e-Platforms for Researchers

1. Collating the Research Profile of VIT: It is a platform that auto-captures the publications of VIT from online sources such as Scopus, Web of Sciences, Google Scholar, etc. The faculty members can have their updated details pertaining to their citations, h-index, SNIP and Impact Factor (https://vit.researgence.com).

2. To improve Accessibility, Research Visibility and Citations: To facilitate researchers across the globe to have one-point access as well as download the publications of VIT and thereby enhancing the visibility and eventually perception about VIT (https://research.vit.ac.in).

3. Online Platform to write, collaborate and format research papers and Thesis: Productive writing tool and integrations enable researchers to reach their publishing goals faster and better. Administrators get records of institutional publications and analytics (https://typeset.io).

4. To showcase the research activities and create a scholarly network: This portal facilitates the Academic, R&D organisations and faculty members, scientists to collect, curate and showcase the scholarly communication activities and provide an opportunity to create the scholarly network (https://betativ.irins.org ).