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CO2 Research and Green Technologies Centre

CO2 Research and Green Technologies Centre, a unique advanced research laboratory, was created by VIT University, Vellore to carry out research on carbon capturing and utilization (CCU) with a focus on green energy technologies development. Many other leading research institutions are concentrating on carbon capturing and storage (CCS).

The centre was inaugurated on 15th Feb 2010 by Dr. Farooq Abdullah Honorable Minister for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Govt. of India. This centre was planned and created with three major objectives

  • To develop technologies for CCU.
  • To develop sustainable and renewable green energy technologies.
  • To work on waste heat recovery, energy, water conservation and waste management.

This centre, having the major social responsibility to convert the academic research into useful technology, has undertaken number of technically viable projects and have installed both bench scale and pilot scale projects. Technical solutions are developed for teething problems. New alternates and modifications are implemented to have continuous operation.

CO2 Research and Green Technologies Centre