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Centre for Nanotechnology Research (CNR)

Research Collaborations

Collaborator Affiliation CNR Faculty member Collaborative work
Soon Kwan Jeong Korea Institute of Energy Research,
Climate Change Technology Research Division,
Daejeon, South Korea
Dr. Nirmala Grace Graphene based hybrid electrode materials for
supercapacitor applications and CO2 reduction.

Dr.Mohammad Khalid Sunway University, Malaysia

Dr.Mohammad Khalid

Dr.A.Nirmala Grace 2D Materials, Nanofluids for thermal energy storage

Dr.Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu Multi-functional Photocatalyst &
Coatings Group, SPECIFIC, College of Engineering,
Swansea University


Dr.A.Nirmala Grace and Dr.Raja Sellappan Solar Fuels, H2 fuels and Photocatalysis

Dr.Poonam Singh Arizona State University

Dr.Poonam Singh

Dr.A.Nirmala Grace CO2 Remediation

Dr. Srikantha Reddy Dept. of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University,
Suwon-440746, South Korea.

Dr. Srikantha Reddy

Dr. Krishnamoorthi.C Development of Spintronics oxide materials
Green Era Energy Private Limited Coimbatore Dr. V. Velmurugan Concentrating parabolic Solar Thermal System

Dr. Chun-Hu Cheng National Taiwan Normal University

Dr. Chun-Hu

Dr. D. Kannadassan Thin Film Transistors for AMLCDs: Fabrication and Modeling

Dr. Hsiao-Hsuan Hsu National Taipei University of Technology

Dr. Hsiao-Hsuan

Dr. D. Kannadassan Thin Film Transistors for AMLCDs: Fabrication and Modeling

Dr. Maryam S Baghini IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai

Dr. Maryam S

Dr. D. Kannadassan Development of Ultra-Low Voltage
linearity MIM capacitors
Dr.Pratap Kollu University of Hyderabad Dr.A.Nirmala Grace Energy Materials
Dr.Stephan Manuel CSIR-CECRI Dr.A.Nirmala Grace Battery materials


Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs)


S. No. MOU Institute / Industry Dates of MOU Date of Activity
1. Korea Institute of Energy Research, South Korea              04-03-2016 Joint Research Papers
2. Plymouth University, UK 13-02-2017 Guest Lecture, Short Term Courses, Special Lectures
3. Alkosens, Hyderabad 13-08-2018 Research Facility sharing
4. Nanoshel, Punjab 21-08-2018 Research Facility sharing
5. Spel Technologies,  Pune 21-08-2018 Research Facility sharing
6. National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai 28-09-2018 Ph.D. Research Student Collaborative Research Work, 28-09-2018
7. Universiti Kebangasaan Malyasia 29 November 2019 Research Facility sharing


Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) & NDAs with Industries


Sl.No. Name of the Collaborating University Date of MOU Faculty In-charge


SPEL supercapacitors, India




Dr. A Nirmala Grace




Alkosens, Sweden




Dr. A Nirmala Grace




Renault Nissan




Dr. A Nirmala Grace




Nanoshel-Intelligent Materials




Dr. A Nirmala Grace