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Global Skill Development Centre

The Global Skill development Centre (GSDC) is an initiative of VIT started in the year 2019, under the hood of the office of the sponsored research with the objective of creating opportunities, space and scope for the development of the talents of the students not only inside VIT but outside VIT too and to enhance their technical expertise. Given the shortage of Skilled manpower in the industry on the one hand and high levels of unemployment in the country on the other, the need for focusing on Skill Development programs cannot be over emphasized. Keeping this in mind, the Global Skill Development Centre was established to focus on student Skill Development as one of its pillar of the department. Presently the industry looks for knowledge and skills beyond the curriculum and the Government’s Skill gap assessment report states that there is a need to introduce short term and long term skill training in emerging areas. Taking this into account, the establishment of the Global Skill development took shape shape to actualize and realize the inert potential among the students and address the skill gaps that exists in the industry.

The GSDC conducts programs known as Value Added Programs that embed the latest techniques and technologies that are highly sought after in the industry. The centre offers training programs to students and working personnel to enhance their skills. Through this, the students can become industry-ready by enhancing their employability and match the expectations of the Industry, while the working personnel can enhance and hone their skills for the development of their career.

The GSDC conducts vocational programs to impart practical knowledge to enhance the skill set of students and enhance their employability. It also focuses on imparting trade specific experiential and activity driven training to industry personnel to improve their creativity and technical knowledge. The GSDC acts as a platform for the industry and academic to join hands and exchange needs and knowledge and develop competencies and enhance the lives of students and industry people through up skilling.

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