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The School of Biosciences and Technology (SBST) offers high-quality...

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School of Bio Sciences & Technology (SBST)

The School consists of five departments namely Biotechnology, Integrative Biology, Bio-Sciences, Bio-Medical Sciences, and Catering and Hotel Management headed by well-trained professors. In addition, SBST consists of three major centers, Centre for Bio Separation Technology (CBST), Center for Biomedical Research (CBMR) and Centre for Nanobiotechnology (CNBT) with dedicated faculty members to ignite young minds. The School offers two undergraduate (B.Sc. Catering and Hotel Management /B.Tech Biotechnology) and five Postgraduate (M.Sc. and M. Tech.)...

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Programmes Offered



The School of Bio Sciences and Technology offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in various disciplines of Biotechnology and Bio Sciences. Such as...

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The School offers two undergraduate (B.Sc. Catering and Hotel Management /B.Tech. Biotechnology ) and six Postgraduate (M.Sc. & M. Tech.) programmes.

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The School of Bio Sciences and Technology offers doctoral programmes in various disciplines of Biotechnology and Bio Sciences.



Funded Projects and Consultancy

Control of White spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Infectious Hypodermal and Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHHNV) of Shrimp using Nano-Formulated DsRNA.

Identification of novel micro RNAs involved in the modulation of lung cancer related genes by tea polyphenols.



Over the years, SBST has proven research capabilities in the form of publications and ability to attract research funds from various funding agencies. In the last 5 years, SBST has published more than 1500 research articles in national and international research journals. The faculty members of SBST have attracted several research grants in the last 5 years; grants worth 15 crores have been received by SBST from various funding agencies. The School has 67 research laboratories and 13 teaching labs. There are 481 research scholars carrying out high quality research in various fields of biological sciences. VIT adopts research based learning and therefore students admitted in SBST get wide choices for their research based learning, and for doing their projects. VIT students stand apart from students of other Universities in gaining research experience.



Nitric Oxide (NO) Strip test for the diagnosis of Asthma, especially in pediatric cases patent number 2334/CHE/2013 A, A natural Biopreservative for use in packaged foods, medicines & nutraceuticals patent by 5346/CHE/2012



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The School of BioScience and Technology offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Programmes in various disciplines of Biotechnology and BioSciences.

The programmes are designed in such a way that the learners get a clear idea about the state of art techniques, which suit the present-day requisites of the industry as well as academia.


The collaborations of the School with institutes of national and international repute, especially from Europe, Japan and the US, offer excellent opportunities and exposure to students as well as research scholars.


  • Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology
  • Animal House
  • Antibiotic Resistance



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6 Day workshop on QPCR, SEM, H


Quality Assurance and Testing

DBT Sponsored Six Months Certificate Course in VELLORE CAMPUS...


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6th National DNA Day 2019

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43rd Annual Conference of Envi

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Student Achievements

Patent Award

Hearty Congratulations to Mr. Chandan Krishnamoorthy, M. Tech. (By Research) and Dr. C. Ramalingam, Senior Professor, Instrumental & Food Analysis Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, SBST, for getting awarded a patent for their innovation! They have developed ‘A process to reduce the residual bromate using Asparagus racemosus root in bread making’. (Patent no. 201941026398)

The invention addresses how to reduce residual bromate by using an Ayurvedic plant source (i.e., Asparagus racemosus root) making it safe for consumption and at the same time without affecting the textural profile and organoleptic properties of the bread. This can replace chemical compounds used to reduce the residual bromate level such as ferrous sulfate, ascorbic acid, cysteine and glutathione which is hazardous to health.

Bust the Myths of International Application

Mr. Anurag Srivastava (Alumnus of 2011 batch B.Tech. Biotech.) addressed the students of School of Bio Sciences and Technology (SBST) on "Bust the Myths of International Application – Fly to your study destination abroad". He is the recipient of Erasmus Mundus fellowship at University of Groningen (Netherlands), Erasmus plus fellowship at University of Gottingen (Germany) and NIBN Fellowship at Ben-Gurion University (Israel) and is currently pursuing Ph.D. at University of Turin (Italy). In addition, Mr. Debabrat Sabat (Alumnus of 2011 batch B.Tech. Biotech.), Senior Scientist at Biocon Research Centre, Biocon Biologics, Bengaluru addressed the students about industry placements and the challenges in interviews.

Journal Club

The School of Bio Sciences and Technology conducts "JOURNAL CLUB" every Monday.  Faculties and Research scholars actively take part in the journal club. This week ‘s Speaker was Dr. Sowbiya Muneer, Associate Professor, VIT Centre for Agricultural Innovations and Advanced Learning (VAIAL) - 26.08.2019

Stem Cells and Their Applications

Dr. Sachin Kadam, CTO, Advancells Groups, delivered a lecture on "Stem Cells and Their Applications" at School of Bioscience and Technology (SBST), VIT, Vellore.

Hands on training on Flow cytometry

Flow Cytometry is one of the highly acknowledged & advanced technology, renovating the face of research and diagnostics, and expanding the frontiers of basic research in India. It’s very pertinent to understand and use this technology appropriately in the pursuit of knowledge exploration. Moving forward with this purpose, we are announcing the scheduling of the Hands-on training and workshop in Flow Cytometry, SBST-VIT, Vellore. This workshop is designed to offer theoretical and practical session in basic techniques. We are inviting researchers in our department to experience the advanced technology in flow cytometry by running their routine assays in the CytoFLEX instrument (3 lasers 13 colours- 405nm, 488nm, 640nm) during the workshop day.

How do help your students or community?

Over the past decades, our research is centered towards helping society by the development of ethical and safe products. The primary focus of the school is to help the students to become entrepreneurs, consultants, practitioners, and leaders, who would help solve problems and help their community at large. Graduates will be trained in technology development, technology deployment, or engineering system implementation in industry. Our school has played a significant role in the promotion of science and technology that creates a platform to the students to interact with their peers in other disciplines in industry and society and contribute to the economic growth of the country. A significant expansion of interdisciplinary research among the faculty members will also minimize the gap between the diverse disciplines and shed light on the development of products meeting the consumer needs and address the issues related to food safety, environmentally safe, bioethics and health.

Dr. Pragasam V


School of Bio Sciences and Technology

VIT Vellore - 632 014,


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