School of Civil Engineering (SCE)

Ph.D. Education in SCE can be a gratifying and exciting experience. Yes, it will mean dedication and work. As a scholar, you have an environment to collaborate across all VIT schools and research facilities on original interdisciplinary research.

It provides opportunities to chase new ideas, seek new knowledge, and turn ideas into reality. Doctoral studies include undertaking coursework that lays the foundations for research and expertise for any qualitative or quantitative methods of research. Students also attend and deliver seminars of most recent and innovative research. A comprehensive exam, followed by a Ph.D. qualifying examination, ensures that students are making headway. The research work, which forms the most significant single component, culminate as a thesis that will be examined both orally and in writing.

Take some time to explore the exciting research of the faculty members of the School of Civil Engineering and the various scholarship opportunities.



List of Research Scholars

Sl. NO. Status Reg.No. Prefix Name of the Candidate Category Guide Name
2 20PHD2110 Ph.D. Mr. M.P.SALAIMANIMAGUDAM IFT Dr. Jayaprakash J
4 20PHD2056 Ph.D. Ms. THARANYALAKSHMI R IFT Dr. Bhaskar Das
5 20PHD2047 Ph.D. Ms. ARAVA LEKHYA IFT Dr. Senthilkumar N
6 20PHD2036 Ph.D. Mr. JUNAID AHMED E S IFT Dr. Mohan Ganesh G
7 20PHD2029 Ph.D. Ms. MITHUNA.R IFT Dr. Bhaskar Das
8 20PHD2017 Ph.D. Ms. CHRISTINA JACOB IFT Dr. Uma Shankar M
9 20PHD0897 Ph.D. Ms. KIRUTHIKA. K. M IFT Dr. Vignesh Rajkumar L
10 20PHD0894 Ph.D. Mr. B.VENKATESH IFT Dr. Sairam V
11 20PHD0875 Ph.D. Mr. PATAN AZMATULLAH KHAN IFT Dr. Sasanka Bhushan
12 20PHD0859 Ph.D. Ms. PRIYANKA KM IFT Dr. Saravana Kumar M.P
13 20PHD0858 Ph.D. Ms. AKANSHA JAGAT IFT Dr. Bhaskar Das
14 20PHD0832 Ph.D. Mr. SHOIB BASHIR WANI IFT Dr. Thirumalini S
15 20PHD0816 Ph.D. Ms. SETHU LAKSHMI A G IFT Dr. Saravana Kumar M.P
16 20PHD0804 Ph.D. Mr. KUMANAN T.S IFT Dr. Sofi A
17 20PHD0803 Ph.D. Mr. JAGAN P IFT Dr. Visuvasam J
18 20PHD0800 Ph.D. Mr. N.H.RIYAZ KHAN IFT Dr. Vasantha Kumar S
19 20PHD0791 Ph.D. Mr. JAYADEV NALLARI IPT Dr. Madhumathi A
20 20PHD0697 Ph.D. Mr. KOPPALA SIVA IFT Dr. Ajeesh S S
21 20PHD0688 Ph.D. Ms. VAISHNAVI P IFT Dr. Ajeesh S S
22 20PHD0635 Ph.D. Ms. HEMANANDHINI S IFT Dr. Vignesh Rajkumar L
23 20PHD0593 Ph.D. Ms. ARE VIGNESHWARI IFT Dr. Jayaprakash J
24 20PHD0585 Ph.D. Ms. SUNITA SARANGI IFT Dr. Sairam V
25 20PHD0581 Ph.D. Mr. LOGANATHAN K IFT Dr. Vignesh Rajkumar L
26 20PHD0574 Ph.D. Mr. DAGGUPATI SRIDHAR IFT Dr. Parimala Renganayaki S
27 20PHD0504 Ph.D. Mr. TAMILARASAN A IFT Dr. Srinivasan K
28 20PHD0501 Ph.D. Mr. AKASH JOHN KOSHY IFT Dr. Ajeesh S S
29 20PHD0468 Ph.D. Ms. ABIRAMI CHINNASAMY C IFT Dr. Srinivasan K
30 20PHD0434 Ph.D. Mr. VIKRANT DUBEY IFT Dr. Uma Shankar M
31 20PHD0320 Ph.D. Mr. PRAVEEN K G IFT Dr. Punitha Kumar A
32 20PHD0313 Ph.D. Ms. SAIRA G CHANDY IFT Dr. Shantha Kumar S
33 20PHD0297 Ph.D. Mr. RAVI CHANDRA IFT Dr. Sairam V
34 20PHD0279 Ph.D. Ms. JANANI P IFT Dr. Santhi A.S.
35 20PHD0228 Ph.D. Ms. ADHEENA THOMAS IFT Dr. Abdul Rahim A
36 20PHD0150 Ph.D. Mr. SAMBATH M IFT & JRF Dr. Chandra Sekaran S. S.
37 20PHD0141 Ph.D. Mr. SELVA GANESH M IFT Dr. Jagadeesh P
38 20PHD0122 Ph.D. Mr. SATHISH N IFT Dr. Uma Shankar M
40 20PHD0114 Ph.D. Mr. PALASH GODANI IFT Dr. Shanmugapriya T
41 20PHD0104 Ph.D. Mr. DESHBHUSHAN PATIL IFT Dr. Prasanna Venkatesan R
42 20PHD0099 Ph.D. Mr. KESAVARAM R IFT Dr. Chandra Sekaran S. S.
43 20PHD0098 Ph.D. Ms. MATHANGI.B IFT & JRF Dr. Ganapathy G.P
44 20PHD0073 Ph.D. Mr. HARIHARAN S IFT Dr.Punitha Kumar A
45 20PHD0064 Ph.D. Mr. AKASH G SUNNY IFT Dr. Jayaprakash J
46 20PHD0054 Ph.D. Ms. AMALA JOSEPH IFT Dr. Balamurugan S
47 20PHD0035 Ph.D. Mr. YESWANTH SAI T IFT Dr. Sairam V
48 20PHD0013 Ph.D. Ms. DEEBIKA P IFT Dr. Saravana Kumar M.P
49 19PHD0538 Ph.D. Mr. VENKATESH S IFT Dr. Parimala Renganayaki S
50 19PHD0534 Ph.D. Mr. DOREDLA NAGARAJU IFT Dr. Senthilkumar N
51 19PHD0524 Ph.D. Mr. RICKY IFT Dr. Shantha Kumar S
52 19PHD0497 Ph.D. Ms. KORRAPATI PRATYUSHA IFT Dr. Senthilkumar N
53 19PHD0474 Ph.D. Mr. SATHYASAI REGALLA IFT Dr. Senthilkumar N
54 19PHD0451 Ph.D. Ms. GOWRI K IFT Dr. Abdul Rahim A
55 19PHD0436 Ph.D. Mr. KUMMARA SIVA PRASAD IFT Dr. Senthilkumar N
56 19PHD0388 Ph.D. Mr. TIPRAJ IFT Dr. Shanmugapriya T
57 19PHD0366 Ph.D. Mr. GOWTHAM GUPTHA V IFT & JRF Dr. Srimuruganandam B
58 19PHD0361 Ph.D. Ms. SARANYA A.K. IFT Dr. Jayaprakash J
59 19PHD0346 Ph.D. Ms. BHATHALAVARU JOSHNA IFT Dr. Shanmugapriya T
60 19PHD0304 Ph.D. Mr. VIGNESH R IFT Dr. Abdul Rahim A
61 19PHD0302 Ph.D. Mr. KESAVAMOORTHI R IFT Dr. Mohan Ganesh G
62 19PHD0281 Ph.D. Mr. VENKATESH B IFT Dr. Amit Mahindrakar
63 19PHD0273 Ph.D. Mr. AKOMAH BENJAMIN BOAHENE IFT Dr. Prasanna Venkatesan R
64 19PHD0272 Ph.D. Mr. EMMANUEL NANA JACKSON IFT Dr. Shanmugapriya T
65 19PHD0271 Ph.D. Mr. SAMUEL KOTEY IFT Dr. Shanmugapriya T
66 19PHD0256 Ph.D. Mr. ANKIT KUMAR IPT Dr. Madhumathi A
67 19PHD0245 Ph.D. Ms. CHRISTINA RAJAM V IFT Dr. Divya Priya B
68 19PHD0130 Ph.D. Mr. KOKILAN IFT Dr. Divya Priya B
69 19PHD0051 Ph.D. Mr. MEGANATHAN V S IFT Dr. Sasanka Bhushan
70 19PHD0048 Ph.D. Ms. AISWARYA S IFT Dr. Jayaprakash J
71 19PHD0038 Ph.D. Ms. ATHIRA K IFT Dr. Sairam V
72 19PHD0037 Ph.D. Mr. NISHANT A NAIR IFT Dr. Sairam V
73 19PHD0020 Ph.D. Mr. MOHAFIZ RIYAZ IPT Dr. Madhumathi A
74 19PHD0008 Ph.D. Ms. TATA SRAVANI IFT Dr. Prasanna Venkatesan R
75 18PHI0001 Integrated Ph.D. Ms. ANNU T MATHEW IFT Dr. Saravana Kumar M.P
76 18PHD0282 Ph.D. Ms. PRIYANKA M IFT Dr. Saravana Kumar M.P
77 18PHD0261 Ph.D. Mr. PARIMI HARISH IFT Dr. Chandra Sekaran S. S.
78 18PHD0233 Ph.D. Mr. GOLLAPUDI PHANI RAM EPT Dr. Pavan Kumar Kummamuru
79 18PHD0224 Ph.D. Mr. SRUTHI THANGALLAPALLI IFT Dr. Dillip Kumar Barik
80 18PHD0220 Ph.D. Mr. KARTHIK CHINTALAPUDI IFT Dr. Ram Mohan Rao P
81 18PHD0216 Ph.D. Mr. VIGNESH V IFT Dr. Muthu Kumar M
82 18PHD0199 Ph.D. Mr. VENKATESH S IFT Dr. Vijayalakshmi S
83 18PHD0193 Ph.D. Mr. BALAKUMAR K IFT Dr. Velvizhi G
84 18PHD0187 Ph.D. Mr. THABREZ M IFT Dr. Parimala Renganayaki S
85 18PHD0176 Ph.D. Mr. DHARANIDHARAN S IFT Dr. Velvizhi G
86 18PHD0171 Ph.D. Ms. SWATI SEWAKRAM BAGHELE IFT Dr. Punitha Kumar A
87 18PHD0170 Ph.D. Mr. KRISHNA KUMAR S EPT Dr. Abdul Rahim A
88 18PHD0166 Ph.D. Mr. SHISHODIYA GHANSHYAM SINGH IFT Dr. Vasantha Kumar S
89 18PHD0143 Ph.D. Ms. S REEHANA IFT Dr. Muthu Kumar M
90 18PHD0138 Ph.D. Ms. GAIKADI SANGEETHA EPT Dr. Vasantha Kumar S
91 18PHD0126 Ph.D. Mr. MOHAMMED JAVEED SIDDIQUE EPT Dr. Punitha Kumar A
92 18PHD0088 Ph.D. Mr. KONICHETTI VINAY IFT Dr. Muthu Kumar M
93 18PHD0076 Ph.D. Ms. PRIYADARSHINI R IFT Dr. Saravana Kumar M.P
94 18PHD0030 Ph.D. Mr. ANANDAPADMANABAN K IFT Dr. Santhi A.S.
95 18PHD0015 Ph.D. Ms. LAKSHMI M IFT Dr. Ranjitha J
96 17PHD0250 Ph.D. Mr. ANBUCHEZHIAN R IFT Dr. Parimala Renganayaki S
97 17PHD0230 Ph.D. Mr. KONDREDDY V SUBBAIAH EPT Dr. Senthilkumar N
98 17PHD0221 Ph.D. Mr. RAKSHITH B D IFT Dr. Punitha Kumar A
99 17PHD0172 Ph.D. Ms. ANJALI R IFT & JRF Dr. Shantha Kumar S
100 17PHD0159 Ph.D. Mr. MAMEDISETTY SANDEEP EPT Dr. Pavan Kumar Kummamuru
101 17PHD0156 Ph.D. Mr. CHINNA SAIDULU . H EPT Dr. Pavan Kumar Kummamuru
102 17PHD0145 Ph.D. Ms. DIVYA S NAIR EPT Dr. Meena T
103 17PHD0134 Ph.D. Mr. C RAMANJANEYULU EPT Dr. Pavan Kumar Kummamuru
104 17PHD0109 Ph.D. Ms. KESAVARAPU MADHURI EPT Dr. Uma Shankar M
105 17PHD0103 Ph.D. Mr. AHMED NAWAZ MOHIDDIN A EPT Dr. Punitha Kumar A
106 17PHD0102 Ph.D. Mr. SHAIK MADEENA IMAM SHAH IFT Dr. Mohan Ganesh G
107 17PHD0085 Ph.D. Mr. SOMIL THAKUR IFT Dr. Bhaskar Das
108 17PHD0084 Ph.D. Mr. JUNAID NABI IFT & JRF Dr. Abdul Rahim A
109 17PHD0078 Ph.D. Mr. MANOJ KUMAR N IFT Dr. Srimuruganandam B
110 16PHD0651 Ph.D. Mr. GANESH NAIDU GOPU EPT Dr. Sofi A
111 16PHD0641 Ph.D. Mr. VAIDEKI M IFT Dr. Sofi A
112 16PHD0629 Ph.D. Ms. VALLABHY EPT Dr. Thirumalini S
113 16PHD0622 Ph.D. Ms. MANDAVA NANDITHA EPT Dr. Sofi A
115 16PHD0619 Ph.D. Mr. JAKKA VENKATA VARA PRASAD EPT Dr. Muthu Kumar M
116 16PHD0571 Ph.D. Mr. KUUNREDDY SRINIVAS REDDY IFT Dr. Balamurugan S
117 16PHD0570 Ph.D. Mr. SANTHOSH KUMAR V IFT Dr. Chandra Sekaran S. S.
118 16PHD0544 Ph.D. Mr. AJITH A V EPT Dr. Dillip Kumar Barik
119 16PHD0532 Ph.D. Mr. SAYYED NAZEER AHMED EPT Dr. Viswanathan T.S.
120 16PHD0530 Ph.D. Mr. PAINTEE PAVITHRA EPT Dr. Thirumalini S
121 16PHD0516 Ph.D. Ms. ABIN JOY EPT Dr. Viswanathan T.S.
122 16PHD0515 Ph.D. Ms. BASIL M JOSEPH IFT Dr. Viswanathan T.S.
123 16PHD0514 Ph.D. Mr. BALAMURUGAN G EPT Dr. Viswanathan T.S.
124 16PHD0424 Ph.D. Mr. K.G RAHUL VARMA EPT Dr. Jagadeesh P
125 16PHD0360 Ph.D. Mr. ANDREW WINNER IFT Dr. Chandra Sekaran S. S.
126 16PHD0322 Ph.D. Mr. SHIVAKUMAR M IFT & JRF Dr. Thirumalini S
127 16PHD0290 Ph.D. Mr. U ANAND ANIL EPT Dr. Sasanka Bhushan
128 16PHD0275 Ph.D. Mr. BALAGOPAL .V EPT Dr. Viswanathan T.S.
129 16PHD0251 Ph.D. Ms. MALATHY J IPT Dr. Bhaskar Das
130 16PHD0249 Ph.D. Mr. SHANMUGAM A EPT Dr. Uma Shankar M
131 16PHD0128 Ph.D. Mr. ARAVINDAN K IFT Dr. Viswanathan T.S.
132 16PHD0066 Ph.D. Mr. SARIDHE SRIRAM PRADEEP IFT Dr. Thirumalini S
133 16PHD0050 Ph.D. Mr. POLAPALA SAI PRADEEP EPT Dr. Muthu Kumar M
134 16PHD0046 Ph.D. Mr. JITHIN JOSE IFT Dr. Srimuruganandam B
135 16PHD0034 Ph.D. Mr. MUTHYALA SAI CHAITHANYA IFT & JRF Dr. Bhaskar Das
136 16PHD0009 Ph.D. Mr. KALLEMPUDI MURALI EPT Dr. Meena T
138 15PHD0304 Ph.D. Ms. MEENAKSHI PAPPU IPT Dr. Madhumathi A
139 15PHD0303 Ph.D. Mr. E. S. DINESH RAGHAVAN IPT Dr. Thirumalini S
140 15PHD0300 Ph.D. Mr. JOHN SUSHIL BAKIYARAJ IPT Dr. Amit Mahindrakar
141 15PHD0264 Ph.D. Mr. ARULSIVANANTHAM P EPT Dr. Balamurugan S
142 15PHD0239 Ph.D. Mr. KOLIMI SHAIKSHA VALI IFT Dr. Balamurugan S
143 15PHD0177 Ph.D. Mr. PEERZADA DANISH IFT Dr. Mohan Ganesh G
145 15PHD0151 Ph.D. Mr. G. OMKAR EPT Dr. Vasantha Kumar S
146 15PHD0144 Ph.D. Mr. JUGAL KISHORE EPT Dr. Ram Mohan Rao P
147 15PHD0143 Ph.D. Mr. HARSHA VARDHANA BALAJI EPT Dr. Venugopal P
149 14PHD0362 Ph.D. Mr. RAMADASAN T D EPT Dr. Shantha Kumar S
150 14PHD0342 Ph.D. Ms. JAYA S PILLAI EPT Dr. Brijesh Nair A. N
151 14PHD0206 Ph.D. Mr. ARUN P JACOB EPT Dr. Santhi A.S.
152 14PHD0124 Ph.D. Mr. BELARMIN XAVIER C S EPT Dr. Abdul Rahim A
153 14PHD0061 Ph.D. Mr. RAMAYANAPU RAJESH KUMAR EPT Dr. Jagadeesh P
154 13PHD0319 Ph.D. Ms. HOBY P M EPT Dr. Santhi A.S.
155 13PHD0304 Ph.D. Mr. HAREESH M IPT Dr. Sekar S. K.
156 13PHD0286 Ph.D. Mr. VINAYAGA MOORTHY EPT Dr. Mohan Ganesh G
157 13PHD0127 Ph.D. Ms. PRIYA M P EPT Dr. Santhi A.S.
158 12PHD0229 Ph.D. Mr. SHELAR AJAY BABURAO EPT Dr. Amit Mahindrakar
159 12PHD0149 Ph.D. Mr. HEMATH NAVEEN.K.S IFT Dr. Brijesh Nair A. N
160 12PHD0128 Ph.D. Mr. ELAYARAJA. S EPT Dr. Chandra Sekaran S. S.
161 10PHD0411 Ph.D. Mr. ABI BASHEER B EPT Dr. Sekar S. K.
162 10PHD0149 Ph.D. Mr. VIKRAM J EPT Dr. Sekar S. K.
163 10PHD0147 Ph.D. Mr. THIRUMURUGAN S EPT Dr. Sekar S. K.