School of Bio Sciences & Technology (SBST)

Dean's Message

The School of Biosciences and Technology (SBST) offers high-quality undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses in the fields of Biotechnology, Biomedical Genetics and Applied Microbiology. We have developed a curriculum in various aspects of biotechnology and made sure to deliver high-quality education to enhance the students’ knowledge to meet international standards.

SBST offers innovative classroom teaching and learning process and real-life work projects that will mold the students for the global market and industrial environment relevant to the respective programmes offered at SBST. We are delighted to have an active group of faculties in and across the centers, and visiting and adjunct international faculties to offer high-quality education with a single-minded focus on student’s success to combine creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship skills. We offer numerous opportunities for the SBST students to collaborate on research projects within the school and across various centers. This serves as a platform for publishing quality research papers in national and international peer-reviewed journals. We encourage our students to participate in national, and international conferences, workshops and become a member of the official students' clubs in and across VIT. One such clubs is SABEST (Students' Association of Bioengineering, Science, and Technology), encourages students to participate in seminars, debate and club activity projects. Our students get involved in extracurricular activities, student-led businesses, student-led and journal clubs.

We have signed MOU with several international institutions, which gives the opportunity for the students to participate in a study abroad programme (SAP) and exchange programmes. We thrive on providing better career opportunities, industrial internships in a diverse range of fields after graduation. Our alumni have successful careers in government sectors, industries and academic positions in and across the globe.