School of Bio Sciences & Technology (SBST)

S.No. Project title Name of the Principal Investigator followed by Co-Principal Investigator Funding Agency Period Sanctioned Amount (Rs) Current Status
1 NPDF Dr. Eniyan Kandasamy &
Dr. N. Ramesh
DST-SERB (NPDF) 2018 - 2020 1920000 Ongoing
2 Small molecules modulators for antophagy. Dr. Ravanan Palaniyandi DST-SERB 01-Aug-16 5296720 Ongoing
3 Bye-carbonate: Engineering "Pro" chloroccus to tackle oceanAcidification. Dr. R. Siva DBT-iGEM 2018 March 1000000 Ongoing
4 DST - FIST Programme, SBST Dr. Anil Kumar Gopinath DST-FIST 2013-2018 8400000 Ongoing
5 Characterizing the neuroprotective pathway of synthetic delta poiodagonists in rodent neuronal models with a focus on neurotrophinsignaling and identifying the micro (mi) RNA signature in the process. Dr. Dwaipayan Sen DST-SERB 2015-2018 2414000 Ongoing
6 Comparative Genomics: A tool for identification and experimentalvalidation of genes involved in Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress. Dr. Priti Talwar DST-SERB 2015-2018 2561000 Ongoing
7 Development of Magnetosome Based Biosensor for the detection ofPathogenic Bacteria in food Samples. Dr. K. Suthindhiran DBT 2015-2018 2584600 Ongoing
8 Gene therapy for leukocyte adhesion deficiency type - l in a murinemodel. Dr. Everette Jacob Remington Nelson ICMR 2015-2018 1994800 Ongoing
9 Unravelling the role of collagen cryptic peptides in cellular activity. Dr. C. Shanthi,
Dr. Alka Mehta &
Dr. Tamizhselvi R
DST 2015-2018 2543000 Ongoing
10 Identification of novel peptide based inhibitors for T cell receptorsignalling. Dr. M. Anbalagan DST-SERB 2015-2019 4521000 Ongoing
11 NanoToF: Toxicological evaluation and risk assessment onNanomaterialsin Food​ Dr. C Ramalingam​ &
Dr. K. Ramanathan
DBT 2015-2019 7635600 Ongoing
12 Development of anti-Quorum sensing coated catheters to reduce deviceassociated urinary tract infection Mr. Prasanth Rathinam &
Dr. Pragasam Viswanathan
DBT 2016-2018 4645000 Ongoing
13 Seminal plasma exosomal micromal microRNA signatures in males withinfertility disorders. Dr. E. Nalini &
Dr. T.B. Sridharan
BACC- Health 2016-2018 600000 Ongoing
14 Construction of Polyketite Synthase, Non Ribosomal synthetase genelibrary and natural product library from cultivable and uncultivablemarine actinoycetes for Bioprospecting. Dr. Suthindhiran &
Dr. M.A.Jayasri
DBT 2016-2019 1872600 Ongoing
15 Dendrimer Capped Hollow Gold Nanostructures for Label-free BiosensorApplication. Dr. Jitendra Satija DST-SERB 2016-2019 2857000 Ongoing
16 Identification of novel micro RNAs involved in the modulation of lungcancer related genes by tea polyphenols. Dr. A.K. Azad Mandal NTRF 2016-2019 2583240 Ongoing
17 In-silico gene and protein network analysis of B-lactamases. Dr. Sudha Ramaiah &
Dr. Anand Anbarasu -11468
ICMR 2016-2019 1926220 Ongoing
18 DCMP: Database of Cancer mutant protein domains. Dr. Arnold Emerson Isaac DST-SERB 2017-2019 1495500 Ongoing
19 Bacteriostatic-Polymer/Antibiotic Combination based Bi-modal Strategyfor in situ Management of Diabetic Osteomelities: An in vitro and AnimalModel based Study. Dr. Debasish Mishra DST-SERB 2017-2020 3559600 Ongoing
20 Bioactivity of furanones and its derivates isolated form streptomycessp. On biofilms formed from clinical isolates. Dr. Jayanthi Abraham &
Dr. Sudandira doss
ICMR 2017-2020 2448000 Ongoing
21 In vitro and in vivo Anticlastogenic potentil constitutents ofactinobacteria against mammary carcinogenesis. Ms. Ajitha Gomathi DST (Women Scientist Scheme) 2017-2020 1750000 Ongoing
22 Over expression of exogenous and endogeneous phyoene synthase (PSY) genein Dunaliella salina for the enhanced production of carotenoids. Dr. K. M. Gothandam DBT 2017-2020 2934600 Ongoing
23 Study of floral diversity in Tamil Nadu coastal region andidentification of climate change indicators. Dr. C. Rajasekaran &
Dr. T. Kalaivani
DST 2017-2020 7101195 Ongoing
24 Tackling Lung Cancer Drug Resistance in INDIA: An integrated DrugRepurposing Strategies. Dr. V. Shanthi &
Dr. Ramanathan
DST-SERB 2017-2020 1617000 Ongoing
25 Understanding the machanism of multi-drug resistance in pathogenicbacteria and identificatrion of potential drug targets: A systemsbiology approach. Dr. Sudha Ramaiah &
Dr. Anand Anbarasu -
DST-SERB 2017-2020 1796000 Ongoing
26 Hospital-associated ESKAPE pathogens: Unraveling novel regulatory layerscontrolling virulence and persistence. Dr. Shankar Manoharan &
Dr. Karthikeyan. S
WellcomeTrust /DBT India Alliance 2017-2022 16820100 Ongoing
27 Development and validation of signature peptide-proteome biomarkers forimproved and precise detection of root wilt infection in coconut Dr. S. Babu &
Dr. Vino S
DST - SERB 2018 to 2021 4174010 Ongoing
28 Recycling of chrome shavings, a solid waste from leather industry, forproduction of dehairing protease by Bacillus cerus VITSN04: A scale-upstandardization for industrial use. Dr. C. Shanthi &
Dr. G. Kalaichelvan
DST - Transfer Division 2018-2019 2257000 Ongoing
29 Development and evaluation of cellulose based hydrogels for the repairof Articular cartilage Defects in animal models. Dr. I. Manjubala DST-SERB 2018-2021 3544200 Ongoing
30 Development of Commercially viable organic fertilizer cum biofungicidefrom marine algae. Dr. M.A. Jayasri&
Dr. Subramanian Babu
DBT 2018-2021 2652200 Ongoing
31 Development of Electrochemical immuno sensor based detection method forwhitespot syndrome virus (WSSV) of penaeid shrimp. Dr. R. Sudhakaran &
Dr. A. Senthilkumar
DBT 2018-2021 3069600 Ongoing
32 Development of Escherichia coli based heavy metal biosorbents byexpressing a metal binding and evaluating its potential against tanneryeffluents through numerical modeling and experimental approaches. Dr. Sudandiradoss &
Dr. Aslam Abdullah
DST-SERB 2018-2021 3165000 Ongoing
33 Economic non-food sugar from variable mixed solid waste for high valuechemical products Dr S Venkat Kumar (Co-PI) DBT 2018-2021 26,20,000 Ongoing
34 Exploring the therapeutic mechanism of Majoon chobchini, a unanimedicinein the management of rheumatoid arthritis (Waja-ul-mafasil) animmunlological investigation. Dr. M. Rasool AYUSH 2018-2021 3370000 Ongoing
35 Isolation prrification and structural characterization of superoxidedismutase (SOD) extracted from Indian mud crabs. Dr. Manu Asthana &
Dr. C. Shanthi
DST-SERB(NPDF) 2018-2021 1980000 Ongoing
36 Management of intestinal oxalate by probiotic prepration by oxalatedegrading bacterial consortium. Dr. Pragasam Viswanathan ICMR 2018-2021 1711080 Ongoing
37 Modulatory Mechanism of Narigenin on Autophagy. Dr. Kavitha Thirumurugan ICMR 2018-2021 2150488 Ongoing
38 Quality Assurance and Testing of Tissue Culture Plant Materials. Dr. S. Babu DBT 2018-2021 12779000 Ongoing
39 Unraveling the molecular basis os cyanidin, a natural flavonoid on IL-17mediated signaling and Th17 and treg cell axis in rheumatoid arthritispathogenesis. Dr. M. Rasool DST-SERB 2018-2021 3632100 Ongoing
40 Digital Health Technology to improve Tuberculosis control in Indiia. Dr. Anand Anbarasu School of Public Health & Community Medicine / UNSW Medicine 2018-2019 513496 Ongoing
41 Potent and selective PDE4B inhibitors for the potential treatment ofarthritis. (In collaboration with Dr. Reddy?s Institute of LifeSciences, Hyderabad) Dr. M. Rasool DBT 2018-2021 5999000 Ongoing
42 Genomic and systems biology studies to understand the mechanism of multidrug resistant pathogenic bacterial spp of clinical importance Dr. Anand Anbarasu, PI,
Dr. Balaji Veeraraghavan - CMC&H, Vellore, Co PI,
Dr. Sudha Ramaiah , Co PI
ICMR July 2019 - July 2022 11459700 Ongoing
43 Study of Hemoglobinopathies and G6PD Deficiency among Tribals of Vellorehills, Tamilnadu. Dr.V.G.Abilash,
Dr. Sundara Rajan C R
ICMR 2019-2022 59,35,162 Ongoing
44 To identify a novel target compound to inhibit the OXA β-Lactamases causing extremely drug-resistant hospital-acquired infections PI: Dr. George Priya Doss C,
Dr. Thirumal Kumar D,
Dr. Balaji Veeraraghavan (Department of Clinical Microbiology) &
Dr. Abi Manesh (Department of Infectious Diseases),
CMC&H, Vellore 
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 2021-2024 92,49,230 Ongoing
45 Development of alginate-silver nanocomposite embedded with adipose-derived stem cells for the healing of deep burn wounds Dr. Everette Jacob Remington Nelson, Dr. Priyanka Srivastava, & Dr. Raunak Kumar Das LSRB, DRDO 2021-2024 38,12,000 Ongoing
46 Bioinformatics and Molecular Approaches to Characterize the Mechanism of Multi-drug Resistance in Salmonella typhi recovered from Children(<15years)with Typhoid at a Pediatric Specialty Teaching Hospital PI: Dr. Sudha Ramaiah,
Co-PIs:Dr. Anand Anbarasu,
Dr. Anand Manoharan
ICMR 2020-2023 47,93,160.00 Ongoing
47 Targeted gene delivery into CD117+ haematopoietic stem cells usingcapsid modified targeting Adeno associated virus (AAV) vectors Dr. Balaji Balakrishnan DST- SERB (SRG) 2022-2024 2500000 Ongoing
48 Designing and development of rational based peptide inhibitors again stalpha-synuclein aggregates for the treatment of Parkinson's disease Dr. Rajasekaran R
Dr. George Priya Doss C, Co- PI
ICMR 2021-2023 1483000 Ongoing
49 Significance of Sulfur Signaling in Hepato-Pancreas protection of Alcoholics, An observational preclinical animal model study of Organ-protective Dr. Venkatraman M ICMR 2021- 2024 978000 Ongoing
50 Elucidation of the molecular mechanistic role of platelet NLRP3 on platelet activation, platelet-mediated neutrophil extracellular trapformation, and endothelial dysfunction in mediating systemicinflammation Dr.Everette Jacob Remington Nelson
Dr. Venkatraman Co- PI
ICMR 2021- 2024 5675448 Ongoing
51 Retargeting Lentiviral Integration Into Heterochromatin For Safer GeneTherapy Applications. Dr.Everette Jacob Remington Nelson
Dr. Rajasekaran R, Co- PI
ICMR 2021- 2024 7930624 Ongoing
52 Evaluation and Efficacy of alcohol free and Alcohol based sanitizers cum aerosols against opportunities pathogens during pandemic situations. Prof. Dr Suneetha Vuppu
Dr.KV.Bhaskararo, Co- PI
ICMR 2023-2026 1587237 Ongoing
S.No. Project title Name of the Principal Investigator followed by Co-Principal Investigator Funding Agency Period Sanctioned Amount (Rs) Current Status
1 Enzyme catalyzed biodiesel production from non-edible oils Dr. David K. Daniel IE(I) 2006 35,000 Completed
2 A study on silver nanoparticle impregnated dressing material on wound healing Dr. N. Chandrasekaran Tamil Nadu State Council For Science And Technology 2009 99,000 Completed
3 Study on genetic markers related to diabetic neuropathy Dr. Radha Saraswathy Inno Med UK Ltd 2010 60,100 Completed
4 Designing a bio-reactor for biosorption of heavy metals (lead cobalt nickel aluminium and mercury ) by egg shell Dr. Anand Prem Rajan Institute of Engineers 2011 50,000 Completed
5 Treatment of effluent containing heavy metals using sugar beet pulp in a packet bed reactor as a bio-sorbent Dr. Anand Prem Rajan Institute of Engineers 2011 50,000 Completed
6 Immunological Biochemical and Gene-expression analysis of probiotics from Organica Biotech in Tilapia fishes experimentally infected with Vibrio species Dr. R. Sudhakaran Organica Biotech 2016 100,000 Completed
7 Hydrodynamic studies in a liquid solid circulating fluidized bed Dr. P. Kumar DST 2003-2008 481904 Completed
8 Molecular cytogenetic analysis of normal and radiation induced chromosomal aberrations in precancerous and cancer syndromes Dr. Radha Saraswathy DRDO 2004-2008 1481000 Completed
9 Development of a Biosensor for detection of Organophosphorous Compounds Dr. Lazar Mathew  &  Dr. David K. Daniel DRDO 2006-2008 899000 Completed
10 Design and development of speech enhancer Dr. Lazar Mathew & S.Vidhya DEBEL 2006-2009 2100000 Completed
11 Development of affordable nutritive enhancement of dairy fermented products for the rural population through the intervention of biotechnology Dr. Kunthala Jayaraman & KarthikeyanS. DRDO 2006-2009 1412000 Completed
12 Investigation of anticancer properties of Picrorhiza kurroa Acorus calamus and Oroxylum indicum Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Kalaivani T & Dr. Lazar Mathew LSRB-DRDO 2006-2009 2458000 Completed
13 Studies on the effect of radiation on mussel meat Dr. Anil Kumar Gopinathan DAE 2006-2010 1275000 Completed
14 Metabolic fingerprinting of monoterpene biosynthesis in aromatic grasses of genus Cymbopogon using 1-13 C-glucose and in combination of quantitative NMR spectroscopy Dr. Deepak Ganjewala DST 2007-2009 528000 Completed
15 Phenotype - Genotype correlation of the Genetic disorder Mucopolysaccharidosis type I using  Bioinformatics tools Dr. K. Mahalingam & Dr. Lazar Mathew DBT 2007-2009 1052000 Completed
16 Studies on Screening of wild mushrooms and bioadsorbent of heavy metal - a novel biotechnological approach towards control of environmental pollution & health hazards of rural people Dr. Nilanjana Mitra Das DST 2007-2009 996000 Completed
17 Exploring the Structure-Activity Relationship of  Basic Polypeptides from Elapidae Snake Venom. Dr. G. Jayaraman DST 2007-2010 1540930 Completed
18 Biomethanization of waste food from VIT mess Maitri C. Trisha Namrata Dr. K.V. Bhaskara Rao L-RAMP 2008-2009 48,000 Completed
19 Characterization of Novel Streptomyces sp as a potential antidermatophytic compounds producer from marine soil of east coastal region of Tamil Nadu. Dr. K. Kannabiran IFS Sweden 2008-2009 400000 Completed
20 A study on interaction of ground water arsenic species with zero valent iron nanoparticles Dr. Amitava Mukherjee & Dr. Badal Kumar Mandal DST 2008-2010 550,000 Completed
21 Design & development of low repetition rate and high pulse energy fiber laser based on large mode area fiber and photonic crystal fiber for laser clearning application. Dr. S.K. Sudheer DST 2008-2010 1879000 Completed
22 Bioremediation of chromium using bacterial biofilm Dr. Amitava Mukherjee & Dr. N. Chandrasekaran DST 2008-2011 3218161 Completed
23 Functional Analysis of the Gene encoding zeta-carotene desatrase by over expression and gene slicing in tomato. Dr. K.M. Gothandam DST 2008-2011 1709000 Completed
24 A case study on ecotoxicological impact of engineered nanoparticles used in defense applications Dr. N. Chandrasekaran, Dr Lazar Mathew & Dr. Amitava Mukherjee LSRB-DRDO 2009-2012 1,500,000 Completed
25 Ecotoxicological Study of Engineered Oxide Nanoparticles :  Microcosm Approach" Dr. Amitava Mukherjee & Dr. N. Chandrasekaran MoEF 2009-2012 1128000 Completed
26 Hexavalent chromium detoxification by microbial isolates from a specific chromium mining site and bioremediation application potential: A laboratory based study Dr. Amitava Mukherjee & Dr. N. Chandrasekaran DST 2009-2012 3447328 Completed
27 Impact of Environment Radiation on Aquatic and Semi Aquatic Organisms. Dr. Anil Kumar Gopinath DAE 2009-2012 1887652 Completed
28 Study on trophic transfer of engineered nanoparticles used in defence applications. Dr. Amitava Mukherjee & Dr. Lazar Mathew DRDO 2009-2012 1491600 Completed
29 Synthesis of nanoparticles from marine organisms for biomedical-applications Dr. N. Chandrasekaran & Dr. Amitava Mukherjee Department of Ocean Development Ministry of Earth Science 2009-2012 2600000 Completed
30 Development of PC based fully automatic batch analyser for clinical chemistry Dr. Padma Thiagarajan, J.B.Jeeva, M.Sasikumar & R.Sudha​ DeitY- CSIR 2009-2014 1,950,000 Completed
31 Identification processing and genetic manipulation studies on polyhydroxy butyrate (PHB) producing marine blue algae (Cyanobacteria) for the production of biodegradable plastics Dr.K. Gothandam, Dr.Muthuvelan, Dr. T.B.Sridharan & Dr.S. Karthikeyan DBT 2009-2014 2453000 Completed
32 Bioremediation of pesticides from agricultural soil using microbial consortia and preparation of appropriate formulation Dr. Jayanthi Abraham DST 2010 -2014 1500000 Completed
33 A bitter solution for a better cause Jyotsnaa Pillai Binithamol K. Polakkattil (S.Mythili) Villgro 2010-2011 25,000 Completed
34 Cysteine and other amino acids as byproducts in microbial Keratinase production from poultry waste. Avinash Srivastava, Anshul Sharma & Dr. V. Suneetha Villgro 2010-2011 27,500 Completed
35 Design and development of electro mechanical arm for amputees and paralysed patients Debika Khanra & Dr. S.Sudesh Villgro 2010-2011 30,000 Completed
36 Neutraceutical from banana peel: a novel approach for rural development Abhishek Prakash Shukla and Priyanka (Chitra Kalaichelvan) Villgro 2010-2011 25,000 Completed
37 Ready to eat curd-A step towards rural transformation Gowri Sukumar & Dr. Asit Ranjan Ghosh Villgro 2010-2011 25,000 Completed
38 Genetic analysis of myopia Dr. Radha Saraswathy Sankar Foundation 2010-2012 50,000 Completed
39 Nanoparticles in the prevention of calcium oxalate crystal formation and retention in renal epithelium Dr. Pragasam Viswanathan DST 2010-2012 1452000 Completed
40 Screening of extra cellular matrix protein derived cryptic bioactive peptides involved in regulation of cell activity. Dr. C. Shanthi & Dr. Alka Mehta DST 2010-2014 2037200 Completed
41 Screening Characterisation  and Bioinformatic Structure analysis of pectinase produced from actinomycetes. Dr. V. Suneetha DST 2010-2015 1328000 Completed
42 Bio-sorption of Heavy Metal (Lead Cobalt Nickel Aluminum) by Coconut Coir in a Bio-reactor.  Dr. Anand Prem Rajan Institute of Engineers 2011-2012 50000 Completed
43 Fucntional role of heat shock proteins and Ubiquitin E3 ligase under hypoxic stress conditions Dr. Pravir Kumar LSRB-DRDO 2011-2012 1500000 Completed
44 Halotolerant bacteria for biodegradation Arpita D. Chaitra S. Lavanya V Teena J & Dr. Jayaraman G Villgro 2011-2012 24,000 Completed
45 Overview of microbiology and bioinformatics tools Dr. V. Suneetha CSIR 2011-2012 100000 Completed
46 Sex determination in Garcinia cambogia aided by molecular marker technology Tharachand C & Dr. C. Immanuel Selvaraj Villgro 2011-2012 24,000 Completed
47 Application of Nanotechnology for Improvement of Bioefficacy of Tea Polyphenols Dr. Abul Kalam Azad Mandal & Dr. Jameel Shaik National Tea Research Foundation (NTRF) 2011-2014 1111820 Completed
48 Development of Sol-Gel Based Sensor for Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer by Centre for Biomedical Research. Dr. Bhaskar Mohan Murari DST 2011-2014 2378000 Completed
49 Studies on the molecular aspects of Schizophrenia with special reference to hormone receptor genes and variant serotype alleles Dr. Anil Kumar Gopinath DBT 2011-2014 872000 Completed
50 Biochemical and Molecular Investigation of Plant Dyes. Dr. R. Siva CSIR 2011-2015 1476000 Completed
51 Gene therapy for leukocyte adhesion deficiency using lentiviral vectors Dr. Everette Jacob Remington Nelson DBT 2011-2017 7450000 Completed
52 Development of single stage reversible flow bioreactor for simultaneous removal of COD and ammonia from wastewaters Dr. P.C. Sabumon &  Dr. Alka Metha  DST 2012-2013 1800000 Completed
53 Design and Development of optical tomography system for soft tissue imaging Prof. J.B. Jeeva DST - Seed Division 2012-2014 1234706 Completed
54 A Study on in vitro Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation Triphala and its Mechanism of Action Dr. M. Rasool ICMR 2012-2015 1130000 Completed
55 A Study on trophic transfer of engineered nanoparticles used in defence applications Dr.Amitava Mukharjee &  Dr. N. Chanderasekaran DRDO-LSR 2012-2015 1998700 Completed
56 Deciphering the novel genes involved in pathogen recognition receptor mediated signaling pathways in penaeid shrimp Dr. R. Sudhakaran SERB 2012-2015 1,700,000 Completed
57 Differential membrane lipid profile and fluidity of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans during the process of adhesion to minerals"GIS Based early warning landslide susceptibility model using data mining classification approach" Dr. Anand Prem Rajan DST 2012-2015 2856208 Completed
58 Diversity & exploration of marine magnetotactic bacteria from southern Indian coast for the production of magnetosomes Dr. K. Suthindhiran DST 2012-2015 1800000 Completed
59 Inhibitory effect of Cinnamomum zeylanicum on a α-glucosidase activity and postprandial hyperglycemia Dr. Kavitha Thirumurugan DST 2012-2015 2250000 Completed
60 In-Silico Approaches for Designing B-Lactamase Inhibitors Dr. Anand Anbarasu ICMR 2012-2015 1293170 Completed
61 Isolation and Identification of Antidiabetic Compounds from Marine Algae Dr. M.A. Jayasri DBT 2012-2015 2426440 Completed
62 Phylogenetic and functional analysis of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase(CCD) of Bixa Orellena with special reference to bixin synthesis Dr. R. Siva DST 2012-2015 2326000 Completed
63 Targeted proteonmics-based discovery and over expression of a key cross-talking protein for multiple stress tolerance in rice Dr. S. Babu DST 2012-2015 2406000 Completed
64 Structure and function of TRIOBP a novel actin bundling protein involved in hearing  Dr. Kavitha Thirumurugan  DBT 2012-2015  2,180,000 Completed
65 Production of phytoene by inhibition of phytoene desaturase gene (pds) in Dunaliella sp.  Dr. K.M. Gothandam &  Dr. S Babu CSIR 2012–2015  2162000 Completed
66 Structure and function of TRIOBP a novel actin bundling protein involed in hearing Dr. Kavitha Thirumurugan DBT-Bio-Care 2012-2016 2180000 Completed
67 Antimicrobial and Immunstimulatory Activities of Actinomycetes for Aquatic Animal Health Management Dr. K. Kannabiran DBT 2012-2017 2036700 Completed
68 Database of drug resistance mutations and virtual compounds for Leprosy  Dr. V. Shanthi, Dr. K. Ramanathan & Dr. R. Rajasekaran ICMR 2013-2014 1128170  Completed
69 Elucidation of mechanism of adriamycin mediated male reproductive toxicity and recovery by restoration of epididymal adipose tissue. Dr. Sankarganesh Arunachalam DST-SERB 2013-2016 1700000 Completed
70 Enhanced production of anthraquinones through gamma irradiation in root cultures of oldenlandia umbellata L. and rubia cordifolia L Dr. R. Siva & Dr. C. Rajasekaran    DAE-BRNS 2013-2016 2288000 Completed
71 Identification of p38 MAPK interacting proteins involved in inflammation mediated cell death Dr. M Anbalagan & Dr. K M Gothandam DBT 2013–2016 1981000 Completed
72 Exploration of effects of emodin on levels of efflux transporter protein mRNA and intracellular emodin due to possible LRP-1 mediated endocytosis of efflux transporters in cancer cells. Dr. Vidhya V. Iyer DST-SERB 2013-2017 2415122 Completed
73 Investigation of efficient bacteriophages for against to NDM -1 producing isolates of Escherichia coli & Klebesiella pneumoniae. Dr. N. Ramesh DST-SERB 2013-2017 2470000 Completed
74 Small molecule inhibitors targeting endoplasmic recticulum stress response pathways as potential therapeutic agents for neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Ravanan Palaniyandi DST-SERB 2013-2017 2400000 Completed
75 Development of novel cellulose based calcium phosphate porous scaffolds with improved osteogenesis for bone regeneration  Dr. I. Manjubala DST-SERB 2014-17  2093000 Completed
76 Speech as surrogate marker for acute/chronic stress - screen and validation of voice with biological samples. Dr. Pragasam Viswanathan 3GS Wellness PVT LTD 2014-2015 850000 Completed
77 Cellular Modelling of Human Gouad sex - defermination. Dr. Radha Saraswathy  ESPE - RU GRANT 2014-2016 4800000 Completed
78 Designing packed bed reactor for lactose hydrolysis by B Galactosidase from Lactobacillus sp. Immobilized on TiO2 nanoparticles. Dr. Mohanasrinivasan ICMR 2014-2016 177000 Completed
79 Enzymatic and hormonal profiling with isoenzymes analysis in relation to flowering in early mid and late varieties of date palm in United Arab Emirates   Dr. K M Gothandam (External collaborator) UAEU program for advanced research grant 2014–2016 6030000 Completed
80 Effect of gamma radiation and elicitors on hairy rooys of kurroo royle and production of gentiopicrin in bioreactor. Dr. C. Rajasekaran Dr. R. Siva & Dr. T. Kalaivani DAE-BRNS 2014-2017 2461500 Completed
81 Efficacy of majoon Ushba a Unani formulation with reference to biochemical and immunological paramenters in the management of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Waja-ul-mafasil)- an experimental study. Dr. M. Rasool AYUSH 2014-2017 576000 Completed
82 Enhancement of psychotropic effects of tea L-theanine using nanotechnology and its molecular mechanism. Dr. A.K. Azad Mondal & Dr. Zaved Ahmed Khan NTRF 2014-2017 1874960 Completed
83 Putative drug target identification and insilico approaches for desiging inhibitors for claudin-4. Dr. S. Jayanthi DST-SERB 2014-2017 2090000 Completed
84 Removal of toxic compounds in textils dye effluents from polluted site of Tripur district; a phyto and rhizoremediation approach. Dr. W. Jabez Osborne DST-SERB 2014-2017 2090000 Completed
85 Studies on the diversity and adaptive strategies of the microbial flora inhabiting the HBRA in Chavara - Neendakara placer deposits (Kerala). Dr. Anilkumar Gopinathan & Dr. Jayanthi Abraham Ministry of Earth Sciences 2014-2017 2776835 Completed
86 Investigating the delivery of withaferin-A a steroidal lactone and dexamethasone palmitate using mannosylated liposomes to macrophages in vitro and during experimental arthritis for its effective antiinflammatory action Dr. M. Rasool DBT - NANO PLATFORM 2014-2017  3017000 Completed
87 A comparative study of improved nano stealth delivery system for Luteolin to mediate caspase 14 induction in HaCaT and its subpopulations with cancer stem cell potential. Dr.  P.K. Suresh DST-SERB 2014-2018 1125000 Completed
88 Decolorization and Degration of AZO Dyes by using Indigenus Bacteria and Their Mediated Nanoparticles. Dr. K. V. Bhaskara Rao & Dr. V. Suneetha CSIR 2014-2018 2000000 Completed
89 Inhibition of intracelluar signaling pathways and proinflammatory cytokines as a possible target for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by p-coumaric acid a common dietry polyphenol an experimental study. Dr. M. Rasool DST-SERB 2014-2018 3359000 Completed
90 Next-generation dynamic Scheimpflug imaging and biomechnical analytics for in VIVO quantification of corneal viscoelasticity (SIBAC). Dr. Everette Jacob Remington Nelson Indo-German Science & Technology Centre 2015- 3400000 Completed
91 SALINO. Ms. Devlina Das & Dr. Nilanjan Mitra RELX group 2015- 1620000 Completed
92 Ecology biochemical appects of the regulation of growth and reproduction in anostracan and decapod crustaccans for revaluation of their potentials in aquaculture. Dr. Anilkumar Gopinathan Indo- Belarus 2015-2017 658000 Completed
93 Reduching bleed related joint damage in hemophilia by modulating inflammatory responses. Dr.Dwaipayan Sen Baxalta US Inc 2015-2017 9800000 Completed
94 Pre-clinical studies on the role of green tea polyphenols/EGCG nanoparticles for cancer therapy Dr. Abul Kalam Azad Mandal & Dr.  Zaved Ahmed Khan National Tea Research Foundation (NTRF) 2015-2018 2712960 Completed
95 Behavior of differently coated silver nanoparticles on cellular and a cellular blood components: an in vitro and in vivo analysis Dr. Priyanka Srivastava DBT 2016-2018 3,720,000 Completed
96 Control of White spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Infectious Hypodermal and Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHHNV) of Shrimp using Nano-Formulated DsRNA. Dr. S. Vimal & Dr. K.Kannabiran DST-SERB (NPDF) 2016-2018 1920000 Completed
97 Development of organic amended liquid and solid bioformulations for effective management of phomopsis canker disease in tea plantations. Dr. Manjukarunambika Kolandasamy & Dr. A.K.A. Mandal DST (WS) 2016-2018 2601550 Completed