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School of Chemical Engineering (SCHEME)


S.No Project Title Funding agency Fund (lakh) Investigators Year Status
1 Development of Escherichia coli based heavy metal biosorbents by expressing a metal binding motif and evaluating its potential against tannery effluents through numerical modelling and experimental approaches DST- SERB 31.9 Dr. Aslam Abdullah (Co-PI) 2018 On-going
2 Economic non-food sugar from variable mixed solid waste for high value chemical products Innovate UK and DBT, India 26.34 Dr. Mahesh (PI),
Dr. Aruna Singh (Co-PI),
Dr. Shishir Kumar Behera (Co-PI)
2018 On-going
3 Ohmic heating of tomato paste VIT 2.5 Dr. Aruna Singh (Co-PI) 2018 On going
4 Production of biomass and industrial waste derived fuel precursors employing sustainable pathways and industrial symbiosis VIT 9 Dr. Shishir Kumar Behera (PI) 2018 On going
S.No Project Title Funding agency Fund (lakh) Investigators Year Status
1 Mechanistic Investigation of Ultrasound Assisted Oxidative Desulfurization of Liquid Fuels VIT 2.5 Dr. Jaykumar B. Bhasarkar (PI) 2018 Completed
2 Enhancement of CO2 capture on biomass based carbon through surface activation and modification Universiti Technology Petronas (URIF)- VIT 10.8 Dr. G.S. Nirmala (Co-PI) 2017 Completed
3 Resource Efficient Cleaner Production in Jeedimetla Industrial Park, Hyderabad United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO 0.71 Dr Shishir Kumar Behera 2017 Completed

Last Updated on: 16 Jun 2020