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Team Anant

Team Anant, is an official ASME team which aims to build a human powered vehicle and showcase it in International Events like ASME E-fest Asia Pacific. Here we build a highly competent and proficient bicycle and represent it. The team has been participating in ASME E-fest since 2015, where around 40 teams compete against each other to be the best. Following our motto ‘Onwards and Upwards’ in year 2018, victory encouraged us to a great extent and we could secure the same position with more efficiency at HPVC’19 where the team secured 1st place overall, all over again. All these years of experience have lead us to this position.



  • Results HPVC’18:
    • 1st Design (prize of Rs. 15000)
    • 3rd Men’s Drag race
    • 9th Women’s Drag race
    • 5th Endurance
    • 1st OVERALL (prize of Rs. 5000)
  • Results HPVC’19:
    • 1st Overall (prize of $1000)
    • 2nd Endurance
    • 3rd Design
    • 3rd Female Speed Event
    • 7th Male Speed Event
    • Best Sportsmanship Award