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Centre for Bio Separation Technology (CBST)

The research and development activities will be focused on the following interconnected themes:

  • Separation Science
  • Immunotechnology
  • Bioactive molecules from plant extracts
  • Recombinant protein expressions
  • DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (DST), Govt. of India, Under the High Priority Area of Research.
  • DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY programme support on improved production and processing of therapeutic proteins.
  • DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: Engineering of beta-glucosidases for improved yield of glycoconjugates (collaboration with IIT Delhi).
  • PALL, European Operations: Study and evaluation of new chromatographic supports.
  • TIFAC, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Development of novel process in isolating standardized extract of Aloe vera and its application for diabetes control. Bioprocess and Bioproducts Programme.
  • Biocon Limited, Bangalore
  • PALL Corporation, France
  • BIA Separations, Slovenia


S.No Title PI/Co-PI Funding agency Period & Amount Status
1 Oxidized HDL-Apolipprotein A1 as a risk predictor of cardiovascular disorders and development of novel diagnostics Prof.Xavier Santarelli University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France Dr.Daniela Balvay, SPAN Diagnostics, Compiegene, France Ms.Supriya Kashikar Genext Genomics Nagpur BIRAC-CEFIPRA-French Embassy 2014-2017 (3 Years) Rs. 22,86,057 Completed
2 Cost-effective strategy for the induction of immune tolerance to therapeutic factor VIII in haemophilia A Dr Krishnan V Dr.Sebastien Lacroix, INSERM, CRC, Paris, Frane Dr.Daniela Balvay, SPAN Diagnostics, Compiegene, France Dr.Murali Tummuru Virchow Biotech Pvt Ltd Hyderabad CEFIPRA 2017-2020 (3 years) Rs. 57,36,366 Ongoing
3 Phase I: Synthesis of poly(ethylene oxide dendrimers and chemical modification with current cancer drugs Phase II: Drug conjugate PEO dendrimers in vivo validation Dr. Vijayalakshmi M A Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy Dr. Yves Gnanou (KAUST)   2016-2019 (3 Years) $1,18,000 Ongoing


S.No Title PI/Co-PI Funding agency Period & Amount Status
4 Evaluation of applicability of different arginine-modifying tags for middle-downproteomics by electrospray mass spectrometry Dr. V Sabareesh SERB-DST (Young Scientist Scheme) 2014-2017 (3 Years) Rs. 21,00,000 Completed
5 The immuno-psychiatry in south india study (IPS): Immunogenetic andimmunophenotype characterization of major sychoses Dr. M. A. Vijayalakshmi Dr. A. S. Kamalanathan CEFIPRA 2014-2017 (3 years) Rs. 3,00,000 Completed
6 Immobilized metal-ion affinity(IMA)microfluidic system for probing proteins at molecular and cellular levels Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy SERB-DST (Young Scientist Scheme) 2015-2018 (3 years) Rs25,97,000 Completed
7 Structural studies of plant pathogenesis related proteins Dr Sanjit Kumar SERB-DST (Young Scientist Scheme) 2014-2016 (2 years) Rs. 13,21,700 Completed
8 ldentification of the latent tuberculosis specific marker by the immunoploteomlcanalysjs of the cell wall and membrane proteins of M. tuberculosis Dr. Jayaprakash N S SERB-DST (EMR scheme) 2018-2021 (3 years) Rs. 23,96,600 On-going
9 A simple and robust microchip to screen post translational modifications inHuman plasma Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy Dr. Sanjit Kumar SERB-DST (CRG scheme) 2019-2022 (3 years) Rs. 28,60,440 On-going
10 Development of a rapid diagnostic platform to detect antibodies to Salmonellatyphi using a synthetic & unique Salmonella specific outer membrane antigenfragment Dr. Jayaprakash N S ICMR 2019-2021 (2 years) Rs. 18,30,000 On-going
11 Structure based inhibitors design for Lpx-H(UDP-diacylglucosaminepyrophosphohydrolase) involved in gram negative bacterial lipid A biosynthesis Dr. Sanjit Kumar Dr. T. Kali Kishore Reddy ICMR 2019-2022 (3 years) On-going