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Team Albatross is the SAE Aero-design team from VIT, Vellore, established in 2016.

Over the span of three years, we have brought laurels to our college and the country by participating in various National and International Aero Design Competitions held by Society of Automotive Engineers.

Team Albatross specializes in designing and manufacturing’ of regular class prototype aircraft and has manufactured one of the biggest aircraft in VIT, with a wingspan of 142 inches. The team compromises of students from various branches who work together to design and fabricate the aircraft. We believe that consistent hard work and innovation, leads to accomplishments.

Driven by our aim and aspirations as a team, we believe that we can conquer any quest.




  • In 2017, Team Albatross participated in SAE – India Aero Design Challenge held at Chennai. Securing 1st Rank in the Design Report and emerged as the 2nd Team overall.
  • At the SAE-Aero Design East, Florida in March'18, we secured 2nd position in the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • In 2019, Team Albatross participated in SAE Aero Design East, Texas where secured 10th position in flight round out of 85 teams




Here at Assailing Falcons, SAE Aero design team, we work with a pioneering spirit that puts innovation at the heart of everything we do. We are a bunch of like-minded individuals with a common aim and are ready to sacrifice everything on the line whilst striving for excellence.

Being the most experienced and the most successful SAE Aero-Design team of VIT, we design and manufacture Advanced class aircrafts and take part in the SAE Aero Design competition held every year in the United States. While focusing on delivering results on the international stage, we also try to get creative in the process to incorporate a unique design every year.

Our 2019 aircraft of the season 'REDBIRD' got us our best ever rank of 4th Overall, while bagging 1st place in both Design Report and Technical Presentation globally, which is a feat achieved by no other team from the Asia-Pacific region, therefore earning praise from the likes of engineers at Boeing, Lockheed Martin and NASA.



Overall International rankings:

  • SAE Aerodesign 2019 – 4th
  • SAE Aerodesign 2018 – 6th
  • SAE Aerodesign 2017 – 7th
  • SAE Aerodesign 2016 – 9th
  • SAE Aerodesign 2014 – 10th
  • SAE Aerodesign 2012 – 16th


Additional achievements:

  • 1st in Oral Presentation – 2019 (overall)
  • 1st in Technical Design Report – 2019 (overall)
  • 1st all over Asia – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019
  • Maximum altitude achieved internationally – 2017
  • Second position in National Tech Expo – BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, 2017
  • 1st in Technical Presentation – India (2014, 2015 and 2016)
  • 1st in Maximum Payload lifted – India (2015 and 2016)
  • Best student team in VIT – 2015 and 2016

Team Flying Inc

“You have never seen an aircraft until you have seen its shadow from the sky”. We at Flying Inc. are a group of aero enthusiasts united by the passion of designing aircrafts and together we fulfill the passion of Howard Hughes, the will of Wright brothers and a desire to prove the same.

A mélange of design, technology and ingenuity where both creativity and innovation come together, we instill high standards of technicality and willpower into our designs through our dedicated team members.

Being the oldest Aero-design team in VIT formed in 2011, Team Flying INC has designed and fabricated aircrafts of different sizes and continued its tradition of Flying High and raising the bar of excellence in the field of aviation.

Primarily taking part in the SAE Collegiate Series organized by Lockheed Martin, Flying INC. is renowned for its creative designs and innovative techniques incorporated into every one of its prototypes and reflected into our achievements.

We dream, we dare and we fly….for if it wasn’t for dreams, man would be still walking on the ground.




  • 1st(Asia-Pacific region) in Presentation Round, Dallas, US, 2013
  • 3rd in Design Report, Atlanta, US, 2014 
  • 15th in overall SAE aero-design East, 2013
  • Presented a research paper on ‘Green Aviation’ in ERA conducted by
  • 1st in India and 2nd in Asia pacific, SAE Aerodesign 2015 overall


We are VIT's SAE Aero Design team comprising of a bunch of RC enthusiasts who design and fabricate micro class aerial vehicles by implementing engineering concepts. 

The team members put in combined effort all around the year in an attempt to outdo ourselves every season. In the course of designing and fabricating the aircraft, we receive an education like no other, gaining first hand experience and knowledge as well as sharpening our marketing, budgeting, communication, time, production and resource management skills. Our unwavering commitment and work ethic urges us to continuously improve on our model year after year.

We have been participating in SAE Aero Design since 2011 and are consistently placed in top 10 with a podium finish to our name. As we aspire to grow and win as a team, the sky is only the beginning.



  • SAE Aerodesign 2019
    • 7th Overall, 7th in  Design Report
    • 8th in Mission Performance
    • 10th in Technical Presentation

  • SAE Aerodesign 2018 - 10th Overall
  • SAE Aerodesign 2017 - 5th in Technical Presentation
  • SAE Aerodesign 2016 - 2nd in Design Report
  • SAE Aerodesign 2015 - 6th Overall
  • SAE Aerodesign 2014 - 7th Overall
  • SAE Aerodesign 2013 - 3rd Overall


Team Curtiss R/C

We are an Aero-modelling team, under the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in VIT. The primary objective of our Team is to design and fabricate Fixed-wing RC planes, which we take to competitions across the Nation. A Striking feature, that separates us from other Aero-teams is that We at Curtiss R/C will teach our members how to Pilot R/C planes and drones. We have produced one of finest R/C pilots that the University has seen



  • 2016 :
    • 1st  position in SAE Aerodominator in VIT
  • 2017 : 
    • 1st position in IDRL held in Nagpur
    • 2nd position in SAE Aerodominator
  • 2018 : 
    • 2nd Position in the Country in SAE ADC, with the highest payload in the competition
    • 3rd position in SAE Aerodominator
  • 2019 : 
    Heartfelt Congratulations to Team Curtiss R/C for winning the first position for their aircraft ‘YETI’ in the ‘Technical Presentation and Inspection” category in the IAAA Aircraft Building Competition 2019, a national level aero-design competition, held at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Patia, Bhubaneswar.