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“Nanomaterials for Environmental Remediation – A Review on Nano–Adsorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions, Organic Hazards and Toxic Gases” - : Industrial Processes & Nanotechnology, Studium press, 2015

Dr. A. Nirmala Grace, Dr. V. Velmurugan, and Dr. Chella Sathosh

page 465-485



Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics (ISBN 978-81-8487-594-2)

Dr. V. Velmurugan, Dr. D. P. Kothri, Prof. Rajit Ram Singh



Advanced Materials for Supercapacitors (Chapter 2), Eco-Friendly Nano-Hybrid Materials for Advanced Engineering Applications, Apple academic press, 2015.

Dr. R.Ramachandran and Dr. A.Nirmala Grace, 



CMOS and Post-CMOS Perspectives of Electronic Device Scaling: Vol 1. Devices and Modelling / Anodic Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) capacitors

Dr. D. Kannadassan, Dr. Maryam, and Dr. P S Mallick 

(Editors: Dr. Saraju Mohanty, Dr. Ashok Srivastava)


(pp – 61-98)


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