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Sponsored Projects


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement 
Design of Security Mechanism for Cyber-Physical Systems.Dr. Marimuthu KSCOPEDST01-Jan-2019
Deep Learning Applications in Medical Image Analysis.Dr. Delhibabu RSCOPEGoogle Could Platform Education Garnts, USA25-Jan-2019
Study of Hemoglobinopathies and G6PD Deficiency among Tribals of Vellore hills, Tamilnadu.Dr. V. G. Abilash SBSTICMR25-Jan-2019
Design of smart nanomaterials for environmental application.Dr. Susanta Kumar Bhunia SASDST11-Feb-2019
Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE)Dr. Vinodh kumar 
Under the Mentor. Dr. Arun Tangirala, IIT, Chennai
Sustainable production of fourth Generation Bio-butanol from Municipal solid waste biomass and its Air Quality Assessment using Direct Injection spark Ignition Engine.Dr. K. Nantha GopalSMECDST26-Feb-2019
Landslide assessment using differential SAR Interferometry.Dr. Kiran YarrakulaCDMMISRO7-Mar-2019
Exploration of cyto-protective and anti -proliferative activities of green synthesized Iron-oxide based anti-oxidant  nanozymes.Dr. Deepa MundekkadCNBTDST- WSS08-Mar-2019
Copper oxide based cost-effective photovoltaics by magnetron sputtering.Dr. Samir Ranjan Mehar 
Dr. Zachariah C Alec
A Simple and robust microchip to screen post transnational modification in human plasma.Dr. Kalikishore reddy Tetala
Co.PI. Dr. Sanjit Kumar
Design and Development of Eco-friendly Piezoelectric Energy Harvester based on Biodegradable Polylactic AcidDr. Anand Prabu A
Co.PI. Prof. Vijayaraghavan R
Vijayakrishna Kari
Enabling Smart and Safe Cities through IoT TechnologiesDr. Srimathi C
Co.PI. Dr. Saleemdurai M.A
Intelligent anomaly detection system for encrypted network trafficDr. Aswani Kumar Cherukuri 
Co.PI. Dr. Sumaiya Thaseen
Metal Oxide Semiconductors For Non-Invasive Diagnosis Of Breast CancerProf. Zachariah C Alex
Co.PI. Dr. Samir Ranjan Meher
Dr. Elizabeth Rufus
Design and development of multi-functional reconfigurable antanna for navigation receiver system.Dr. Yogesh Kumar CSENSEDST18-Mar-2019
Nonlinear matrix equations: solution, convergence, perturbation analysis and simulation.Dr. Hemant kumar Nashine SASDST26-Mar-2019
A Flexible and Wearable Smart Electrode Bandage for Accelerated Wound Healing through Electrical StimulationDr. DEBASHIS MAJISENSEDST26-Mar-2019
Assessment of size Segregated airborne particulate matter and its health Effects.Dr. Srimuruganandam BSCEDST27-Mar-2019
Scale-up of biogenic biometallic core shell {pd/Fe] nanoparticles and their application to waste water treatment.Dr. Mrudula PCNBTDAE-BRNS28-Mar-2019
Crowdsourced predictive Analytics framework for the International trade of south Indian coir products in Ayurveda, Textile and Agriculture.Dr. R. SasikalaSCOPECoir Board 28-Mar-2019


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
Controlled drug delivery to prevent bacterial adhesion and enhace ossteoconduction of Ti alloys used in spinal application by tailoring the surface with nanopores.Dr. Geetha Manivasagam
Co.PI. Dr. Jitendra Satija
CBCMTDST [Indo-Austria]03-Jan-2018
Development of Electrochemical immuno sensor based detection method for whitespot syndrome virus (WSSV) of penaeid shrimp.Dr. R. Sudhakaran
Co.PI. A. Senthilkumar
Recycling of chrome shavings, a solid waste from leather industry, for production of dehairing protease by Bacillus cerus VITSN04: A scale-up standardization for industrial use.Dr. C. Shanthi SBSTDST13-Feb-2018
Design of brain stimulator and Electrode Glove for stroke Rehabilitation.Mrs. Cassandra D SolomonsSENSEDST (Women Scientist Scheme)13-Feb-2018
4D Micro-Stereolithograph printing of Scaffolds using plant Oil Polymers and Graphene for Various Functional Biomedical.Dr. A.S.S. Balan
Co.PI. Dr. Vasudevan - 12625
Dr. Arun Tom Mathew 13614
CIMRDST (Indo-UKIERI05-Mar-2018
A Rapid and Field Deployable Portable Sensor for Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors Detection.PI: Dr Amitava Mukherjee
Co-PI: Dr Jitendra Satija 13728
Development of Data Analytics Algorithms for Predicting the Parameters of Oil and Gas Well FlowsDr. Delhibabu RSCOPEDataScienceHub, Russia07-Mar-2018
Development of Two stage treatment for Municipal solid Waste Landfill leachate: An Oxidation and Phycoremediation approach.Dr. Shantha Kumar S
Co.PI.Dr. K. M. Gothandam 11264
Development and performance Evaluation of self-Lubricating Nanostructured cold sprayed coatings.Dr. B. VenkateswarluSMECDST15-Mar-2018
Exploring the therapeutic mechanism of Majoon chobchini, a unanimedicine in the management of rheumatoid arthritis (Waja-ul-mafasil) an immunlological investigation.Dr.Mahabookhan RasoolSBSTAYUSH20-Mar-2018
Bye-carbonate: Engineering "Pro" chloroccus to tackle ocean Acidification.Dr. R. SivaSBSTDBT23-Mar-2018
Management of intestinal oxalate by probiotic prepration by oxalate degrading bacterial consortium.Dr. Pragasam ViswanathanSBSTICMR27-Mar-2018
Modulatory Mechanism of Narigenin on Autophagy.Dr. Kavitha ThirumuruganSBSTICMR27-Mar-2018
Development of low-cost, filter-free optical waveguide based platform for easy use of foldscope as fluorescence microscope and its applications to characterize biosensor biosensor matrix development, and various microorganisms.Dr. Jitendra SatijaCNBTDBT28-Mar-2018
Gram-scale synthesis of two marine anticancer compounds for in vivo testing and investigations on QSAR, PK/PD and molecular, in silico.Dr. George Priya DossSBSTDBT2-Apr-2018
Development of a wearable electronics device used for elderly health care monitoring by employed multi sensor data fusion algorithm.Dr. Elizabeth Rufus &    
Co-PI.Dr. Zachariah C Alex
Synthesis of Structurally Ordered Silica/Polymer Monoliths as HPLC Coumns and optical for the Separation and sensing os lanthanides and Actinides.Dr. D. PrabhakaranSASIGCAR11-Apr-2018
Development and validation of signature peptide-proteome biomarkers for improved and precise detection of root wilt infecttion in cocount.Dr. S. Babu
Co.PI. Dr. S. Vino-10823
Studies on laser - GMA- Hyprid welding of maraging steel MDN 250.Dr. Arivazhagan
Co.PI. Dr. M. Manikandan - 14781
Dr. Nageswara Rao M
Development of Commercially viable organic fertilizer cum biofungicide from marine algae.Dr. Jayasri M A
Co.PI. Dr. Subramanian Babu
Buckling Response Analysis of Ellipsoidal DomePI - Dr. R. Vasudevan
Co-PI: Dr.M.Ganapathi
Dr. R. Manoharan 
SMECDRDL, Hyderabad21-May-2018
Quality Assurance and Testing of Tissue Culture Plant Materials.Dr. S. BabuSBSTDBT24-May-2018
A big data processing framework to model vector borne dynamics based on the seasonal changes.Dr. Daphne Lopez
Co.PI. Dr. Varalakshmi
Nanostructured n-BiVo4 and p-Cu2O Tandem cell for Hydrogen ProductionDr. Raja Chellappan
Co.PI. Dr. Nirmala Grace
Development of Biocompatible magnetic spin relaxation Hypermia materials by modifying magnetic parameters through magnetic exchange coupling in core-shell nanostructures.Dr. Krishnamoorthi CCNRDST4-Jun-2018
Development of Polyvinylidene fluoride/Hypervranched Polyester based energy harvesting nanogenerator.Dr. A Anand Prabu         Co.PI. Dr. Madvesh PathakSASCSIR5-Jun-2018
Generic Smart IOT Electrochemincal Platform Technology for Biomedical Applications.Dr. Senthil Kumar Annamalai
Dr. N.S. Dinesh, IISc, Bangalore
Co2 ReseDST11-Jun-2018
Design and development of a multi-purpose reversible data hidiing in wavelet domain for defence applications.Dr. Thanikaiselvan VSENSEDRDO12-Jun-2018
Development of Escherichia coli based heavy metal biosorbents by expressing a metal binding and evaluating its potential against tannery effluents through numerical modeling and experimental approaches.Dr. Sudandiradoss
Co.PI. Dr. Aslam Abdullah
Incestigation of a novel contactless technique to quantify quantum efficiency of solar cell materials.Dr. Dhritiman Gupta SASDST20-Jun-2018
Effect of shot peening and laser shock peening on fatigue behavior Ti-15V-3Al-3Sn-sCr.Dr. Geetha ManivasagamCBCMTISRO25-Jun-2018
Development and evaluation of cellulose based hydrogels for the repair of Articular cartilage Defects in animal models.Dr. I. ManjubalaSBSTDST27-Jun-2018
Development of Automated Web based online feature Tracking system using Shape Adaptive Curvelet with PCA and Haralick Texture Feature.Dr. Rajakumar
Establishment of PRAYAS centre under the PRAYS program through Vellore Institute of Technology - Technology Business Incubator (VITTBI).Dr. A. BalachandranTBIDST9-Jul-2018
Development of nanoscale magnetometry using nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond.Dr. Ummalmomeen M
Dr. Jianping Hu
Speckle noise reduction in SAR images using Neuro-Fuzzy approaches for coastal zone charge detection and monitoring.Dr. V. SanthiSCOPEISRO31-Jul-2018
Preparation of biogenic core shell [Pd/Fe] nanoparticles for wastewater bioremediation ap.Dr. Amitava Mukherjee
Co.PI. Dr. Mrudula
Potent and selective PDE4B inhibitors for the potential treatment of arthritisDr.Mahabookhan RasoolSBSTDBT13-Aug-2018
Towards Understanding the synergy in new Nanocomposites based on peroxides/conducting polymers as (Photo) catalysts for dye degradation in dark and light.Dr. R. VijayaragavanSASDST29-Aug-2018
Unraveling the molecular basis os cyanidin, a natural flavonoid on IL-17 mediated signaling and Th17 and treg cell axis in rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis.Dr.Mahabookhan RasoolSBSTDST5-Sep-2018
Remote Activation of Shape memory effect in Polyurethane-graphene nanocomposites.Dr. Narendra Kumar USMECDST25-Sep-2018
NPDFDr. Eniyan Kandasamy
Mentor: Dr. N. Ramesh
Microwave sintering of particulate reinforced tungsten heavy alloy composites for defence application.Dr.Raja Annamalai     Co.PI.Dr. A. Muthuchamy - SMECCIMRDRDO9-Oct-2018
Designing GNM/hBN- Quantum dot based hubrid photo detectors.Dr. Penchalaiah Palla  Co.PI. Dr.Vijay Kumar - SENSECNRDRDO12-Oct-2018
Identification of the latent tuberculosis specific marker by the immnuoproteomic analysis of the cell wall and membrane proteins of M. tuberculosis.Dr. Jayaprakash N SCBSTDST26-Oct-2018
Economic Non food-sugars from variable mixed solid waste for high value chemicals products.Dr. Mahesh Ganesapillai  CoPI. Dr. Aruna Singh,  Dr. Shishir Kumar Behera, Dr. Venkat KumarSCHEMEDBT (Indo-UK)29-Oct-2018
Development of novel deep learning, visusal servoing approaches for improved detection of anti-tank mines using thermal vision assisted mobiled robot.Dr. Denis AshokSMECDST5-Nov-2018
Intelligent off Grid system for Energy Sustainable Village.Dr. N. RajasekarSELECTDST6-Nov-2018
Sustainable Enterpreneurship and Enterprise Development.Dr. A. BalachandramTBIDBT15-Nov-2018
Condition Monitoring and experimental investigation of residual stress induces during cold rolling of superalloys for improved fatigus life and functional preformance of aerospace components.Dr. A. S. S. Balan          CoPI. Sh.R.OyyaraveluCIMRDRDO4-Dec-2018
Himalayan Fellowshop 2018-19.Dr. Vijay KumarSENSENational Mission on Himalayan Studies17-Dec-2018
lrnpounding of River floocl waters along Dakshina Kannacla Coast: A
sustainable strategy for water resource Development.
Co. PI. Dr. Sreevalsa K
PI. Dr. Ramesh, NIT, Karnataka


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
Understanding the machanism of multi-drug resistance in pathogenic bacteria and identificatrion of potential drug targets: A systems biology approach.Dr. Sudha Ramaiah
Co-PI. Dr. Anand Anbarasu
Novel Functionally graded strontium phosphosilicate coatings on Ti-6AI-4V and its in vitro crrosion resistance behaviour in Simulated Body Fluid solution for Biomedical Application.Dr. U. VijayalakshmiSASDST-SERB04/01/2017
Laser Shock Peening (LSP) of Aero Engine Materials (GTMAP)Dr. Sathya SwaroopSASDRDO-AR&DB31/01/2017


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
Design and Synthesis of Noval Bifunctional Lonic Liquid Supported Proline Based Organocatalysts and its Application in Asymmetric Ttansformation.Dr. Barnali MaitiSASSERB12/01/2016
Biomimetic Sensors: Bioinspired Metal Complexes Immobilized Carbon Nanomaterials modified Electrodes for Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensing of Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.Dr. Natarajan SaravananSASDST15/01/2016
Improved molecular wiring of metallo-proteins on Iron and graphite impurities containing MWCNT: Development of highly efficient biosensorsDr. Dinesh BoseSASDST15/01/2016
Seminal plasma exosomal micromal microRNA signaturesin males with infertility disorders.Dr. E. Nalini 
under Dr. T.B. Sridharan
Study on Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam Column Joints with FRP Wrapping.Dr. NeerajaSCALEThe Institution of Structural Engineers, Londan01/02/2016
Construction of Polyketite Synthase, Non Ribosomal systhetase gene library and natural product library from cultivable and uncultivable marine actinoycetes for Bioprospecting.Dr. Suthindhiran 
Co-PI. Dr. Jayasri
Spatio-Temporal Groundwater Analysis: A case study in Kutrumali and Sijimali hilltops, Odisha.Prof. Roshan Karan SrivastavSCALEL&T03/03/2016
Fabrication of novel ceramic compodites by Microwave sintering.Dr. Raja Annamalai ASMBSSERB09/03/2016
Tuning of coupling an exothermic and endothermic reaction over mixed oxide supported catalysts.Dr. Sangeetha PSASSERB10/03/2016
Design and Development of a hybrid mechanochemical bioreactor for recovery of precious metals and recycling of electronic waste.Dr. A. Nirmala GraceCNRDST30/03/2016
Identification of novel micro RNAs involved in the modulation of lung cancer related genes by tea polyphenols.Dr. A.K. Azad MondalSBSTNational Tea Research Foundation13/04/2016
Investigation of tendem device engineering interface properties and stability of bulk heterojunction solar cells for high perfomance.Dr.K. SanthakumarSASCSIR12/05/2016
Plasma treatment on metallic materials with and without coatings for biomedical applications.Dr.Geetha ManivasagamSMECDAE-BRNS15/05/2016
Control of White spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Infectious Hypodermal and Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHHNV) of Shrimp using Nano-Formulated DsRNA.Dr. S. Vimal Sugumar
Under Dr. K.Kannabiran
A Study of School Dropouts in Jawadhu Hills, Thiruvannamalai District and yelagiri Hills, Vellore District of Tamil Nadu using Educational Data Mining Techniques.Dr. P. IlangoSCOPEICSSR29/05/2016
A study on natural, subsitituted and supported apatite phosphates for catalytic properties.Dr.G. BuvaneswariSASSERB07/06/2016
Development of Anisotropic Magnetic Nanostructured Materials for Hyperthremia.Dr. Niroj Kumar SahuCNRDST-SERB04/07/2016
Theoretical Investigations and modeling of a double-screw Hydrogen Extruder.Dr.A.Senthil KumarSMECBRNS-DAE15/07/2016
Development of Electrochemical Biofilm Probe.Dr. Elizabeth Rufus & 
Co-PI.Dr. Zachariah C Alex
Design of sialic acid analog inhibitors to Hemagglutinins and Neuraminidases of Influenza virus by Molecular Modelling and Molecular Dynamics Simulation.Dr.K. Veluraja 
Co-PI. Dr. C. Anuradha
Small molecules modulators for antophagy.Dr. Ravanan PalaniyandiSBSTDST01/08/2016
Development of three dimensional structral database for biologically and functionally important glycans and glycan-protein complexes through molecular dynamics simulation.Dr.K. Veluraja Co-PI.
Dr. Aravindan P G & Dr. C. Anuradha
Development of organic amended liquid and solid bioformulations for effective management of phomopsis canker disease in tea plantations.Dr. Manjukarunambika Kolandasamy Under - Dr. A.K.A. MandalSBSTDST29/08/2016
Secured cloud based voice over IP application for telemedicine to rural India.Dr. Jayanthi N 
Co-PI. Prof. R. Thandeeswaran 
Prof. N.Ch.S.N.Iyengar
Development of anti-Quorum sensing coated catheters to reduce device associated urinary tract infectionMr. Prasanth Rathinam & Dr. Pragasam ViswanathanSBSTDBT22/09/2016
Linear, X- and Y-Shaped Borasiloxanes derived from Ferrocene-Conjugated Boronic Acids: Structural, Electrochemical, Luminescence, Non-Linear Optical and DFT Studies.Dr. Palanisami N
Co.PI- Dr. Thirumoorthy K
Investigation of Luminescence property and scintillation mechanisms of 1, 1, 4, 4-tetrapheny 1-1, 3-butabiene organic scintillation single crystal for fast neutron detection.Dr. KalainathanSASDST26/09/2016
Conjugate Heat Transfer Study of Turbulent Plane Jet Impinging onto a Moving Flat Plate at Inclined Angle.Dr. Devendra Kumar PatelSMECSERB27/09/2016
Damping enhancement of Iaminated composite plate using CNT.Dr. S. DevindranSMECIndo-Egypt (DST)07/10/2016
Condition Monitoring and Damage Assessment during Cryogenic Drilling of CFRP for Improved Surface Integrity and Functional Performance.Dr. A. S. S. BalanSMECSERB08/10/2016
Sustainability and Composition Based Evaluation of Biofuel Energy Resources.Dr. Thangaraja JSMECDST25/10/2016
Integration of NAVIC receiver with mapping Services.Dr. Selvakumar RSASISRO24/11/2016
Studies on laser-GMA-hybrid welding of high strength low alloy naval grade steel.Dr. N. ArivazhaganSMECDRDO1/11/2016
Spectral library generation and comparison of various rice crops using Hyperspectral and Multispectral sensor in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.Dr. Venkata Ravibabu Mandla 
Co. PI. Dr. Kancherla Suresh, ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research
SCALEISRO - SAC15/12/2016
In-silico gene and protein network analysis of B-lactamases.Dr. Sudha Ramaiah 
Co-PI. Dr. Anand Anbarasu 


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
Filter Design for noise corrupted blade tip clearance signal in Gas Turbine engine.Dr. J. ValarmathiSENSEDRDO29-Jan-15
Encapsulation of neem oil nanoemusion laced with urea, A noval nanotechnology to control japanese encephalitis vector, Culex tritaeniorhynchus larval population in paddy ecosysyem of India.Dr.N.ChandrasekranCNBTICMR2-Mar-15
Nano-permethrin formulation and characterization for its application in contolling vector mosquito (Culex quinquefasciatus) larval population.Dr.N.ChandrasekranCNBTICMR2-Mar-15
Silver nanoparticale based point of care test (POCT) for cysteine level determination in human plasma samples.Dr. Amitava MukherjeeCNBTDST5-Feb-15
Gene therapy for leukocyte adhesion deficiency type - l in a murine model.Dr. Everette Jacob Remington NelsonSBSTICMR17-Mar-15
Development of Magnetosome Based Biosensor for the detection of Pathogenic Bacteria in food Samples.Dr. K. SuthindhiranSBSTDBT24-Feb-15
Spaceborne microwave imaging techniques for glacier dynamics and snow cover studies in Himalayan region.Dr. Vijay KumarSENSEDST23-Mar-15
Unravelling the role of collagen cryptic peptides in cellular activity.Dr. C. ShanthiSBSTDST24-Mar-15
Studies on bi-metallic combinations of Inconel 718 and AISI 316 L stainless steel.Dr. Devendranath RamkumarSMBSDRDO23-Jan-15
Quantum inspired context sensitive cognitive conceptual spaces.Dr.Ch.Aswani KumarSITEDST8-May-15
Nanocomposite catalyst for efficient oxygen reduction in microbial fuel cell for power industry waste water.Dr. Jothi RamalingamCo2DST14-May-15
Leach Resistance of Fe-9Cr-1Mo-Zr Metallic Waste from alloys.Dr.G.BuvaneswariSASIGCAR8-May-15
Identification of novel peptide based inhibitors for T cell receptor signalling.Dr.M.AnbalaganSBSTDST18-May-15
Social Cognitive theory in Evaluating service Quality and Adoption on internet Banking services in vellore district,Tamil nadu India.Ms.HaleemaSSLICSSR20-May-15
Are Rural Consumers Aware of Their Right ?-A Study With special reference to vellore district of tamil nadu (Economically most backward district).Dr.N.SundaramSSLICSSR20-May-15
Immobilized metal-ion affinity (IMA) microfluidic system for probing proteins at molecular and cellular levels.Dr.Kali Kishore Reddy TetalaCBSTDST25-May-15
Fabrication of surface renewable biosensors using covalently immobilized on metal nanoparticle/ionic liquid composited electrodes.Dr. K. ThenmozhiSASDST29-May-15
Automatic sorting of male and female silkworm cocoons for egg production.Dr.Alex Noel Joseph Raj 
Co-PI Dr. B. Karthikeyan
Expermental Investigations on work Hardening during Turning of Inconel-718.Dr. Anthony XaviorSMBSISRO23-Jun-15
Development a Human powered vehicle for sustainable rural and urban transportation.Dr.Denis AshokSMBSDST30-Jun-15
Development of PCGTA welding and activated flux TIG techniques for improved mechanical properties of super-austenitic stainless steels.Dr.Devendranath RamkumarSMBSDST1-Jul-15
Scientific and Technical Consultancy.Dr. V. SuneethaSBSTEureka Forbes Limited22-Apr-15
Experimental study on Kalina Cycle System.Dr.Tangellapalli SrinivasSBSTDST10-June-15
Pre-clinical studies on the role of green tea polyphenols /EGCG nanoparticles for cancer therapy.Dr.A.K. Azed MondalSBSTNTRF3-Jul-15
Design and synthesis of organophosphorus ionophores as molecular sensors for f-metal ions ercognition and extraction abilityDr. Ashok Kumar S. KSASBRNS29-Jun-15
Electochemical biosensors with improved wiring based on dendrimer encapsulated metal nanoparticals/carbon nanomaterials hybrids.Dr. S. Senthil KumarSASDST18-Jul-15
Blister blight disease identification model for tea leaf 
Weighted Decision Tree Approach.
Speciation and rapid Separation of Hg, Pb and Cd, species by RP-HPLC method: Using structurally Designed Monolithic Columns Anchored with tailormade Organic Modifier.Dr.M.Akhila MaheswariSASDST30-Jun-15
Characterisation of Ancient Mortar and Simulation of New Mortar at Naganathaswamy Temple Kumbakonam and Thanjavur Palace for Restoration.Dr. S. K. SekarSMBSTamil Nadu State Planning Commission19-May-15
Stress and Coping Styles of Women Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu.Dr. SubashiniVITBSICSSR11-Sep-15
Characterizing the neuroprotective pathway of synthetic delta poiod agonists in rodent neuronal models with a focus on neurotrophin signaling and identifying the micro (mi) RNA signature in the process.Dr. Dwaipayan SenSBSTDST3-Jul-15
Reduching bleed related joint damage in hemophilia by modulating inflammatory responses.Dr. Dwaipayan SenSBSTBaxalta US Inc28-Jun-15
Computational chemistry modeling for Delineating the Metabolite's Chirality Driven Cancer Progression.Dr. Thirumoorthy KrishnanSASDST3-Sep-15
M.Tech. Nanotechnology with specilization in Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics (Duration: 2 Years) for 20 regular student at the VIT University, Vellore.Dr. Gargi Raina 
Co-PI Dr. V. Velmurugan
Morphology engineering of high performance organic solar: A comparative study based on spin and spray coating methods.Dr. K. Santha KumarSASSERB03-Sep-2015
Performance Analysis of single server retrial queuing system with vacations 
and unreliable servicer.
Dr. V. M. ChandrasekaranSASDAE16-Nov-2015
SALINO.Devlina Das, 
Co-PI. Dr. Nilanjan Mitra
SBSTRELX group20-Oct-2015
Next-generation dynamic Scheimpflug imaging and biomechnical analytics for in VIVO quantification of corneal viscoelasticity (SIBAC).Dr. Everette Jacob Remington NelsonSBSTIndo-German Science & Technology Centre01-07-2015
Discovery of novel organoruthenium based phototoxic cancer cell markers: Adetection and termination approach for A3 receptor targeted Photodynamic Therapy.Dr. Priyankar PairaSASDST04-11-2015
Structure Activity Studies of a New Structural Class of Bioactive fatty Acid: N-acyltaurines.Dr. Ravikanth KamlekarSASDST13-11-2015
Biomaterial library construction by tuning the functionality of proteins for Biomedical applications.Dr. Balamurali M MSASDST26-10-2015
Development and evaluation of phycoremediation technology for treatment of rice mill effluent.Dr. Shantha Kumar SSMBSDST09-11-2015
A study of structural domping and forced vibration responses of carbon nanotube rainforced rotation tapered hybrid composite plates.Dr. R. VasudevanSMBSDST09-11-2015
Influence of airplane wake-vortices on the layout and infrastructure of airports.Dr. Vinayagamurthy GanesanSMBSDST09-11-2015
In vitro and in vivo Antimicrobial efficacy of polymer and semiconductor nanoparticlees and its based nanocomposites against and fish pathogens.Dr. Rajeshkumar SSBSTDST19-10-2015
Fate and transport of alumina nanoparticles in the sub-surface enviroment.Dr.Mrudula PulimiCNBTSERB- DST09-11-2015
Development of room temperature ferromagnetic Transparent, Conducting Mn, Fe doped ITD thin Films.Dr. N. Madhsudhana Rao
Co.PI - Dr.S.Kaleemulla
SASUGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research13-11-2015
Dendrimer Capped Hollow Gold Nanostructures for Label-free Biosensor Application.Dr. Jitendra SatijaSBSTSERB26-11-2015
Remediation of lead and nickel contaminated soil using zero valent iron nanoparticles (nZCl) Synthesized from Green Leaves.Student Project, 
Gunder -Dr. S. Shantha Kumar
SMBSThe Institute of Engineering (India), Kolkata02-11-2015
Structure Activity Studies of a Novel Antimicrobial Proteins from Brinjal (Solanum melongena).Dr. Roopa KenothSASDST05-11-2015
Crime against Women, Punishment Goals and Socio-Economic Welfare of Victims: Social Order and Moderating Effect of Public Protest.Dr. S. Sujatha and TeamVITBSICSSR30-11-2015
Contextual search with respect to the longitude and latitude of a subject in an ecosystemDr. Pradeep Reddy CHSITEB2 Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad05-10-2015
Ten Days Research Methodology Programme for Ph.D Students in Social Sciences.Dr. Sumathi G. NVITBSICSSR09-12-2015
Ecology biochemical aspects of the regulation of growth and reproduction in anostracan and decapod crustaceans for revaluation of their potentials in aquaculture.Dr. Anilkumar GopinathanSBSTDST/BLR15-04-2015
Comparative Genomics: A tool for identification and experimental validation of genes involved in Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress.Dr. Priti TalwarSBSTSERB06-11-2105
Design and synthesis of Natural, Un-Natural Analogues of Calothrixins A, B and Evaluation of antmialarial and anticancer activity.Dr.Sriaghavan KamarajSASSERB08-10-2015
Structural Modeling of Random Metal Oxides Nanoparticles.Dr. Eithiraj R DSASSERB13-10-2015
Exposure study of metallochlorophyllins and its derivatives via beveragas and food commodities after speciation of their metabolites in human biological samples.Dr.Badal Kumar MandalSASGITA31-12-2015
Solid state Optical sensor for Arsenic and chromium Species using chromo-ionophoric Responsive organic Receptors Anchored on Structurally Designed Porous Silica/Polymer Materials.Dr. PrabhakaranSASSERB24-07-2015


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
“Hot corrosion studies on Alloy 617 OCC in ultra-supercritical power plant environment”Dr. N. Arivazhagan, 
Co-PI. Dr. M. Nageswara Rao & 
Mr. A.H.V. Pawan 
Development of Novel cellulose based calcium phosphate porous scaffolds with improved osteogenesis for bone regeneration.Dr. I. ManjubalaSBSTDST10-Feb-14
Studies on the diversity and adaptive strategies of the microbial flora inhabiting the HBRA in Chavara - Neendakara placer deposits (Kerala) of the Ministry of Earth Sciences.Dr. Anilkumar Gopinath 
Co-PI . Dr. Jayanthi. A
SBSTMinistry of Earth Sciences7-Feb-14
Development of dispersion strenthene graphene reinforced aluminiunm alloy matrix composites and investigations on its machinability.Dr. M. Anthony Xavior 
Co-PI. Prof. V. Umasankar
A Study on working Conditions of Women Engaged as Construction Workers, Vellore District, Tamilnadu..Dr. S. RitaSASICSSR4-Apr-14
Development of Coir pith based structural material enhanced performance and durability in moist environment.Dr. Priya Dasan. KSASTNSCST - S&T22-Apr-14
Syntheis and Characterization of thiophene based donor donor-acceptor conjugated polymor for photovoltaic application.Dr. S. KarpagamSASDST2-Jun-14
Efficacy of majoon Ushba, a Unani formulation with reference to biochemical and immunological paramenters in the management of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Waja-ul-mafasil)- an experimental study.Dr. M. RasoolSBSTDept. of AYUSH-C29-Mar-14
Enhancement of psychotropic effects of tea L-theanine using nanotechnology and its molecular mechanism.Dr. A.K. Azad MondalSBSTNational Tea Research Foundation11-Mar-14
Removal of toxic compounds in textils dye effluents from polluted site of Tripur district; a phyto and rhizoremediation approach.Dr. W. Jabez OsborneSBSTDST15-May-14
Synthesis and supply of Phosphoryl Acetamide Functionalised Polymers/Moleculary imprinted polymers for Actinide Separation.Dr. Kari VijayakrishnaSASIGCAR2-May-14
Putative drug target identification and insilico approaches for desiging inhibitio for claudin-4.Dr. S. Jayanthi SBSTDST2-Jun-14
Growth and Characterization of 1,3,5 - Triphenylbenzene (3-PB) by Solution Growth Technique.Dr.Kalainathan.SASDAE16-May-14
Bio-economics of additional food provided predator-Prey system with application to agricultural pest control.Dr.B.S.R.V. PrasadSASDST29-May-14
Designing packed bed reactor for lactose hydrolysis by B Galactosidase from Lactobacillus sp. Immobilized on TiO2 nanoparticles.Dr. MohanasrinivasanSBSTICMR16-May-14
Preparation of self bonded magnesium aluminate aggregates for refactory applications from synthesized (by coprecipitation) Magnesium aluminate hydrate.Dr.Soumen PalSMBSDST20-May-14
Enzymatic and hormonal profiling with isoenzymes analysis in relation to flowering in early, mid and late varieties of date palm in United Arab Emirates.Dr. K.M. GothandamSBSTUAE - Advanced Research grant (UPAR)1-Jun-14
Carissa edulis fruit: Library for the investgation and structural elucidation of insecticidal and pesticidal alkaloids.Dr.G. MadhumithaSASDST30-Jun-14
Release of IEI Grant for R&D Project entitled:Design and Development of Mini Rotary Weeder.Student Project, Guide -Dr. G. Venkatachalam SMBSThe Institute of Engineering (India), Kolkata25-Jun-14
Cellular Modelling of Human Gouad sex - defermination.Dr. Radha SaraswathySBSTESPE - RU GRANT30-Aug-14
Synthesis, Characterization and studies of Novel Poly Thieno (Indenoindole) Based Low Band Gap Polymers for Organic Solar Cell Application.Dr. P. SakthivelSASNational Renewebel Energy Laboratory1-Aug-14
Developement and Installation of Micro Thruster augmented Wind power Generator using a 200kW MICON power plant at C-WET facility, Kayathar.Dr.R. NatarajanCo2 ReseMNRE26-Aug-14
Structural studies of plant pathogenesis related proteins.Dr. Sanjit KumarCBSTDST2-Sep-14
Investigation of Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films leading to the developmentDr.G.Hema ChandraSASUGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research18-Sep-14
Geotechnical Investigation on Landslide in Nilgiris district of Tamilnadu.Dr. S. S. ChandrasekaranSMBSDST25-Sep-14
Modeling, Analysis Implementation of a Multilevel Multi - String Grid Tie Inverter for Medium Scale Grid connected Photovoltaic System.Dr. Sarat KumarSELECTDST25-Sep-14
Evaluation of applicability of different arginine-modifying tags for middle-down proteomics by electrospray mass spectrometry.Dr. V. SabareeshCBSTDST10-Oct-14
Inhibition of intracelluar signaling pathways and proinflammatory cytokines as a possible target for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by p-coumaric acid, a common dietry polyphenol an experimental study.Dr. Mahabookhan RasoolSBSTDST29-Sep-14
A study on occupational health hazards and the Role of health care finance and health insurance Among leather Industrial Workers in vellore.Dr. N. SavithaSSLICSSR20-Oct-14
Surface Plasmon resonance (SPR) based colorimetric sensing of Mercury and Chromium species in the contaminated waters.Dr.Amitava MukherjeeCNBTDST3-Jun-14
Live to Work or Work to Live.Dr. A. VasumathiVITBSICSSR20-Oct-14
Braille Reader.Woman scientist scheme 
Ms. Anupama Thomas 
Gunder : Dr. Immanuel
Co2 Methanation on Hexagonal Cobalt Nanoparticles Embedded over Carbon Nanodisks and crystalline Mesoporous Carbon / Silico Composite.Dr.G.Satish KumarSASDST22-Dec-14
A comparative study of improved nano stealth delivery system for Luteolin, to mediate caspase 14 induction in HaCaT and its subpopulations with cancer stem cell potential.Dr. Suresh P KSBSTDST24-Nov-14
Investigating the delivery of with aferin-A, a steroidal lactone and dexamethasone palmitate using mannosylated liposomes to macrophages in vitro and during experimentalarthritis for its effective anti-inflammatory action.Dr.Mahabookhan RasoolSBSTDBT9-Dec-14
Effect of gamma radiation and elicitors on hairy rooys of kurroo royle and production of gentiopicrin in bioreactor.Dr. C. RajasekaranSBSTDAE24-Dec-14
Decolorization and Degration of AZO Dyes by using Indigenus Bacteria and Their Mediated Nanoparticles.Dr. K. V. Bhaskara Rao 
Co-PI Dr. V. Suneetha
Experimental investigations on joining of tubes of dissimilar materials for automotive applications using magnetic pulse welding.Dr.S.Arungalai VendanSELECTDST9-Dec-14
Study and Analysis of Airborne Reder Clutter Modelling and Elimination.Dr.G.Ramachandra ReddySENSEAeronautical Development Agency31-Oct-14
Development of  Matrix InverterDr. R. Saravana Kumar, 
Co-PI. Dr.M.Kowsalya & 
Dr. K. Subramanian
SELECTTata Power12-Mar-14
Development of  Micro InverterDr. R. Saravana Kumar, 
Co-PI. Dr.M.Kowsalya & 
Dr. K. Subramanian
SELECTTata Power1-Mar-14
Translation Projet - I. 
Kuaile Hanyu to Santhosanamana Cheenamozhi.
Dr.J. Karthikeyan 
CO-PI. Dr.K. Tamilselvan & 
Ms. Han Yuwei
SSLHanban, Beijing, Chinna8-Jan-14
Translation Project -II. 
Chinese Paradise to Cheena Poonjolai.
Dr.J. Karthikeyan 
CO-PI. Dr.K. Tamilselvan & 
Ms. Han Yuwei
SSLHanban, Beijing, Chinna8-Jan-14
Translation Project -III. 
Learn Chinese with me to Ennudan Cheenam Katrukolungal.
Dr.J. Karthikeyan 
CO-PI. Dr.K. Tamilselvan & 
Ms. Han Yuwei
SSLHanban, Beijing, Chinna8-Jan-14
Mitigating the environmentally induced degradation and improving the ductility of flow formed maraging steel tubes.Dr. Devendranath 
Design and development of highly versatile electrochemical biosensors based on enzyme functionalized ionic liquidsDr. K. ThenmozhiSASDBT14-Nov-14
Cyclometalated Ruthenium Arena Complexes Bearing Ferrocene Functionalized Imidazole Ligand - Synthesis, Characterization and its Evaluation Towards Anticancer PropertiesDr. G. ThirumanavelanSASCSIR14-Nov-14
Speech as surrogate marker for acute/chronic stress - screen and validation of voice with biological samples.Dr. Pragasam ViswanathanSBST3GS Wellness PVT LTD9-Dec-14
Oxidized HDL-Apolipprotein A1 as a risk predictor of cardiovascular disorders and devalopment novel diagnostics.Dr.Krishnan VenkataramanCBSTCEFIPRA / French Embassy16-Dec-14


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
"Growth and characterization of oxide single crystals using optical floating zone technique"Dr. S. KalainathanSASUGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research1-Feb-2013
"Design and development of telemedicine based health care unit for diabetic disorderProf. S. VivekanandanSELECTDST1-Feb-2013
"Development of Trigeneration Power, Cooling and Desalination) Plant by compressed air humidification and dehumidification"Dr. Tangellapalli Srinivas 
Co-PI: Prof. R. Natarajan
"Growth and Characterization of PMN-PT single crystal"Dr.S. KalainathanSASDRDO1-Feb-2013
"Bio-degradable Polymer based Neem Nano-emulsion for control release applications in Aquaculture Industries"Dr. N. ChandrasekaranCNBTDST28-Mar-2013
"DST - FIST Programme, SBST"Dr. Anil Kumar GopinathSBSTDST20-Mar-2013
"Development of egg vending machine"Dr. S. Denis AshokSMBSCPDO28-Mar-2013
"Torrefaction of lignocellulose biomass by utilisation of waste heat from engine exhaust gas"Student Project, Under -Mr. M. Senthil Kumar,SMBSThe Institute of Engineering (India), Kolkata16-Apr-2013
" A Comparative Study of Social Security Schemes and Quality of Life Among Women workers in the Manufacturing Industries in Vellore and Tirupur District"Dr. R. Indra Devi, 
Co PI - Dr. P. Ganesan, 
Dr. A.S. Sathish
" Vibration based structural health monitoring and progressive failure analysis of a rotating tapered composite plate"Dr. R. VasudevanSMBSDRDO11-Mar-2013
" GIS based data infrastructure for the area of tummalapalle uranium mine, Andhra Pradesh"Dr. Kiran YarrakulaCDMMBRNS12-Mar-2013
" An Analysis of Corner Shop Economy of Vellore "Dr. N.P. HariharanSSLICSSR11-Jun-2013
"Novel chiral poly [ionic liquids] and their applications in enantioselective organic transformations"Dr. Kari VijayakrishnaSASDST3-May-2013
" Enhanced production of anthraquinones through gamma irradiation in root cultures of oldenlandia umbellata L. and rubia cordifolia L"Dr. R. SivaSBSTDAE1-Apr-2013
" Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of seaweeds against fish bacterial pathogens"Dr. John ThomasCNBTDST15-Jun-2013
" Formulation, characterisation of biobased oil nanoemulsion towards controlling bacterial infection in Aquaculture (Special reference to fish and shrimp)"Dr. N. ChandrasekaranCNBTDST6-Nov-2013
"Characterization and processing of composite Materials for manufacturing of Gears used in Aerospace Application"Dr. M. Anthony Xavior 
Co-PI. Prof. V. Umasankar
" Novel Diketone based Oxovanadium (IV) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization,DNA binding and insulin Mimetic Studies"Dr. A. Sheela 
Co-PI: Dr. N. Palanisami
"Studies on pulsed current GTA welding and friction stir welding of Dissimilar AISI 304 and AISI 4340 Aeronautical Steel"Dr. N. Arivazhagan 
Prof. K. Devendranath Ramkumar 
Prof. S. Narayanan 
Prof. P. Kuppan 
SMBSAR & DB19-Mar-2013
Development of a stroboscopic machine vision approach for the measurment and evaluation of spindle radial errors in machine tools.Dr. Denis AshokSMBSDST21-May-2013
Microwave Synthesis of NiMg and NiMgZn Ferrites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Technology.Dr. W. MadhuriSASDRDO20-Jun-2013
Developing a Colorimetric Assay for cetylcholinesterase and Inhibitor Screening with Plasmonic Nanoparticles Nanotechnology based Sensing of Nerve Gases"Dr. Amitava MukherjeeCNBTDRDO20-Jun-2013
Investigation of efficient bacteriophages for against to NDM -1 producing isolates of Escherichia coli & Klebesiella pneumoniae.Dr. N. RameshSBSTDST3-Jul-2013
Development of combustion chamber for LPG fulled lean burn spark ignition engine.Dr. PorpathamSMBSDST9-Jul-2013
Mathematical Modeling of Some Nanofluid Flows.Dr. S.SrinivasSASDAE22-Jul-2013
A facile agricultural waste mediated green synthesis of palladium and nickel nanoparticles and their biological studies.Dr. Mohana Roopan & 
Co-PI. Prof. S. Karthikeyan
Small molecule inhibitors targeting endoplasmic recticulum stress response pathways as potential therapeutic agents for neurodegenerative diseases.Dr. Ravanan PalaniyandiSBSTDST12-Aug-2013
Synthesis and studies of novel perylene diimide derivatives for organic photovoltaic applications.Dr. P. SakthivelSASDST1-Aug-2013
Database of Drug Resistance mutations and virtual compounds for Leprosy.Dr. V. ShanthiSBSTICMR30-Aug-2013
Novel Task Specific functionalized Molecules and Polymeric Resins: Synthesis and their Application towards Lanthanide / Actinide Extraction.Dr. Kari VijayakrishnaSASUGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research2-Sep-2013
"Surface Plasmon resonance (SPR) based Environmental and biosensing application of gold nanorods (GNRs)"Dr. Amitava MukherjeeCNBTUGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research2-Sep-2013
"Synthesis and Evaluation of oxyapatites for immobilization of HLW nuclides"Dr. G. BuvaneswariSASUGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research2-Sep-2013
"Brain controlled wheelchair study for neuromuscular impairments"Dr. P. GeethanjaliSELECTDST3-Sep-2013
"Reliable and Secured Space Communication based on fundamental cut-sets and fundamental circuits in GraphsDr. Selvakumar RSASISRO21-Sep-2013
" Development of early warning system for shallow landslides using rainfall thresholds. "Dr. G.P. GanapathyCDMMISRO21-Sep-2013
" Highly efficient and cost-effective preparation of nanoporous carbon by microwave pyrolysis water purification"Dr. Ashok Kumar S.K & 
Co-PI. Dr.P. Sangeetha
" Investigations of the growth aspects and property studies of alkali, (I-A) metals mixed Boro succinates and malonates single crystal"Dr. R. Ezhil VizhiSASDST19-Sep-2013
"Development of nanocomposites alumina hydroxyapatite biocomposite coatings on real life Ti-based orthopedic bone implant substrate for enhanced service life"Prof. Geetha ManivasagamSMBSDST26-Jul-2013
Development of Laser Assisted Machining Process for Machining of CeramicsDr.P. Kuppan & 
Co-PI. Prof. A. Senthil Kumar
SMBSCARS / DRDL28-Feb-2013
Preparation and application of biocompatible thin film Coating on Surgical 316L implant and its in vitro Corrosion Study.Dr. U. VijayalakshmiSASDST31-Oct-2013
"Development of Geospatial data module for crop production suitability index"Dr. Venkata Ravibabu MandlaSMBSDST8-Oct-2013
Release of IEI Grant for R&D Project entitled: Study on mechanical behaviour of natural fibre reinforced biodegradable natural resin polymer compositeStudent Project, 
Guide -Dr. G. Venkatachalam
SMBSThe Institute of Engineering (India), Kolkata21-Oct-2013
Chirp and Pedestal free, robust pulse compressor using highly nonlinear fiber bragg gratingsDr. K.Senthilnathan. SASDST1-Nov-2013
Synthesis and Experimental Studies on Lron Pnictides in Normal stateDr. Nilotpal GhoshSASDST1-Oct-2013
Developing an integrated (nano - bio) technology based approach for Groundwater remediation: A bench scale 
feasibility test for hexavalent chromium
Dr.Amitava MukharjeeSBSTDST26-Nov-2013
Exploration of effects of emodin on levels of efflux transporter protein mRNA and intracellular emodin due to possible LRP-1 mediated endocytosis of efflux transporters in cancer cells.Dr. Vidhya V. IyerSBSTDST5-Dec-2013
Elucidation of mechanism of adriamycin mediated male 
reproductive toxicity and recovery by restoration of 
epididymal adipose tissue.
Dr. Sankarganesh Arunachalam.SBSTDST5-Dec-2013
Motivation to Learn English as Second Language and Language Learning Strategies used by the Rural Population of Indi.Dr. Shahila ZafarSSLICSSR11-Dec-2013
Low RCS aircraft tracking in multi-static systemDr. J. ValarmathiSENSEDRDO28-Jun-2013
“Laser Peening of Alpha Titanium Alloys”Dr. N. R. Sathya Swarop SASDST27-Aug-2013
Study of Hydrophobic Nature of Polyamide phenol / Phenolle Resin Complexes Using Water Contact Angle Measurement.Dr. M. Malathi.SASDRDO20-Dec-2013
Dihydroacridin -1 one: building block for the synthesis of various condensed ring junction heterocyclic system and its application as pesticides.Dr. S. Mohana Roopam.SASDST20-Dec-2013
Innovative Ionic Polymers from renewal sources for Energy and Environment.Dr. Vijaya Krishna KariSASInternational Research Staff Exchange Scheme. European Union15-Jun-2013
"A Study on in vitro Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation Triphala and its Mechanism of Action"Dr. Mahboob Khan RasoolSBSTICMR2-Dec-2013
Indoor Positioning and Tracking Systems.Dr. Bhulashmi BonthuSCSEDST03/13/13


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
Experimental investigations in high efficiency compound augmented doubly enhanced micronfin recuperationsDr. Yagnavalkya Mukkamala, SMBSSMBSDST1-Dec-2012
"Growth and characterization of self-assembled in As/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors for high temperture and long wavelength operations"Dr. Kaustab GhoshSENSEDST1-Jan-2012
"Synthesis growth and characterization of single crystals of succinic and maleic acids with the admixtures of L-histidinium for opto-electronics applications"Dr. Rajan BabuSASDST1-Jan-2012
"Advanced Centre for Bio-separation and related Technology, Phase - II" (5-Years)Dr. M.A. VijayalakshmiCBSTDST1-Jan-2012
"Differential membrane lipid profile and fluidity of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans during the process of adhesion to minerals"GIS Based early warning landslide susceptibility model using data mining classification approach"Dr. Anand Prem RajanSBSTDST1-Feb-2012
"Growth and characterization of new nonlinear optical stilabazolium crystal 4-N, N-Dimethylamino-4-N-Methyl-Stilbazolium 2 napthalenesulfonate (DSNS)"Dr. S. KALAINATHAN (Physics)SASDRDO1-Jan-2012
"Studies on pulsed current GTA welding and friction stir welding of superalloy C276"Dr. N. ArivazhaganSMBSDRDO1-Mar-2012
"Nanoformulation of Pesticide - An Effective Insect Repellant for Military Soldiers"Dr. N. ChandrasekaranCNBTDRDO1-Mar-2012
"Isolation and Identification of Antidiabetic Compounds from Marine Algae"Dr. M.A. JayasriSBSTDBT2-Feb-2012
"Development of approaches for geometric, radiometric and atmospheric correction of remote sensing data products for multi-data data analysis"Dr. S. PrabhuSCSEISRO1-Mar-2012
"Grid Based application development for Satellite image processing"Dr. S. Margret AnounciaSCSEISRO1-Mar-2012
"Structure and function of TRIOBP a novel actin bundling protein involed in hearing"Dr. Kavitha ThirumuruganSBSTDBT1-Mar-2012
"Exploitation of physical and chemical properties of remarkably flexible hypercoordinate silcon complexes"Dr. Akella SivaramakrishnaSASDST1-Jan-2012
"Growth and Characterisation of Diluted Magnetic Semiconducting (DMS) Crystal Lead Sulphide Doped with Manganese, Europium and Gadolinium by Bridgeman Technique"Dr. S. KalainathanSASCSIR1-Apr-2012
"Novel Phosphine Oxide-Functionalized Dendrimers: Synthesis, Coordination Behavior and Extraction Studies of actinides from Radioactive Wastes"Dr. Akella SivaramakrishnaSASDAE1-May-2012
"Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Higher Education: An Empirical Study of Engineering and Management Institutions of North India"Prof. C.M. MaranVITBSICSSR1-Jun-2012
"Preparation of hierarchically porous zeolites using agricultural waste materials as hard templates and their catalytic activity studies"Dr.K.K. CheralathanSASDST1-May-2012
"Inhibitory effect of Cinnamomum zeylanicum on a α-glucosidase activity and postprandial hyperglycemia"Dr. Kavitha ThirumuruganSBSTDST1-May-2012
"Phylogenetic and functional analysis of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase(CCD) of Bixa Orellena with special reference to bixin synthesis"Dr. R. Siva, SBSTSBSTDST1-May-2012
"3D Dosimetric Analysis on Polymer Gel using Integrated Laser CT scanner"Dr. E. James JabaseelanSASDST1-Jun-2012
"Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-Graphene Nanocomposite (PGNC) for Naval Applications"Dr. Girish Mukundrao JoshiSASDRDO26-Apr-2012
"Alkoxysilanols: An efficient oxygen-rich single precursor for metallasiloxanes and metal silicate materials"Dr. PalanisamiSASDST1-Jan-2012
"Ethernet Hardware for automobile Applications"Dr. Gerardine Immaculate MarySENSEDST1-Jun-2012
"Financial Inclusion in Rural India-A Study with special Reference to Vellore District of TamilNadu (Industrially most Backward District)"Dr. N. SundaramSSLDST1-Jun-2012
"Improving the Writing Skills of Students of Government Higher Secondary Schools in Vellore District through Task-based Approach"Dr. R. SrinivasanIRICSSR1-Aug-2012
"Deciphering the novel genes involved in pathogen recognition receptor mediated signaling pathways in penaied shrimp"Dr. R. SudhakaranSBSTDST1-May-2012
"Studies on the Curing Regime, Rate of Hardenin, Toughness Properties and Long Term Durability of glass Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete"Dr. A. SivakumarSMBSDST1-Jun-2012
"Transition metal complexes bearing pyridyl-amine and pyridyl-porphyrin ligands-Synthesis, characterization, and its application towards catalytic oxidation of alkenes to epoxides and alcholos"Dr. G. ThirumanavelanSASDST1-Aug-2012
"Synthesis of efficient heterogeneous fenton catalyst for degradation of industrial organic pollutants by catalytic wet peroxide oxidation"Dr. G. Satish KumarSASDST1-Aug-2012
"Development of Porous Titanium based implants for osteoporotic bone by rapid manufacturing and its chemical and biomechanical evaluations"Dr. GEETHA MANIVASAGAM (Mech.)SMBSDST1-Aug-2012
"Diversity & exploration of marine magnetotactic bacteria from southern Indian coast for the production of magnetosomes"Dr. K. SuthindhiranSBSTDST1-Sep-2012
"Antimicrobial and Immunstimulatory Activities of Actinomycetes for Aquatic Animal Health Management"Dr. K. KANNABIRANSBSTDBT1-Sep-2012
"Synthesis of C-N bond bearing chiral/achiral organic molecules via selective C-H activation using novel zirconium catalysts"Dr. Rajasekhara ReddySASDST1-Jun-2012
"Targeted proteonmics-based discovery and over expression of a key cross-talking protein for multiple stress tolerance in rice"Dr. S. BabuSBSTDST1-May-2012
"A Study on Stress and the Probability of Psychiatric Problems among the under Trial and Convicted Male and Female Prisoners in the Vellore Prisons"Dr. Syed Khalid PerwezVITBSICSSR1-Sep-2012
"Study on Socio Economic Conditions and Improvement Avenues of Leather Tannery Workers in Vellore District, TamilNadu"Dr. S. RitaVITBSICSSR1-Jun-2012
"Design Optimization of Aerospace Sandwich Composites for strength, stiffness, toughness, weight and cost"Dr. K. PadmanabhanSMBSDRDO1-Sep-2012
"Identification of p38 MAPK interacting proteins involved in inflammation mediated cell death"Dr. M. AnbalaganSBSTDBT1-Sep-2012
"Silver nanoparticle - based point of use test for Cr (III) determination in tannery contaminated waters"Dr. Amitava MukherjeeCNBTDST1-May-2012
"Development of single stage reversible flow bioreactor for simultaneous removal of COD and ammonia from wastewaters"Dr. P.C. Sabumon & Dr. Alka MethaSBSTDST1-Feb-2012
"Production of Phytoene by Inhibition of Phytoene Desaturase Gene (pds) In Dunaliella sp"Dr. K.M. GothandamSBSTCSIR1-Apr-2012
"Development of electrochemical based biosensor for detection of lymphatic filarial parasite, Wuchereria bancrofti, in vectors"Dr. A. Senthil KumarSASDST1-Oct-2012
"Processing and characterization of dispersion strengthened precipitation hardenable aluminium alloys"Dr. V. Umasankar & Co-PI. Dr.Antony XeviorSMBSISRO1-Nov-2012
"Theoretical & Experimental analysis of similariton & all-normal dispersion ultrafast fiber laser oscillators"Dr. SivabalanSELECTDST1-Dec-2012
"Stability and Aggregation of Silver Nanoparticles in Natural Aqueous Matrices Effect of Surface Sapping and Environmental Controls"Dr. Amitava MukherjeeCNBTCSIR1-Apr-2012
"Effect of pond ash and steel fiber in concrete"Prof. A. SofiSMBSDST1-Nov-2012
"Improving the performance of wire cut EDM by developing the wire electrodes"Dr. G. RajyalakshmiSMBSDST1-Nov-2012
"A Study on in vitro Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation Triphala and its Mechanism of Action"Dr. Mahboob Khan RasoolSBSTICMR10-Apr-2012
"Development of carbon nanomaterialsbased water filters for the removal of heavy metal ions toward water purification applications"Dr.A.Nirmala Grace Prof. V. VelmuruganCNRDST1-Jan-2012
"In-Silico Approaches for Designing B-Lactamase Inhibitors"Dr. Anand AnbarasuSBSTICMR1-Dec-2012
"Structure property relationship studies of halloysite nanotube filled PP?ABS blends and its composites.Dr. Pankaj Balkrishna TambeSMBSDST1-Dec-2012
"Design and Development of optical tomography system for soft tissue imaging"Prof. JB. JeevaSBSTDST1-Nov-2012
"Flowing and depository profiling of contaminants through domestic water supply system and health risks assessment"Prof. S. Shantha Kumar Co-PI: A. N. Brijesh NairSMBSTNSCST1-Dec-2012
"Investiations for Room temperature ferromagnetism in Cr,Fe,Ni and Cu-doped In2O0 thin films for spintronic applications"Dr.S. KaleemullaSASDAE1-Aug-2012
" The unique process of Aloe-vera extract separation and its application for Diabetics"Dr. M.A. VijayalakshmiCBSTTIFAC - CORE1-Jan-2012
"DST - Fist Programme - SENSE" [Co - Ordinator] (5-Years)Dr. Zachariah C AlexSENSEDST1-Aug-2012
" Development of Engine Nanocoolant for Armoured Fighting Vehicle"Dr. A . Nirmala Grace & Prof. V.VelmuruganCNRDRDO7-Dec-2012
" Ultrashort pulse generation at 850 nm using a tapered photonic crystal fiber"Dr. K. SenthilnathannSASCSIR6-Nov-2012
"Development of porous titanium based implants for osteoporotic bone by rapid manufacturing and its chemical and biomechanical evaluations"Dr.Geetha ManivasagamSMBSDST25-Aug-2012
A Study on trophic transfer of engineered nanoparticles used in defence applications.Dr.Amitava Mukharjee, SBST.SBSTLife Science Research Board3-Dec-2012


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
Mathematical Modeling of some nonlinear MHD mixed convective heat and mass transfer flows through porous medium in vertical channel.Dr.S.SrinivasSASDST1-Jan-2011
FIST –DST- VIT: 400MHz NMR Equipment (5-Years)Dr.K.Sathiyanarayanan Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan Dr. M. Himaja Dr. Pundlik Rambhau Bhagat Dr. A. Senthil Kumar Dr. V. VijayakumarSASDST1-Jan-2011
Development of Sol-Gel Based Sensor for Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer by Centre for Biomedical Research.Dr. Bhaskar Mohan MurariSBSTDST1-Mar-2011
Development of PC based fully Automatic Batch Analyser for climical Chemistry (GAP-0282)Dr. Padma ThiagarajanSBSTDOE1-Sep-2011
"Biochemical and Molecular Investigation of Plant Dyes"Dr. R. Siva, SBSTSBSTCSIR1-Feb-2011
"Automated disposition of weld radiographs based on given specification and performance enhancement of the existing developed system"Dr. Margret Anouncia, SCSESCSEISRO1-Mar-2011
MST Radar signal processing using wavelets and harmonic decomposition.Prof. G. Ramachandra Reddy, SENSESENSEISRO1-Mar-2011
"Nanotechnology for improvement of bioefficacy of Tea Polyphenols"Dr. Abul Kalam Azad Mandal, SBSTSBSTNational Tea Research Foundation1-Apr-2011
Financial Assistance for Sensor Network Projects "Interactive Kiosl for Farmers using sensor Grid based on Meta Modeling"Prof. C.Srimathi, SCSESCSEDST1-Apr-2011
"Development of a Numerical Model for the Nonlinear Four-Wave Interactions in Discrete Special Wave Models"Dr. V. PrabhakarSASCSIR1-Apr-2011
"Micro Credit to Self Help Groups: A Boon for Empowerment of Rural Women"Dr. V. Selvam, SSLSSLICSSR1-Mar-2011
"A Gender analysis on Opportunities for Work-Life Balance: Addressing issues of Equality and Social Justice in the Work Place"Dr. Anita Priya RajaVITBSICSSR1-Apr-2011
"Numerical Modelling and Simulation of Boundary Layer Problem i.e. Singular Singularly Perturbed Two Point Boundary Value Problems"Dr.A.S.V. Ravi Kanth, SASSASDRDO1-Jan-2011
"Wavelet Based Improved Denoising and Geographical Feature Extraction in SAR Images Using Pattern Recognition Algorithms"Dr. Arulmozhivaraman, SENSESENSEDRDO1-Jun-2011
"Modeling of spatial variation of soil properties for probabilistic site characterization of Kalpakkam"Dr. Pijush SamuiCDMMDAE1-Aug-2011
Bio-sorption of Heavy Metal (Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, Aluminum) by Coconut Coir in a Bio-reactor.Dr. Anand Prem RajanSBSTInstitute of Eneineers1-Mar-2011
Generic classification and recognition of defence related targets and objects.Dr. Chandra MouliSCSEDRDO9-Nov-2011
"Advanced Material Processing and Testing" DST - FIST Programme, SMBS"Dr. A.Senthil Kumar Co-PI: Prof. P. Kuppan Prof. M.NageswaraRao Prof. K.SenthilKumaran Prof. K. DevakumaranSMBSDST1-Oct-2011
"Nanopesticide Formulation Characterization and Chemo Dynamics in Rice Model Ecosystem"Dr. N. Chandrasekahran,CNBTCSIR1-May-2011
"Development of Non-Invasie Blood Glucose Measurement System"Dr. Zachariah C. Alex,SENSEICMR1-Jun-2011
"Design and Development of Multi band Wearable Antenna for Military Application"Dr. Zachariah C. Alex,SENSEDRDO1-Jun-2011
"Revealing Machanism on the encapsulation/immobilization of organic redox mediators on Carbon nanotube modified electrode by surface enhanced raman spectroscopy and electrochemical techniques"Dr. Annamalai SenthilkumarSASDST1-Oct-2011
"Studies on the molecular aspects of Schizophrenia with special reference to hormone receptor genes and variant serotype alleles"Dr. Anil Kumar GopinathSBSTDBT1-Oct-2011
"Evaluation of liquefaction resistance of Indian soils using statistical learning algorithms"Dr. Pijush SamuiCDMMDAE1-Nov-2011
"Women awarness on consumer Protection Act - A study with special reference to Vellore District in Tamilnadu"Dr. N. SundaramSSLIndian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)1-Apr-2011
"Flow Injection Analysis Electro-chemical Detector (FIA-ECD) for biochemical Analysis.Dr.A.Senthil KumarSASDST1-Nov-2011
"Gene therapy for leukocyte adhesion deficiency using lentiviral vectors" (5-Years)Dr. Everette Jacob Remington NelsonSBSTDBT1-Dec-2011
"GIS Based early warning landslide susceptibility model using data mining classification approach"Prof. M. VenkatesanSCSEISRO28-Sep-2011
"Utilisation of Bottom ash of Thermal Power Plants for Construction activities as substitute of fine aggregate"Dr.A.Santhi Co-PI: G. Mohan GaneshSMBSNLC & VIT1-Jan-2011
"Spatio-temporal transmission model for H1N1 using clustering for Vellore.Dr. Daphne LopexSITEICMR1-May-2011
"New Vistas in Organometallic Chemistry of Group 8-10 Metals - Synthesis, Reactivity and Applications of Novel Metal and Metallacycloalkane Complexes"Dr. Akella SivaramakrishnaSASCSIR1-Dec-2011
Hexavalent Chromium detoxification by microbial isolates from a specnfic chromium mining site and bioremediation application potential.Dr. Amitava Mukhrjee.SBSTDST11-Feb-2011
Investigations on fuzzy formal concept analysis.Dr. Ch. Aswani KumarSITEDAE1-Nov-2011
" Development of Computational Framework for the Automated Analysis of Cardiac MRI"Prof. G. Dharani BaiSENSEDST30-Dec-2011


Project TitlesPrincipal InvestigatorSchoolFunding AgencyDate of Commencement From
Bio gas from night soil.Prof. R. NatarajanSMBSMNRE29-Mar-2010
Screening Characterisation and Bioinformatic Structure analysis of pectinase produced from actinomycetes.Dr. V. Suneetha, SBSTSBSTDST10-Feb-2010
Earthquake damage scenario analysis for Chennai city using Remote sensing and GIS techniques.Dr. G.P. GANAPATHY, Lecturer, CDMMCDMMISRO1-Mar-2010
Investigations on using ferroelectric polymers as photo-electric converters and photo-induced capacitors in plastic solar cells.Dr. A.Anand Prabhu, SASSASDST1-Mar-2010
N,N' - Diphenyl dibenzylpyridine -2,6- dicarboxamide and N, N' - di(P - tolyl) Pyridine - 2,6 dicarboxamide.Dr.K. Sathiyanarayanan, Director, SASSASIGCAR1-Jun-2010
Investigation of solubility and catalytic properties of substituted hydroxyl, fluoro and oxy apatite ceramics.Dr.G.Buvaneswari, SASSASDST1-Jun-2010
Screening of extra cellular matrix protein derived cryptic bioactive peptides involved in regulation of cell activity.Dr.C.Shanthi, SBSTSBSTDST1-Jun-2010
"Investigation on Cr and Co Doped CdTe Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors for Room Temperature Ferromagnetism"Dr. Madhusudhana Rao, SASSASDRDO1-Aug-2010
"Nano-Molecular Structures Stabilized Thin-film Electrodes: Preparation, Surface Correlation and Electrocatalysis"Dr. A. Senthilkumar, SASSASDST1-Sep-2010
"Study of the High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Behavior of Beta Titanium Alloy Til 5-3".Dr. GEETHA MANIVASAGAM Prof. M. Nageswara RaoSMBSDRDO1-Jun-2010
"Track Level Neyman Pearson Based Data Association in MSDF"Prof. J. Valarmathi, SENSESENSEDRDO1-Dec-2010
" Studies on the strength an dimensional accuracy of components produced in layered manufacturing"Prof. CD NaijuSMBSDST6-Dec-2010
Ambiguite Semantic Issues and Tool Development in Contextual Grammer.Dr. K. Lakshmanan, SCSESCSEDST1-Dec-2010
Nanoparticles in the prevention of calcium oxalate crystal formation and retention in renal epithelium (2- Years)Dr. Pragasam Viswanathan, SBSTSBSTDST1-Sep-2010
Bioremediation of Pesticides from Agricultural Soil Using Microbial Consortia and Preparation of Appropriate Formulation.Dr. Jayanthi Abraham, SBSTSBSTDST1-Sep-2010
"Factors Influencing Student Learning Outcomes in Language Courses: Inter state, College and Course Level Analysis"Dr. P. Ganesan,VITBSICSSR1-Aug-2010
"Growth and Characterization of higly nonlinear organic crystal 3 methyl 4 nitrostilbene (MMONS)"Dr. S. KALAINATHANSASDST1-Mar-2010
"Pyrolysis of waste agro biomass by thermocataytic process using microwave in pebble/fluidised bed reactor"Dr. R. NatarajanCO2 ResearchDST1-Oct-2010
"Chaos based security systems in Transform domains"Dr. K. GanesanTIFAC - COREDST15-Apr-2010

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