Semester Abroad Program (SAP)



Semester Abroad Program (SAP) encourages undergraduate and postgraduate students to do their Capstone Research Project / Master Thesis project / pre-approved elective courses at partner universities or top 500 World QS Ranking Universities.

  • Students explore their new interests and state-of-the-art learning from a diversified international academic community in addition to their curriculum..
  • It is an opportunity to establish a professional network that widens the relationship across borders and creates international pathways.
  • The importance of internalization is to gain the best academic and research practices and experience through interactions with faculty/ researchers.
  • The students get exposed to new cultures, language skills, and a competitive work environment that enhances their international career opportunities.

How to apply


  • The host foreign institutions select nominated SAP Applicants for Capstone Project opportunities.
  • The students can transfer the credits earned through the pre-approved elective courses during SAP at host institutions.
  • VIT reimburses travel assistance to SAP applicants who meet the specified eligibility criteria once during their SAP.
  • All students submit the applications via VTOP for the SAP Scholarship.

"SAP is one of the best ways for students who want to pursue their dream of higher studies in an international university to get exposure. My capstone project is based on water desalination. I had very varied exposure to working amongst the best researchers in the field from one of the top universities in the world. I was proud to call myself a student of VIT and represent my country on such a big stage. Living and working at the University of Birmingham showed me a completely different side of research and lifestyle, which everyone should experience in their life."

Mr.Vishesh Kapoor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (2022)

"The project was on green building certifications systems and the latest trends in the United States. This study at RIT contributes to a better understanding of why the building rating system is crucial and how it impacts the environment by comparing a selection of rating systems and then analyzing the trend implementation of a sustainable rating system. I had a great time doing SAP at RIT and gained valuable research insights. The overall experience was of utmost fun and valuable. VIT and RIT supported me in possible ways in providing some baby steps for a brighter future. "

Mr. Prajjwal, Civil Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States of America (2022)

"Semester Abroad Program provided me with the possibility of working in one of the best labs in the field of my interest, Genetics. My project at Ralf Baumeister’s Lab of Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics, Albert Ludwig’s University, Freiburg, Germany, is oriented toward the study of the lipid regulator genes that could have a role in the cold stress survival. "

Ms.Shivanika C, Biotechnology, ALBERT-LUDWIGS-UNIVERSITÄT, GERMANY (2022)

"SAP gave me a better opportunity to gain hands-on experience from the Molecular biology lab, University of Wolverhampton. I have always wanted to do any innovative research in the field of Cancer Biology and Genetics which not only benefits me but also the society at large. This gave me an insight into how high-level research is carried out and motivated me to pursue higher studies as Ph.D. It helped me to learn about new cultures, and language skills, gain self-confidence, and a competitive work environment that helped me to enhance my international career opportunities."

Ms.Ruhani, Biotechnology, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom (2022)

"Working at the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic was a wonderful opportunity for me to cross paths with people whom I would not normally find gathered in one place at the same time- such as doctors, patients, researchers, professors, students and staff all within the same space. I had the privilege of working at the biomedical engineering department, interacting with brilliant researchers working across diverse fields and gaining unique perspectives from different domains. In working together with biologists and engineers on solving the same problem, I gained insight on their respective approaches to coming up with a solution that incorporated their views, requirements and knowledge."

Ms.Asha Joy Jacob, Biomedical Engineering, Lerner Research Institute at Cleveland Clinic, United States of America (2022)

"My capstone research is under the Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) project of the Ghosh Research Group at Doheny Eye Institute, UCLA. The working hypothesis of my project is on the research findings of Dr. Ghosh’s lab. The SAP experience has helped me grow professionally but also personally. I had never gone outside India alone before, and was terrified and perplexed at first. The experiences as an intern in California, are helping me form a sense of identity, responsibility, and professionalism. I am grateful for the global exposure that SAP has given me. "

Ms.Adrita Chanda, Biotechnology, University of California, Los Angeles, United States of America (2022)

"The SAP opportunity at ARSL Lab ETH Zurich helped me with this goal as I strengthened my Robotic knowledge by working with Robotic Arms, Computer Vision, and microcontrollers. Adding to this, I discovered new Robotic applications in Additive Manufacturing as I built a Dorna Robotic Arm controlled 5D Bioprinter. Once you leave your comfort zone for a new institution or country, especially with the quality of ETH Zurich and Switzerland, which possess a host of successful individuals, it becomes easier to fit in if you are an all-rounder. All-in-all, it was an experience of a lifetime. "

Mr.Shaolin Kataria, Information Technology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2022)

"Kyushu University, Japan offered me an opportunity to work at the Matsumae lab for a 6 months. I was all set to go to Fukuoka for 6 months to complete my capstone research. It has provided me with a learning experience, and I will remember this for a lifetime. My research was on establishing relationships between social identity and social bias through EEG signal analysis. I also gained insight into current research in the field of cognitive neuroscience and neurocognition in the field of design. VIT provided me this opportunity to learn from a new community and explore a diverse culture. I will forever be grateful for this experience!"

Ms.Apala Chakrabarti, ECE Biomedical Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan (2022)

"CIIMAR, University of Porto is one of the best laboratories in Europe with facilities and expertise beyond anything I could have experienced at home which has been a constant source of motivation and growth. Outside the lab, I’ve been able to develop meaningful relationships with people from Europe and all over the world which has allowed me to see and experience the world through many different lenses. It is safe to say that I have come out as a better researcher and most importantly a better human out of my time here in Portugal."

Ms.Sworaj Sapkota, Biotechnology, University of Porto, Portugal (2022)

"Our experience at UTP was delectable. We had the unique opportunity to work at labs with bleeding-edge technology. These include UTP’s Power Labs. Further, we got to experience the cultural diversity offered by UTP, by interacting with a unique professor pool with professors specializing in chemical engineering, communication engineering, and mechanical engineering. We were able to take part and witness the fabrication of a fully functioning industry-grade motor health monitoring device, namely, the MOBIT (Motor Bearing Non-Invasive Fault Testing Rig)."

Mr.Aadhi Aadhavan, B., Ms.Valli Meenaa, V., ECE IoT & Sensors, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia (2022)

" At RIT, I was exposed to a very culturally diverse student body, which I would say is one of the finest aspects of studying abroad. Semester Abroad Program gave me the perfect opportunity to research at the world-class Packaging Dynamics laboratory at RIT with renowned professors who are veterans in their respective fields. Coming from an Industrial and Production Engineering background and researching in the Department of Packaging Science and Technology, allowed me to learn and gain expertise in which I had to measure and analyze vibration levels using power spectral density profiles in passenger delivery vehicles in order to determine the risk of damage to packaged products in transport environments."

Mr.Purushottam Chavan, Production & Industrial Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States of America (2022)

"SAP gave me the opportunities to enhance my research portfolio and experience life in a university abroad, which are both important criteria for a master’s program. Along with my advisor from the Centre of Automotive Engineering, University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom I worked with post-doctorate researchers having 10+ years of experience in academia. Being closely involved with such brilliant minds helped me to become a better researcher and engineer. I research was on the optimization of energy using a novel multi-model adaptive control strategy for an electric refuse truck in collaboration with an industry partner."

Mr.Ishaan Gupta, Electrical & Electronics, University Of Surrey, United Kingdom (2022)

"My research in Wolverhampton focuses on the synthesis and characterization of poly gamma glutamic acid (γ-PGA) for the production of cosmetic formulations. Being part of the research team helped me in obtaining the necessary skills to plan and execute experimental research and gained exposure to various analytical instruments like FT-IR, GPC, DSC, HPLC, NMR, XRD, and ICP. I believe that being part of SAP will help me in pursuing a doctorate and later a post-doctorate degree in life sciences. "

Ms.Catherine Philip, Biotechnology, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom (2022)

Ms. Devanshi Bansal, Mech, KIT, Germany (2020)
Mr. Regal Bharti Goswami, Mech, Shanghai University, China (2019)
Mr. Harshit Nanda, BBT, University of Birmingham, UK (2019)

Mr. Aditya Padmanabhan, Electronics & Computers, Chennai Campus, Plymouth University, UK (2020)
Ms. Diksha Matta,
NUS Singapore(2019)
Ms. Riya Dhar,
MIT USA (2020)

Ms. Amrita & Ms Subhangi, BBT, Harvard Medical University, USA (2019)
Ms. Sandria, ECE (Biomedical),
UWA, Australia, 2020
Mr. Yash Agarwal, Mech,NTU Singapore (2020)

Mr Shaswat Mishra, IT, RIT, USA (2020)
Mr.Abhay Krishna Kedia, Production & Industrial Engineering, University of Derby, UK (2022)
Mr.Shanuj Bansal, Electrical & Electronics, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA (2022)
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