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School of Civil Engineering (SCE)

The main aim of the Civil Engineering Department is to provide quality service for Technical Problems at reasonable and affordable rates as a service to Society in general and Engineering fraternity in particular.

Civil Engineering Department offer Testing and Consultancy Services in following area:

1. Structural Engineering

2. Transportation

3. Surveying

4. Environmental Engineering

5. Building  Materials

6. Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, Survey Etc.,

7. Soil Mechanics

8. Heritage structures

Consulting civil engineers provide a wide range of services to clients. Tasks often include:

1. Undertaking technical and feasibility studies and site investigations.

2. Developing detailed designs of residential, commercial, industrial building.

3. Testing of construction and highway materials

4. Report on soil testing.

5. Surveying using total station

6. Testing of water and waste water samples

7. Thinking both creatively and logically to resolve design and development problems

8. Reviewing and approving project drawings

9.Using computer-aided design (CAD) packages for designing projects