There are seventeen(17)teams under Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE)-VIT in four different categories namely Auto Racing, Aero design, Drone and Bicycle design. Under Auto design we have Moto (Two Wheeler), Mini Baja and Student Formula. Teams are REV Mechanics MotoStudent SAE team. Baja Teams are Team Kshatriya, Team JAABAZ and KI Racing. SAE Formula Student teams are Team Celerity-SAE Solar Car, Team Pravega SAE Formula Student Combustion team, Team Ojas SAE Formula Student - Electric Team, Team Uttejit SAE Formula Student Hybrid Team, SAE Aero design teams are Team Albatross, Assailing Falcons, Team Flying INC, Vimanaas and Curtis RC. Other teams are Team Eco Titans energy efficient prototype vehicle, Team RC Corsa-RC Nitro Racing team, Team Rotor- drone team and Team MOTO-X bicycle design team. All these teams under SAE-VIT give perfect platform to explore the students passion for automobiles irrespective of their technical background to represent VIT in national and international competitions. The SAE teams is open to students from all branches of engineering providing any automotive enthusiast in VIT.