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Centre for BioMaterials , Cellular and Molecular Theranostics(CBCMT)

Centre for BioMaterials, Cellular and Molecular Theranautics is a recently commissioned (2013) focused research centre with an active interdisciplinary team (made up of material scientists, metallurgists, physicists, electrical engineers, chemists, biologists and clinicians) which works together to address the unmet needs in the field of biomaterials, cellular and molecular therapeutics. The primary aim of this multidisciplinary research group is to develop effective and safer biomaterials and to provide novel alternative treatment options for several degenerative clinical conditions. The diversity in the expertise available at the centre is the key and would prove vital in designing and testing innovative solutions from inception to preclinical assessments. In addition, an exclusive cell/tissue culture laboratory has been set-up to meet the in vitro biocompatibility testing requirement. The centre is also equipped with material processing and testing facilities. The centre has active interaction with the stake holders such as other research and academic institutions, hospitals and the industry for facilitating an informed and comprehensive approach in the field of biomaterials. The ongoing projects of the centre are funded by both national and international funding agencies.



CBCMT thrives to be the hub of translational research in order to address the unmet needs in treating several critical disorders through cutting edge technologies



To provide state-of-the-art health-care options for patients by developing efficient, cost-effective and safe treatment strategies through multidisciplinary research



  • Quality - Excellent research with translational impact 
  • Growth - Innovation, continued development & improved performance
  • Integrity - Maintaining highest standard of ethics in research 
  • Accountability - Social and scientific responsibility