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School of Architecture (V-SPARC)

The long-awaited B.Arch. programme at VIT - Vellore is finally established for the aspiring students who wish to excel in the new millennium era.

B. Arch programme at VIT - Vellore campus comes with a new proposition, for the students who are aspiring to become Architects that their course is going to mould them to handle real-life situation during their studies itself through many inter-linked mentoring workshops with Professional Architects who will get them equipped with skills and knowledge that maketh a good Architect. Students will be given a deep understanding of our culture and at the same time, they will be equipped with hands-on working experience with the latest technologies that are on par with leading Architectural Schools across the world.

There are student exchange programmes with leading universities from Europe, USA, Australia and from Asia. We have eminent architects who will facilitate an Architectural Evolution made possible within 5 years of your commitment to VIT Vellore. Please check the salient features of the course and the curriculum and syllabus for more clarity.