School of Hotel & Tourism Management (HOT)

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The School of Hotel and Tourism Management offers an extensive full-time Ph.D. program specializing in Hospitality Management. This program is meticulously designed to nurture and develop researchers who aspire to excel in both academic and industry domains within the field. This program aims to equip individuals with advanced expertise and a deep understanding of Hospitality Management by exploring various facets within the field, providing crucial specialized knowledge for impactful research and professional success


Here are the key features:


  • ❖ Opportunity to conduct research under a diverse faculty in hospitality management and related fields.
  • ❖ The program promotes transdisciplinary research in contemporary hospitality management, prioritizing ethical research practices.
  • ❖ Admissions are based on a well-structured process involving a Research Entrance Examination and Personal Interview.
  • ❖ Intake includes Internal Full-time students.
  • ❖ The university offers Teaching and Research Scholarships for eligible Internal Full-time Scholars.
  • ❖ A Doctoral Committee guides students in completing coursework tailored to their research topic, with a mandatory Research Methodology course.
  • ❖ Emphasis on fostering a collaborative research atmosphere, encouraging participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, doctoral seminars, colloquium, and thesis defense viva-voce.
  • ❖ Equips students to conduct and publish research in peer-reviewed journals and pursue academic roles in hospitality management schools or work as consultants in hospitality management firms.


Faculty Research Area


Dr. Suvojit Ganguly Professor Hospitality Management
Dr. Vipin Singh Asst. Professor Hospitality Management