events.


Team Ojas is the SAE Formula Student - Electric Team of VIT, Vellore. The team was founded in 2011 and has since been taking part in various Formula Student events held in different parts of Europe.

To stay true to our Core values – Speed, Safety and Sustainability, we work day and night in order to build a formula-style electric race car. We design a new prototype every year that competes in events at national and international level which are hosted by Formula Student.

Starting out as a hybrid race car in 2012, we shifted to Electric in 2013 seeing a huge potential in the field of electric mobility. Our dedicated team being in sync with our goal being to preserve the culture of racing and the pleasures of driving while conserving our environment, we strive towards putting our best forward.

Companies like Vexma Technical Pvt. Ltd., Continental, PCB Power Market, TE Connectivity, Melasta provide us with resources that we use for the design and production of our car like tyres, printed circuit boards, connectors, cells and production design solutions. With companies like Suzuki, Mercedes Benz Trans Car, Caliber Interconnect financially backing the team, we have been able to make ample progress over the years.



Participated in Formula Green, February 2018 and placed:

  • 2nd Overall
  • 1st Cost and Sustainability Event
  • 3rd Business Plan Presentation
  • 6th Engineering Design Report

Participated in Formula Electric Italy, July 2018 and placed:

  • 1st Overall
  • 2nd Business Presentation
  • Best Design
  • 1st Acceleration

Participated in Formula Electric Italy, July 2018 and placed:

  • 12th Overall
  • 5th Cost Report
  • 8th Business Presentation
  • 13th Design Report

Participated in Formula Green 2017 and placed:

  • 2nd Overall
  • 1st Business Presentation
  • Best Design
  • 2nd Acceleration
  • 2nd Autocross
  • 2nd Skid Pad

Participated in FS Germany in the 2014-15 season. The first Indian team to do so.

Team Uttejit

SAE Formula Student Team Uttejit, is the SAE Formula Student Hybrid Team of VIT Vellore. Having proudly entered the race track in 2013, Team Uttejit continues its journey to greater heights with determination. Team Uttejit having been the Champions of HVC 2017, has yet again proved its endurance and strength by its unmatched performance in the International SAE Formula Hybrid season 2017 -2018 by bagging 11th position overall. Team Uttejit stands currently 3rd in all the Indian formula hybrid teams. The team believes in the power of creation through passion and hard work, where the best models and designs are given life, and built to rule the race tracks. A strong team of technically proficient Mechanical engineers and Electrical engineers hold credit for the magnificent fabrication, design and working of the vehicle with complex drive trains and vehicle dynamics. Being a Hybrid race team, Team Uttejit aims to be a part of the future’s automotive revolution with its advanced technical implementations and unique build. The Team strives to strike the highest attainable targets that a Formula Student team can ever achieve by proving its mettle in foreign soil and developing new and better models every day.



Formula Hybrid USA 2019

  • 6th position overall
  • Best design of the car
  • 6th in design report
  • 2nd among all the Indian Teams


  • 11th position overall
  • Lightest vehicle
  • 8th position in design report
  • 3rd overall position in Indian Teams

ISIE HVC 2017 Overall Champions 1st in Skid Pad

  • 1st in Endurance 2nd in Acceleration Best Driver Award
  • Green Mobility Award


  • 1st out of 40 teams in Virtual Round 7th Overall
  • HYBRID GO- KART 2015
  • 9th out of 106 Teams Best Innovation Award


  • 9th in Virtual -2014 16th Overall -2014


We at Team Eco Titans focus on designing, building and testing a highly energy efficient prototype vehicle. Excelling at the Shell Eco Marathon, Asia is our primary aim. We build a Super Mileage Vehicle that will define the next generation of energy efficient vehicles and will be adopted for mass production.

We are a Team based in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India. As a group of highly motivated Automotive Engineers, we aim at mastering the aspect of Fuel Efficiency.



  • 1st Shell Eco Marathon India, 2018 - Prototype Gasoline Category -129.2 KMPL Mileage
  • 18th in Asia and 1st in India - Shell Eco Marathon Asia, 2018 - 106.8 KMPL Mileage
  • The design was adjudged the 3rd best overall for innovation, creativity and practical feasibility - 2010
  • Winner of the Early Bird Design Award - 2010