School of Architecture (V-SPARC)

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The V-SPARC School of Architecture, established in 2015, embarked on its journey with the inaugural class of 40 students. Committed to nurturing aspiring individuals who seek excellence in the contemporary era, the school distinguishes itself from other local institutions through its unwavering dedication to providing top-notch education and cutting-edge infrastructure. The program's core mission is to prepare students for real-world challenges, achieved through immersive workshops and interactions with industry professionals, emphasizing skill development. The curriculum also ensures students stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, keeping them on par with leading architecture schools worldwide. In pursuit of its vision, the V-SPARC School of Architecture actively engages in international collaborations for academic and research activities, fostering a global perspective in its students and enabling them to contribute responsibly to the changing needs of the natural and built environment.
V-SPARC School of Architecture strives to evolve socially sensitive individuals equipped with design, technology process and realization skills to contribute responsibly to the changing needs of the natural and built environment.

  • To be seen as an institution promoting the interests of society and resolving physical and socio -economic challenges through research and socially responsible thought processes.
  • To create a globally relevant, collaborative and confident student community, capable of independent thinking and effective action.

i. Self-contained, secure, multilingual, diverse cultural campus
ii. Industry-ready curriculum
iii. Interdisciplinary learning
iv. Advanced digital fabrication lab
v. Hands-on workshops for experiential learning
vi. Industry Experts Engagement
vii. Travel Learning as a part of the curriculum
viii. National and International student competitions
ix. International Exchange for students and faculty
x. International joint studio programmes
xi. Undergraduate research and publishing
xii. Internship and placements opportunities


Gandhi Block
The Architecture School finds its home in the prestigious Gandhi Block, a shining example of sustainable architecture. This building has been recognized for its commitment to environmental responsibility, earning a prestigious Platinum rating from the Indian Green Building Council. Designed by the eminent architect Sanjay Mohe of Mindspace Architects, based in Bengaluru, this structure stands as a testament to both aesthetic excellence and ecological consciousness. Within the confines of Gandhi Block, students of the V-SPARC School of Architecture have the privilege of learning and creating within a space that reflects not only architectural brilliance but also a deep respect for the environment.