Centre for Bio Separation Technology (CBST)

The research and development activities will be focused on the following interconnected themes:

  • Separation Science – Chromatography and allied analytical techniques, Molecular Recognitions, Microfluids devices, Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
  • Immunotechnology- Diagnostics and Bio-therapeutic antibodies
  • Bioactive molecules from plant extracts
  • Recombinant protein expressions
  • Metabolic Disorders – Diabetes, Cardio vascular disorders, Obesity
  • Drug designing and development, Structural biology
  • DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (DST), Govt. of India, Under the High Priority Area of Research.
  • DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY programme support on improved production and processing of therapeutic proteins.
  • DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: Engineering of beta-glucosidases for improved yield of glycoconjugates (collaboration with IIT Delhi).
  • PALL, European Operations: Study and evaluation of new chromatographic supports.
  • TIFAC, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Development of novel process in isolating standardized extract of Aloe vera and its application for diabetes control. Bioprocess and Bioproducts Programme.
  • Biocon Limited, Bangalore
  • PALL Corporation, France
  • BIA Separations, Slovenia
S.No Title PI/Co-PI Period & Amount Status
1 Sekkei Bio Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India Dr. Sanjit Kumar 2018-19 Rs. 3,00,000 Completed
2 School of Biosciences, IIT Madras Dr. N.S. Jayaprakash 7/1/2019 Rs. 3,15,000 Ongoing


S.No Title PI/Co-PI Funding agency Period & Amount Status
1 Oxidized HDL-Apolipprotein A1 as a risk predictor of cardiovascular disorders and development of novel diagnostics Dr. Krishnan V, Dr. Jaya Praksah N. S., Prof.Xavier Santarelli University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France Dr.Daniela Balvay, SPAN Diagnostics, Compiegene, France Ms.Supriya Kashikar Genext Genomics Nagpur BIRAC-CEFIPRA-French Embassy 2014-2017 (3 Years) Rs. 22,86,057 Completed
2 Cost-effective strategy for the induction of immune tolerance to therapeutic factor VIII in haemophilia A Dr Krishnan V Dr.Sebastien Lacroix, INSERM, CRC, Paris, Frane Dr.Daniela Balvay, SPAN Diagnostics, Compiegene, France Dr.Murali Tummuru Virchow Biotech Pvt Ltd Hyderabad CEFIPRA 2017-2020 (3 years) Rs. 57,36,366 Ongoing
3 Phase I: Synthesis of poly(ethylene oxide dendrimers and chemical modification with current cancer drugs Phase II: Drug conjugate PEO dendrimers in vivo validation Dr. Vijayalakshmi M A Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy Dr. Yves Gnanou (KAUST)   2016-2019 (3 Years) $1,18,000 Ongoing


S.No Title PI/Co-PI Funding agency Period & Amount Status
4 Evaluation of applicability of different arginine-modifying tags for middle-downproteomics by electrospray mass spectrometry Dr. V Sabareesh SERB-DST (Young Scientist Scheme) 2014-2017 (3 Years) Rs. 21,00,000 Completed
5 The immuno-psychiatry in south india study (IPS): Immunogenetic andimmunophenotype characterization of major sychoses Dr. M. A. Vijayalakshmi Dr. A. S. Kamalanathan CEFIPRA 2014-2017 (3 years) Rs. 3,00,000 Completed
6 Immobilized metal-ion affinity(IMA)microfluidic system for probing proteins at molecular and cellular levels Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy SERB-DST (Young Scientist Scheme) 2015-2018 (3 years) Rs25,97,000 Completed
7 Structural studies of plant pathogenesis related proteins Dr Sanjit Kumar SERB-DST (Young Scientist Scheme) 2014-2016 (2 years) Rs. 13,21,700 Completed
8 ldentification of the latent tuberculosis specific marker by the immunoploteomlcanalysjs of the cell wall and membrane proteins of M. tuberculosis Dr. Jayaprakash N S SERB-DST (EMR scheme) 2018-2021 (3 years) Rs. 23,96,600 On-going
9 A simple and robust microchip to screen post translational modifications inHuman plasma Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy Dr. Sanjit Kumar SERB-DST (CRG scheme) 2019-2022 (3 years) Rs. 28,60,440 On-going
10 Development of a rapid diagnostic platform to detect antibodies to Salmonellatyphi using a synthetic & unique Salmonella specific outer membrane antigenfragment Dr. Jayaprakash N S ICMR 2019-2021 (2 years) Rs. 18,30,000 On-going
11 Structure based inhibitors design for Lpx-H(UDP-diacylglucosaminepyrophosphohydrolase) involved in gram negative bacterial lipid A biosynthesis Dr. Sanjit Kumar Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy ICMR 2019-2022 (3 years) On-going
12 Development of Novel Process for Aloe vera extract and its Development as a Therapeutic Treatment for Diabetes Dr. M. A. Vijayalakshi, Dr. Krishnan V, Dr. Ayesha Noor BIOTIFAC-DST 2011-2014 (3 Years) Rs. 60,58, 000 Completed
13 A simple microfluidic diagnostic chip for rapid and sensitive evaluation of Vitamin D deficiency. Dr T. Kali Kishore Reddy & Dr. Sanjit Kumar DBT 2019-2022 (3 years) Rs. 36,45,120 On-going
14 High yielding cell line development of a Factor VIII biosimilar with a novel purification strategy Prof. Krishnan V, & Prof. M. A. Vijayalakshmi Collaboration Amthera Life Sciences Pvt Limited, Bangalore (Dr.Susobhan Das, CEO) BIRAC 2020-2022 (2 years) Rs. 369.19 lakhs On-going
15 Development of benzothiazole-derivatives grafted microfluidic device for Screening of Amyloids Dr. Priyankar Sen, Dr. Kali Kishore Reddy Tetala ICMR 2020-2021 (1 Year) Rs. 10, 00,000 On-going
16 Development of a monoclonal antibody-based diagnostic method for the specific detection of COVID-19 viral antigens Dr. Jayaprakash N.S./ Prof. Krishnan V DBT-BIRAC 2020-2022(15 months) Rs.58.93 lakhs On-going
17 Development and trial of potential inhibitors of Biofilm formation in MDR bacteria: Novel approach to combat nosocomial infections Dr. Sanjit Kumar ICMR 2020-2023 (3 years) Rs. 37 Lakhs Awarded