School of Hotel & Tourism Management (HOT)

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School of Hotel & Tourism Management adopts lab based approaches to learning. One full semester Industrial Exposure Training (IET) is offered to students in reputed hotels, leisure and hospitality sectors. This allows students to gain transferable work experience, which will be an added advantage, especially for their job placement.

The school helps students acquire the knowledge and skills needed in the global market. Students are taught not only basic subjects but also learning International languages, computer skills, interpersonal skills, inter cultural team dynamics, ethics and value. This approach improves their language skills and provides confidence to face the society.

This programme comprehensively focuses on all the aspects of hospitality management. Our goal is to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of current theories, concepts and laboratory practices. This course is aimed at those aspiring to be professionals in the field of hospitality industries. The students will be inculcated in the operations of hospitality sectors, star hotels and restaurant, front and back-office operations, housekeeping, culinary, food and beverage, marketing and sales, conferences, financial management, HR and personnel relations, purchasing and storage, sanitation, tourism marketing and management. In addition, the student will be nourished with industrial standards, computer skills, business communications, technical and interpersonal skills, inter cultural team dynamics, legal aspects and insurance and value of ethics. The curriculum was developed in response to huge industry demands for people with expertise in hospitality management. The course provides in-depth training and hands-on experience in various aspects of hospitality management.