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Centre for BioMaterials , Cellular and Molecular Theranostics(CBCMT)

Name of Agency Title of project
DST Development of new novel titanium alloy with improved tribological properties for biomedical applications
IGCAR Development of Ti based corrosion resistant alloys for Nuclear applications
CSIR Development of nanoceramic coatings on Cp-Titanium and titanium alloys by Electrophoretic deposition
DRDO High cycle fatigues studies on beta titanium alloys
DST-SERB Development of patient specific implants using rapid manufacturing technique
DST-UKIERI Development of CNT reinforced HAp composite coatings using plasma spraying and their tribological studies
VIT University Development of graphene reinforced polymer coatings on Ti alloys
BRNS Plasma treatment on metallic materials with and without coatings for biomedical applications