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Centre for Disaster Mitigation & Management (CDMM)

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Natural hazards and monitoring for mountain territories in Russia and India, P.I. Dr G.P. Ganapathy Amount – INR 68.67 Lakhs under Indo Russia Bilateral Collaboration - Funding Agency : DST- RFBR (2019) - Ongoing
  • Development of self healing concrete contains cementitious materials P.I. Dr Rama Mohan Rao .P Amount – 6.7 Lakhs Funding Agency -AICTE (2019) – Ongoing
  • Estimation of crop water productivity (CWP) in the major river basins of Tamil Nadu using geospatial technology. P.I. Prof. N. Vaani , Amount – .19.64 Lakhs Funding Agency ISRO ( 2019) – Ongoing
  • Urban seismic risk Assessment Co P.I. Dr G.P. Ganapathy, Amount – 19.80 Lakhs Funding Agency ISRO (2019) – Ongoing
  • Appraising Risk, Past and Present: Interrogating Historical Data to Enhance Understanding of Environmental Crises in the Indian Ocean World (2018), One of the Collaborator- Dr. G.P.Ganapathy – USD 2500000- Funding Agency : Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), UK (2018)- Ongoing
  • Detection of Flood Effected Areas Using Airborne SAR data: A Case study on Brahmaputra and Mahanadi Rivers, P.I. Dr Kiran Yarrakula. Amount – 15.55 Lakhs Funding Agency – ISRO (2017)- Completed
  • Enhanced vegetation monitoring Rapid SCAT and SCATSAT-1 P.I. Dr Kiran Yarrakula. Amount – 4.51 Lakhs , Funding Agency – ISRO (2017)- Completed
  • Development of Real Time Flood Forecast Model for the Nagavali River through through Hydrological Modelling Approach, P.I. Dr Kiran Yarrakula. Amount – 0.50 Lakh, Funding Agency – NRSC, Hyderabad (2017)- Completed

Consultancy Projects

  • Subsurface 1D Soil Investigation using Multi Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) of selected sites in Mumbai for M/S. Sarathy Geotech & Engineering Services Pvt Ltd. Bangalore. (2020) - Faculty : Dr. G.P.Ganapathy – Ongoing
  • Preparation of Comprehensive Hydro Geological Mapping/Survey, Feasibility study for Seepage Barrier and Rain Water Harvesting System for M/S. Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd., Ranipet, Vellore. (2020) – Faculty : Dr. G.P.Ganapathy – Ongoing
  • Perform a process simulation (Aspen Plus or Pro II) to model a PFD for vapour liquid flash calculation the liquid and vapour stream compositions and using the Nitrogen flow the PV vent is to be sized to match by N2 balance, Visakhapatnam (2020) – Faculty : Dr. K.Nagamalleswararao – Ongoing
  • Preparation of Hydro Geological Survey and Feasibility Study for Rain Water Harvesting System, Ultramarine & Pigments Limited, Ranipet, Vellore (2019)- Faculty : Dr. G.P.Ganapathy – Completed
  • Conducting Disaster Safety Programme and Mock Drills, BALSAM Academy, Ranipet, Vellore (2019) - Faculty : Dr. G.P.Ganapathy - Completed
  • Preparation of Earthquake Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Study report for Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu State, Sponsored by Disaster Management Cell, Anna Institute of Management, Government of Tamil Nadu (2019), - Faculty : Dr. G.P.Ganapathy - Completed
  • Preparation of seismic hazard reference map for the Commercial Complex site at Thillai Nagar, Trichirapalli Corporation (2018)- Faculty : Dr. G.P.Ganapathy Completed
  • Preparation of School Disaster Management Plan, BALSAM Academy, Ranipet, Vellore (2017) - Faculty : Dr. G.P.Ganapathy - Completed
  • Potential water resources around a multistoried construction site, Clint: Suman Enterprise, NTPC, Jan-May 2017, Faculty:Dr. Roshan K Srivatsav
  • Evaluation of Reservoir performance under industrial demand, Clint: National Institute of Hydrology, faculty in charge : Dr. Roshan K Srivatsav (2016-2017).