School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC)


Funded Projects

1 24-Feb Model-Based Development of Domain ECU (DCU) and Validation through Hardware in Loop (HiL) Simulation for Commercial Vehicle Applications Co-PI: Dr. B. Ashok, Dr Vijendran Venkoparao, Chair Professor, IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation, Dr. Om Kumar Krishnan, Professor, IIM Kozhikode PI: Albert Sunny IMPRINT, IIT Palakkad Technology IHUB foundation 25-01-2024 24-01-2026 2 years 60,00,000 Ongoing National
2 24-Jan Development of a Nano-Enhanced Phase Change Material Based Wickless Heat Pipe: An Electronic Thermal Management Prospective Dr. Tapano Kumar Hota SERB 09-01-2024 08-01-2027 3 years 18.30,000 Ongoing National
3 24-Jan Transitional Education: Strategy Roadmap for Sustainable Development and Skill Enhancement towards Industry 5.0 PI: Dr. R. Vasudevan, Co-PI: Dr. B. Ashok, Dr. R. Manohanran & Dr. D. Mallikarjuna Reddy British Council 22-01-2024 21-01-2025 1 year 4200000 Ongoing International
4 24-Jan Development of a low heat-input welding technique for armour steel joints to enhance high cycle fatigue behaviour by suppressing softening of the heat affected zone   Dr. M. Manikandan, Dr. Vinoth Jebaraj & Dr. N. Arivazhagan DRDO 1/4/2024   3 years 3,368,000    
5 24-Jan Graphite carbon nitride coated carbonized wood evaporator for effective low-temperature thermal desalination: Removal of microplastics and geavy metals   Dr. R. Kamatchi Ministry of Earth Sciences 1/9/2024     3278000    
6 24-Jan Microstructure evolution during multiaxial fatigue behaviour of metastable ?-titanium alloy for aerospace application: An experimental and texture modeling study   Dr. Ashish Kumar SERB 9-Jan-24   3 years      
7 24-Jan Development of a Nano-Enhanced Phase Change Material Based Wickless Heat Pipe: An Electronic Thermal Management Prospective   Dr. Tapano Kumar Hota SERB 9-Jan-24   3 years      
8 23-Dec BENEFIT: Combining TheoryaNd practicEFor Sustainable Manufacturing Dr. A. Raja Annamalai, Dr. C. Pandivelan, and Dr. T.C. Kanish Dr. K. Devendranath Ramkumar, Co-PI: Dr. A. Raja Annamalai, Dr. C. Pandivelan, and Dr. T.C. Kanish British Council under Going Global Partnership Grant 2023, UK       40,000 GBP Ongoing Saint-Gobain India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
9 23-Dec Development of a learning framework for renewable energy-based battery swapping station for electric vehicles: A young professional perspective for start-ups, business hubs and employibility   Dr. B. Ashok, Dr. Tapano Kumar Hotta, Dr. Bibhuti Bhushan Sahoo & Dr.K. Palanisamy British Council under Going Global Partnership Grant 2023, UK       40,000 GBP Ongoing Dr. T. Dhandapani (RRT Electro Power Ltd, India)
10 23-Dec Empowering Young Engineers in Additive Manufacturing Industry for Future Growth, Innovation and Employability   Dr.M. Anthony Xavior & Dr. Ashwath (Alumni) British Council, UK       40,000 GBP Ongoing Shree Rapid Technologies, Bangalore
11 23-Dec Preparation and characterisation of poly(2-methoxyethyl acrylate)/Nano-hydroxyapatite/ZnO nanocomposite coating for reducing bio-leaching and bio-film formation in SS316L orthopaedic implants   PI: Dr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran and Co-Pi's: Dr. Jayakrishna, Dr. Arulvel of SMEC and Dr. John Thomas(CNBT) PI: Dr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran (CNBT) Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 12/26/2023 1/14/2025 1 year 61, 46, 546 Ongoing  
12 22-Dec Design and Development of Digital Twin of Industrial Series Elastic Actuator Unit for applications in Unmanned and Unstructured Environment   PI: Dr. Bikash Routh DST-SERB 16-12-2022 15-12-2025 3 years 18,10,000 Ongoing National
13 22-Dec Fatigue Testing Machine   PI: Dr. A. Raja Annamalai Co-PI: Dr. K. Devendranath Ramkumar, Dr. R. Vasudevan, DST-FIST 19-12-2022 18-12-2027 5 years 92,00,000 Ongoing National
14 23-Nov AI-Driven Adaptive Fast Charging for Electrical Vehicles- Empowering Skills and Curriculum Development   Dr.B.Ashok ( Co-PI), from SELECT Dr.Chitra A, (PI), Dr. Indragandhi, SELECT Dr.Thirumalaivasan R, Dr.Razia Sultana W, SELECT Royal Academy of Engineering, UK 11/15/2023 11/14/2025 2 years 6,599,000 Ongoing International
15 23-Nov Application of Hydrogen derived from Bio-Gas using BSR in Fuel Cell Vehicles   Dr. C. Ramesh Kumar DST-ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D scheme 11/6/2023 11/5/2025 2 years 2,072,000 Ongoing National
16 23-Oct Prompting European Union approach on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Product Development Techniques for Digital Green Transformation   PI: Dr. Denis Ashok Co-PI: Dr. R. Vasudevan & Dr. B. Ashok Erasmus+ grant Jean Monnet Actions - EU-TRIPOD 23-Oct 26-Oct 3 years Euro 30,000 Ongoing International
17 22-Oct Performance Improvement of Darrieus Hydrokinetic Turbine using different J-shape blades and Vortex Generator   PI: Anuj Kumar DST-SERB 6/10/2022 5/10/2025 3 years 18,30,000 Ongoing National
18 23-Sep Hydrogen Energy for a Decarbonised Future (HEAD)   PI: Dr. A. Sateesh, Co-PI: Dr. Saboor & Dr. M. Natarajan and team from UCL British Council under going Global Partnership Grant 2023 Sep-23 Sep-25 2 years 39,810 GBP Ongoing International
19 23-Jul Anti-thrombotic superhemophobic surfaces   Dr. Renold Elson, 50,2 SPARC 28-07-2023   2 years 50,22,900 Ongoing National
20 23-Jul Functionalisation of new Titanium alloys after ECAP processing and surface treatment   Dr. Geetha Manivasagam DST       39,13,000 Ongoing National
21 22-Jul Investigation of Characteristic Performance of Armour Weldments under Sub-Zero Temperature" CVRDE- DRDO under the CARS Scheme Dr. Manikandan, Dr. K. Gokul Kumar & Dr. S. Senthil Kumaran CVRDE- DRDO under the CARS Scheme     2 years 9,77,040 Ongoing National
22 23-Apr Design and Development of Surface Engineered Solutions to Enhance the Corrosion Resistance of the solar Energy Storage Container   PI: Dr. M. Manikandan Co-PI : Dr. Rajashekhar Y, Dr. C. Chiranjeevi & Dr. N. Arivazhagan DST 28-03-2023   2 years 48,85,000 Ongoing National
23 22-Apr Study of Cancer Cell Mechanics by means of compound droplet modelling in microfluidic systems   PI: Dr. Sreeja Sadasivan Co-PI: Dr. A. Senthil Kumar, Director Co2 Centre Co-PI: Dr. Particia Sebastain, Oncology, CMC DST-SERB-Power Grant 20-04-2022 19-04-2025 3 years 2998000 Ongoing  
24 23-Mar Separation efficiency and distillate yield enhancement using advanced technologies in integrated ocean thermal energy conversion-low temperature thermal desalination   PI: Dr. S. Arulvel Co-PI: Dr. D. Dsilva Winfred Rufuss, Dr. D. Sakthivadivel & Dr. K. Balaji Deep Ocean Mission, Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) Govt. of India     2 years 1,98,48,896 Ongoing National
25 23-Feb Numerical studies on start/unstart behavior of scramjet intake   PI: Prof. P. Senthilkumar Co-PI:Dr. Bibin John, Dr. R. Thundil Karuppa Raj, Dr.M.Ganapathi AR&DB 1/3/2023 28-02-2024 1 Year 23,35,200 Ongoing National
26 22-Jan Design of concentrated solar receiver tube using inverse thermo-elastic analysis for improved efficiency and safe operation of solar power plants   PI: Dr. Sudhakar, IIT Goa Co-PI: Dr. N. Sekapandian CRG-SERB 31-01-2023 30-01-2026 3 Years 12,18,000 (App.) Ongoing National
27 22-Jan Deisgn of concentrated solar receiver tube using inverse thermo-elastic analysis for improved efficiency and safe operation of solar power plants   PI: Dr. Somasundharam S Co-PI: Dr. N. Gnanasekaran (NIT Surathkal) CRG-SERB 30-01-2023 29-01-2026 3 Years 27,94,800 Ongoing National
28 22-Jan Shallow Geothermal integrated thermally activated building cooling system design - Pathway to nature-based free cooling (GeoTABS)   PI: Dr. Balaji K, Co-PI: Dr. D. Sakthivadivel & Dr .G. Praveen Kumar DST-SERB-CRG 30-01-2023 30-01-2026 3 Years 19,20,000 Ongoing National
29 2021 DYNAMIC OF CAGE FOR HIGH SPEED BALL BEARING - Analytical Study   PI: Dr. Sovan Sundar Dasgupta Co-PI: Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra Co-PI: Dr. M.Ganapathi Co-PI: Dr. R.Vasudevan CVRDE, Chennai 20.04.2021 19.04.2024 03 years 1522000 Ongoing  
30 2021 Development of a Stable Machinability Investigation and Thermal Modelling of Aerospace Material   PI: Dr. Chinmaya P. Mohanty Co-PI: Dr.A. Raja Annamalai AR & DB 20.04.2021 19.04.2024 03 years 1203950 Ongoing  
31 2021 Stress and Rotary Dynamics analysis of three types of Pumps for Aircraft Application   PI: Dr. R. Manoharan Co-PI: Dr. N. Govindha Rasu CTTC- Bhubaneswar 13.05.2021 12.05.2024 03 years 1517480 Ongoing  
32 2021 DYNAMICS OF CAGE FOR HIGH SPEED BALL BEARING - ANALYTICAL STUDY   PI: Dr. Sovan Sundar Dasgupta Co-PI: Dr.R.Vasudevan Co-PI: Dr.M.Ganapathy CVRDE, Chennai 06.July-2021 05.Jan.2023 18 Months 1522200 Ongoing  
33 2021 Development of Direct Injection Technology for Hydrogen Enriched CNG and Biogas for Automobile and Stationary Power Applications   PI: Dr. E.Porpatham Co-PI: Dr. A. Senthil Kumar Co-PI: Dr. S. Murugavelh Co-PI: Dr. G. Natarajan DST 30.09.2021 30.09.2024 36 Months 14200000 Ongoing  
34 2021 Optimization of flux activated gas tungsten arc welding parameters for stainless steel AISI 304L to achieve maximum weld depth-to-width ratio and improved mechanical properties   PI: Dr. A. John Rajan Co-PI: Dr. T. Sampath Kumar Co-PI: Dr. Vinoth Jebaraj ISRO 11.10.2021 10.10.2023 24 Months 1632000 Ongoing  
35 2021 Development of Carrera Unified Formulation for the Large Deflection and Post Buckling Analysis of Variable Angle Tow Composite Laminate   PI: Dr. Samukham Surya DST-SERB 13.11.2021 12.11.2023 2 years 949200 Ongoing  
36 2021 Sustainable Biogasoline and Biocrude Fuels Production through Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Biomass and its Utilization   PI: Dr.R. Prakash Co-PI: Dr. P. Padmanathan Co-PI: Dr. C.G. Mohan DST-SERB (CRG) 25.11.2021 25.11.2024 3 years 2854000 Ongoing  
37 2021 Sorption hydrogen compressor for vehicular and power generation appliations   PI: Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma Co-PI: Dr. A. Satheesh Co-PI: Dr. R. Prakash DST-SERB (CRG) 25.11.2021 25.11.2024 3 years 4664000 Ongoing  
38 2021 A Novel and Cost-effective Biogas Purification Technology using Polyacrylamide Gel to Power Bio-methane in Automobiles   PI: Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo Co-PI: Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Bal DST-SERB (CRG) 25.11.2021 25.11.2024 3 years 3345000 Ongoing  
39 2021 A Novel method of on-board hydrogen generation by methanol steam reforming with engine heat recovery strategy for direct injection of hydrogen in a CNG fuelled automotive SI engine   PI: Dr. E.Porpatham Co-PI: Dr. A. Senthil Kumar Co-PI: Dr. Cheralathan Co-PI: Dr. G. Natarajan DST-SERB (CRG) 25.11.2021 25.11.2024 3 years 3663000 Ongoing  
40 2021 A Novel Energy Efficient Human-Robot Callaborative Disassembly Approach based on Human Perception for End of Life Products towards Industry 4.0   PI: Dr. Gunji Bala Murali TARE-SERB 2/12/2021 1/12/2024 3 years 1860000 Ongoing  
41 2021 Investigation on the role of residual stresses on shape memory effect and super-elasticity in shape memory alloy welds   PI: Dr. Anoj Giri TARE-SERB 2/12/2021 1/12/2024 3 years 1830000 Ongoing  
42 2021 Sustainable Design and Development of an eco-friendly multilayer control of abcterial infiltration IFPRC-022-135-2020 PI: Dr. K. Jayakrishna Co-PI: Dr. Aravind Raj Dean ship of Scientific Research, King Abdul Aziz University, Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 24-12-2021 24-12-2023 2 years 2997543 Ongoing  
43 2021 DST- PURSE Scheme Additive Manufacturing for Fostering Transdisciplinary Research SR/PURSE/2020/34 Dr.R.Vasudevan Dr.K.Devendrananth Ramkumar Dr.Raja Annamalai Dr.A.Nirmala Grace Dr.Raja Sellappan DST -PURSE 15.02.2021 14.02.2025 4 20,00,00,000 Ongoing Nil
44 2021 Biomass driven trigeneration system for improving the livelihood of Scheduled Tribes at Athanavur village, Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu   Dr. D. Sakthivadivel Dr. G. Praveen Kumar Dr. Bibin John DST- STI HUB 27.03.2021 26.03.2024 3 1,08,12,139 Ongoing  
45 2020 Bioconversion of CO2 to Biofuels through Microbial Catalyzed Systems PR31259/PBD/26/756/2019 PI: Dr. G. Velvizhi Co-PI: Dr. A.Senthilkumar Co-PI: Dr.J.Ranjitha DBT 9/3/2020 8/3/2023 03 years 4997782 Ongoing  
46 2020 Development and optimization of Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI,SI and Stirling Engine using Hydrogen Enriched Bio-CNG produced from Anaerobic Co-Digestion with Food waste, Tanery waste, Stubble waste and STP Sludge DST/TDT/WMT/2019/22 PI: Dr.E.Porpatham DST under Proof of concept 27-05-2020 26-11-2020 06 Months 499950 Ongoing Dr.P.Shanmugam, CSIR-PLRI Dr.P.Rajeeva Kumar, BIT Mesra
47 2020 Design, fabrication and testing of portable, high-sensitivity aptasensors for one-step viral diagnostics CVD/2020/001120 PI: Dr.Murugan R DST 26-06-2020 25-06-2021 1 Year 1500000 Ongoing  
48 2020 Functionally gradient inner cylinder TiN coatings for Vacuum chambers 59/14/06/2020-BRNS/59004 PI. Dr Sitaram Dash Co-PI: Dr.U.Narendra Kumar DAE-BRNS 17-07-2020 16-07-2023 03 years 3321050 Ongoing  
49 2020 Development of coating parameters for two-source evaporation to create sequentially deposited EBC coatings by application of EB-PVD technology   PI-Dr. Arivarasu M, Co-PI- Dr. Arivazhagan N Co-PI- Dr. Nageswara Rao DST-NAWA-Poland 26-07-2020 25-07-2022 2 Years 950000 Ongoing Dr. Andrzej Nowotnik, Rzeszow University of Technology,Poland
50 2020 Development and Characterization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cement Brake Pad with Nano Encapsulated Lubricant for Enhancing better Tribological and Braking Performance ARMREB/MAA/2020/226 PI- Dr. S.Senthilkumaran Co-PI. Dr. Renolds Elsen DRDO 10/8/2020 9/8/2023 03 years 4195190 Ongoing  
51 2020 Simultaneous laser annealing and doping technique to improve the energy density of LiFePO4 electrodes deposited on textured current collectors SRG/2020/000577 PI: Dr. Nammi Srinagalakshmi DST 8/10/2020 7/10/2023 03 years 2706755 Ongoing  
52 2020 Development and Performance Evaluation of Fouling Resistant Heat Exchangers SRG/2020/002159 PI: Dr.Lalit Kumar Bansal DST-SERB 9/10/2020 8/10/2023 03 years 1950000 Ongoing  
53 2020 Design, Development and Characterization of Nanocellulose / PVA Nanocomposite Facilitated Transport Membranes for Efficient CO? Separation from Biogas SRG/2020/002388 PI: Dr.Ahankari Sandeep Sureshrao DST-SERB 9/10/2020 8/10/2023 03 years 1236401 Ongoing  
54 2020 Harnessing the potential of renewable energy (Solar/Wind) for sustainable building energy management through Compressed Air Energy Storage   PI: Dr.V. Gayathri DST-IC IMPACT Indo- Canada 9/10/2020 8/10/2023 03 years 3864000 Ongoing Prof. Fariborz Haghighat Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering, Concordia University
55 2020 Non- linear Dynamic Characterization of Multi Functional CNT Reininforced Honeycomb Tapered Composite Sanwich Plates under Thermal Environment ARDB/01/1051968/M/I PI: Dr.R.Vasudevan Co-PI: Dr.A.Andanda babu AR&DB 3/11/2020 2/11/2022 2 Years 1560700 Ongoing  
56 2020 IR reflective polymer/PCM encapsulations for rendering perovskite photovoltaics environmentally robust aging, durability and efficiency studies through solar simulations, spectroscopy and ab initio simulations   PI: Dr.Tiju Thomas (IIT M) Co-PI: Dr. Ariful Rahaman (SMEC) Co-PI: Dr. Sumanagala T.P. (SAS) Indo -Hungarian Joint Research Scheme 10/11/2020 9/11/2023 03 years 6058000 Ongoing PI Dr. Mousumi Upadhay Kahaly (ELI-HU Research and Development Nonprofit Public Benefit Limited Liability Company) Co- Principle Investigator(s) : Dr. Subhendu Kahaly (ELI-HU) CO-PI Dr. Laszlo Ovari (ELI-HU)
57 2020 To study the effect of momentum flux ratio on discharge coefficient of the screech holes   PI: Dr.Thundil Karuppa Raj R, Co-PI: Dr. Bibin John and Co-PI: Prof. P. Senthil Kumar GTRE Bangalore 20-10-2020 19-10-2022 02 Years 958600 Ongoing  
58 2020 Effectiveness of Leading Edge Film Cooling Applied to First Stage Stator blade Row of Gas Turbine Engine- A Numerical Study GTRE/MMG/BMRI/1156/20 PI: Dr. Bibin John, Co-PI: Dr. Thundil Karuppa Raj Co-PI: Dr.SreejaSadasivan GTRE Bangalore 20-10-2020 19-10-2022 02 Years 968600 Ongoing  
59 2019 Sustainable Production of Fourth Generation Bio-butanol from Municipal Solid Waste Biomass and its Air Quality Assessment Using Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine EEQ/2018/000725 PI: Dr.K.Nanthagopal DST-SERB 1/1/2019 1/1/2022 03 years 3729000 Ongoing  
60 2019 Controlled drug delivery to prevent bacterial adhesion and enhace ossteoconduction of Ti alloys used in spinal application by tailoring the surface with nanopores.   PI: Dr. Geetha Manivasagam DST- INDO-AUSTRIA 3/1/2019 2/1/2021 2 Years 648500 Ongoing Dr.Juergen M Lackner Materals - Institute - Surface Technologies- Austria
61 2019 Design and development of a four-wheeled electric vehicle for research, teaching and outreach in Tamil Nadu, India IAPP18-19\154 PI: Dr. R.Thundil Karuppa Raj Co-PI: Dr. Denis Ashok Royal Academy of Engineering -UK 20-02-2019 20-02-2021 2 Years 4632000 Ongoing International - Loughborough University, UK Prof. Rui Chen National: Valueo India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
62 2019 Enhancing research based learning and teaching on advanced materials and manufacturing technologies for aerospace sectors in India and UK 18/19 - IAPP18-19\161 PI: Dr. Devendranath Ramkumar Co-PI: Dr.T.C.Kansih Co-PI: Dr. A. Raja Annamalai Royal Academy of Engineering -UK - 18/19 - IAPP18-19\161 - Successful 20-02-2019 20-02-2021 2 Years 4633000 Ongoing International - Cranfield University,UK Dr. Supriyo Ganguly Mr. K. Madhusudhana Sankar - TASL
63 2019 A Gradient Approach for Engineering Interfacial Tissue Constructs using mesenchymal stem cells suitable for Osteochondral CRG/2018/003965 PI: Dr. Murugan Ramalingam DST-SERB 24-06-2019 23-06-2022 03 years 2658120 Ongoing  
64 2019 Sustainable fourth generation bio-fuel from micro-algae and its characterization for automotive application as future bio-energy CRD/2018/000061 PI: Dr.B.Ashok Co-PI: Dr. K.Nanthagopal DST-ASEAN-INDO (AISTDF) 4/7/2019 3/7/2021 2 Years 1342000 Ongoing International- University of Malaya -Dr.H.C.Ong Dr.Phung Le Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology Vietnam
65 2019 Enhancement of Biocompatibility and wear resistance of orthopaedic beta titanium alloy Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta By nanosurface modification. 22(0803)/19/EMR-II PI: Dr. Geetha Manivasagam CSIR 25-07-2019 24-07-2022 03 years 2321000 Ongoing  
66 2019 Design and Development of an jaffordble gait training device. SEED/TIDE/2018/102/G PI: Dr. Mohan Verma DST-SERB 14-08-2019 13-08-2022 03 years 2515270 Ongoing  
67 2019 Comparative evaluation of Joints produced by GTAW and PAW in 12 mm thick plates of maraging steel MDN 250 for microstructure, microsegregation, strength and fracture toughness   PI: Dr. M. Manikandan Co-PI : Dr. Arivazhagan Co-PI : Dr. Nageswara Rao M AR & DB 2/9/2019   03 years 1416600 Ongoing  
68 2019 Development of criteria for estimating dynamic magnification factor of mistuned bladed disk under forced vibration GTRE/MMG/BMR1/1146/19/CARS/A/19 dated on 10/Sep/2019 PI: Dr.Mallikarjuna Reddy Co-PI: Dr.R.Vasudevan Co-PI: Dr.M.Ganapathy GTRE Bangalore 24-09-2019 23-09-2021 2 Years 950000 Ongoing Nil
69 2019 Experimental Investigations on crossworthiness of carbon TNSCST/STP-PRG/AR/2018-2019 PI: Dr.P.Ponnusamy Tamilnadu State Council of Science and Technology, Tamilnadu 4/11/2019 3/11/2021 2 Years 415000 Ongoing  
70 2019 Extreme Learning Machine based Pitch Angle Prediction for Uniform Power Generation and Load Mitigation using HIL Simulator of Digital Hydraulic Pitch System in Wind Turbine TAR!2019/000008 PI: Dr.RAMAKRISHNANR DST-TARE 25-10-2019 24-10-2022 03 years 1830000 Ongoing Prof. Dr.Raghunathan Renqasamy,IIT Madras
71 2019 Design and Development of CNT Reinforced ceramic composite scaffold by Additve Manufacturing Technique for Bone Tissue Regeneration SRG/2019/002038 PI: Dr.Renold Elsen DST-SERB 26-11-2019 25-11-2022 03 years 3114690 Ongoing Nil
72 2019 Linnaeus Palme PI: Dr.K.Jayakrishna Co-PI: Dr.A.K.Jeevanantham Swidish Council for higher education 3/12/2019 2/12/2019 1 Year 592000 Ongoing University of Skovede
73 2019 Development of Flex-Fuel Engine Map and Multi-Mode Combustion Strategy for Ethanol-Gasoline Fueled Direct Injection Motorcycle Engine CRG/2019/003325 PI: Dr.B.Ashok DST-SERB 19-Dec-19 18-12-2022 03 years 4400000 Ongoing PI(IIT)- Dr.B.Saravanan
74 2019 Ultrafine Grain refinement through Low Plasticity Burnishing on WAAM Mgalloy for Aerospace and Automotive Applications SP/YO/2019/1287 PI: Dr. A.S.S.Balan Co-PI: Dr.R.Ramanujam DST -SEED 27-12-2019 26-12-2022 03 years 1745000 Ongoing Dr.A.S.S.Balan NIT Surathkal, Karnataka
75 2019 A New Master Course in Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics" on establishing a New InternationalPG Degree Program in the Area of Computational Fluid Dynamics through 609965-EPP-1-2019-1-TH-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP Dr.R.Vasudevan Prof. Satyajit Ghosh Prof. Bibin John Prof. Thundil Karuppa Raj R Prof. Satheesh E Prof.Devendrakumar Patel Prof. Ashok K Prof. Sekarapandian N Prof. Padmanathan P Erasmus+ Scheme" under "Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education 2019 (CBHE2019) 07.08.2019 06.08.2022 3 76751152 Ongoing Chiang Mai University , Thailand Cranfield University, UK Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain University of Malaya, Malaysia ReadLab-Research Innovation Development Lab, Athens, Greece Chiang Mai University , Thailand Naresuan University, Thailand UiTM, Sarawak, Malaysia University of Patras, Greece Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India EEOGroup, Ethens

Consultancy Projects

Sl No Financial Year Type Faculty Consultancy Project Consultancy Agency Revenue Generated (Rs.)
1 FY201819 Consultancy 14472 - Balan A.S.S Image Process Algorithms For Sorting System, Prototype Development, Testing And Implementation ITC INDIA 920000
2 FY201819 Consultancy 10316 - Solaman Bobby S Printing Of Test Parts Christian Medical College Vellore 50000
3 FY201819 Consultancy 15850 - JOSE S Designing A Low Cost Harvest Machine For Eid Parry EID Parry 50000
4 FY201819 Consultancy 15850 - Jose S Product Development Gemini Cooling Systems Projects Private Limited 60000
5 FY201819 Consultancy 15850 - Dr. Jose Swaminathan Implementaion Of Aquality Management System And Process Improvement. Gemini Cooling Systems projects Pvt Ltd 60000
6 FY201819 Consultancy 11259 - Sakthivel P Quantification Of Engine Timing Gear Noise Of Same Deutz Fahr Tractor Engines On Test Bed Same Deuz Fahr India P LTD 95000
7 FY201819 Consultancy 11259 - Sakthivel P Quantification Of Engine Timing Gear Noise Of Same Deutz-Fahr Tractor Engine Variants Same Deutz Fahr India P LTD 20000
8 FY201819 Consultancy 10531 - Subashini R Toma AIL 300000
9 FY201819 Consultancy 12481 - Denis Ashok S Itc Agarbatti ITC 920000
10 FY201819 Consultancy 13377 - Padmavathy C Breast Cancer Screening Beliefs - Development Of Empirical Model In Social Marketing. J V Gokal Charity Trust 200000
11 FY201819 Consultancy 15190 - Sovan Sundar Dasgupta Training Program For Matlab And Dynamic Analysis Of Turbocharger Turbo Energy Limited 766100
12 FY201819 Consultancy 12449 - Prof. R.Thundil Karuppa Raj Development Of Innovative Techniques For Cabin Noise Reduction In Hvac System Valeo India Private Limited 402800
13 FY201819 Consultancy 14868 - Nageswara Rao M Improving Fatigue Life Of X70 Plates TATA Steel R D 850000
14 FY201819 Testing 11198 - P.M.Anil Reciprocating Wear Testing NIT Tricy 2950
15 FY201819 Testing 11198 - P.M.Anil Reciprocating Wear Testing NIT Trichy 2950
16 FY201819 Testing 12802 - R.Oyyaravelu Utm Testing Research Labs 16988
17 FY201920 Consultancy 14789 - Arivarasu M High-Temperature Corrosion Testing Equipment Development & Testing FLSMIDTH 975000
18 FY201920 Consultancy 12481 - Dr. Denis Ashok S Filament Extruder Euro Exim Bank 385000
19 FY201920 Consultancy 13976 - Dr. N. Govindha Rasu Mathematical Modelling Of Centrifugal Pump For Combat Aircraft Fuel System Applications. Central Toom Room Training Centre 941640
20 FY201920 Consultancy 10316 - Dr. Solaman Bobby S Consultancy Work A Foundry Laboratory. Other 19000
21 FY201920 Consultancy 11149 - Dr. R. Manoharan Damage Tolerance Analysis, Life Prediction Etc Of Carious Fuel Jet Pump Configuration. Central Tool Room Training Centre 566000
22 FY201920 Consultancy 13528-Dr. Senthilkumar P Cfd / Mould Flow Analysis Of Cylinder Block Crank Case Srivari Enterprises 200000
23 FY201920 Consultancy 12803 P A Jeeva, S Karthikeyan D Rajagopal Trouble Shooting On Electrodeposition Of Precious Metal And Trimetallic Coatings On Rf Connectors Srinar Electronics pvt Ltd 94000
24 FY201920 Consultancy 12803 P A Jeeva, S Karthikeyan D Rajagopal Recovery Of Gold From Spent Plating Baths / Rinse Water Using Metal Finishing Processes Srinar Electronics pvt Ltd 1000000
25 FY201920 Consultancy 10531 - Subashini, G.Velmurugan Sway Of Vark Among Millennials Pearson India 115640
26 FY202021 Consultancy 15768 - Dr. Renold Elsen S Development Of Autonomous Seed Planting Bot System For Agriculture Application AUTODESK 120000
27 FY202021 Consultancy 12481 - Dr. Denis Ashok S Study Of Smart Parking Management System. Honey Well 100000
28 FY202021 Consultancy 12449 - Prof. Thundil Karuppa Raj R, 14032 - Prof. Bibin John, 13582 - Prof. Senthilkumar P, 11345 - Prof. Ganapathy G.P Effect Of Multiple Rows Of Screech Holes, Hole Size And Momentum Flux Ration On Discharge Coefficient Of The Screech Holes In Parallel Flows. DRDO 958600
29 FY202021 Consultancy 15850-Dr. Jose S and 16380-Dr. Vincent Herald Modify Water Cooler And To Develop A Sustainable Business Model Effectus Eco PTE Ltd. 27289
30 FY202021 Consultancy 17049-Dr. Samukham Surya Development of Carrera unfield formulation for the large deflection and post-buckling analysis of variable angle tow composite laminate DST-SERB Startup Research Grant 9,49,200
31 FY202021 Consultancy 10597-Dr. Geetha Manivasagam, Dr. 13690-Dr. Amit Kumar Jaiswal Research Personnel and Technical Information Exchange Next Big Innovation 1,06,200
32 FY202122 Consultancy 11149 - Prof. Manoharan R, 13976 - Prof. Govindha Rasu N Stress And Rotary Dynamics Analysis For Three Types Of Pumps. CTTC 151748
33 FY202122 Consultancy 12246-Prof. Edison Gundabattini Design, Develop And Produce A Leak Proof Weld Joint Made By Laser Weld Technique For The Efficient Transfer Of Refrigerant-To Analyze The Residual Stresses Akella Systems, Hyderabad 16520
34 FY202122 Consultancy 14789- Dr. M. Arivarasu, 11234-Dr. N. Arivazhagan and 14868-Dr.M. Nageswara Rao Thermit Welding As An Additive Manufacturing Technique For Refurbishing Worn Parts M/S FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd. 1018000
35 FY202122 Consultancy 14785-Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma Polymer Testing in Hydrogen Environment Dover India Pvt. Ltd. 366000
36 FY202122 Consultancy 14470-Dr. Stephan Thangaiah & Dr. S. Jose Designing of heating system for drying rubber latex project S.M.J & Company 50000
37 FY202122 Consultancy 14769-Dr. R. Ramakrishnan & Dr. Sathish G.P Digital number lock for gas and electrical appliances M/S Haplet, USA 560500
38 FY202122 Consultancy Dr.P. Sakthivel Investigation of engine noise Same Deutz Fahr India P LTD. Ranipet 220000
39 FY202122 Consultancy 17102-Dr. Mohan Kumar KV Modeling and experimentation of multiaxial fatigue behaviour of tyre rubber Apollo Tyres Ltd. Global R&D Centre - Asia 21,24,000
40 FY202122 Consultancy 12507-Dr. Akash Mohanty & Dr. Rahamathunnisa U Geometric dimesion measurement of indutrial products through image processsing techniques. STRYDO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 29,500
41 FY202122 Consultancy 12507-Dr. Akash Mohanty & Dr. Rahamathunnisa U Visual-based defect detection using the machine vision approach SI Tech. Chennai 26,550
42 FY202122 Consultancy Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra & Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy Design and Development of Aortic valve replacement in heart surgeries AutodeskINDIA PVT. LTD. Bangalore 1,00,000
43 FY202122 Consultancy Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra & Dr. Arun Tom mathew Design and Development of Digital Twin for rotating machinery fault diagnosis in smart manufacturing AutodeskINDIA PVT. LTD. Bangalore 1,00,000
44 FY202122 Consultancy Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma Polymer Testing in Hydrogen Environment (Phase - 2) Dover India Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru 1,24,000
45 FY202122 Consultancy Dr. Sakthivadivel D Experimental investigation on solar concentrated chimney dryer for agro products Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology(TNSCST) 7500
46 FY202122 Consultancy Dr. P. Sakathivel Quantification & Investigation of Gear Train Whining Noise on SDF Tractor Engine SAME DEUTZ FAHR INDIA PVT. LTD. 55,000
47 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Gunji Bala Murali & Dr. Ranjeet Kumar To develop a custom 3D printer for printing polymer composite AITAM college of Engineering Tekkali, Andra Pradesh 30,000
48 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Ponnusamy P & (SCOPE) - Dr. Lokesh Kumar R, Dr. Jothi R, Dr. Balakrishna P Academic Certificate Registration and Verification using Blockchain Roni Analytics LLP., Chennai 88,500
49 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Gunji Bala Murali, Dr. Paul Mansingh J (VAIAL) & Dr. Balaji To develop the automated neem seed plucking machine Coromandel International Limited 6,50,000
50 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma Polymer Composite Testing in Hydrogen environment-Trail 3 Dover India Pvt. Ltd. 70,800
51 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. R. Subashini, Dr. G. Velmurugan (SSL) UAV and its application for precision agriculture Agro Fresh Life, A unit of West Mount Agri Tech. Coimbatore 3,00,000
52 FY202223 Consultancy Dr.Deepakkumar R (17043) andDr. Naveen J (17046) WTG Blade & Tower Cleaner ReyNa Buildmat, Pudukottai ? 614622, Tamilnadu 40,000
53 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Balaji K, Dr. Kamatchi R, Dr. Immanuel Selwyn Raj A & Dr. Prakash Ramakrishnan Energy Savings Calculator GeoPotential Consulting, LLC (GPC), USA USD 5000
54 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Balaji, Dr. G. Praveen kumar, Dr. D. Sakthivadivel & Dr. Bibin John Cooling for a electrical control room Saint Gobain India Pvt. Ltd. 70,000
55 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Balaji & Dr. K. Palanisami Priliminary Energy Audit Malladi drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. 58,000
56 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Sampath Kumar, Dr. P.A. Jeeva & Dr. S. Karthikeyan Finding the root cause for the problems encountered with the rose gold coating Titan Company Ltd. Chennai 94,000
57 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Gunji Bala Murali, Dr. K. Balaji & Dr. Paul Mansingh Multi-Directional Neem seed harvesting machine Coromandel International Limited 6,50,000
58 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. G. Praveen Kumar, Dr. K. Balaji & Dr. K. Palanisamy Designing a steam condensate return system on a boiler, Scintin Leather factory Sunbest Pvt. Ltd. 15,000
59 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Saboor. S Testing of Energy Efficient Concrete Blocks ALADWA MUTHAMAYAZA TRD & CONT. CO. Oman 2,00,000
60 FY202223 Consultancy Dr. Renold Elson, Dr. Arunkumar (CBCMT) & Dr. Sunita Nayak (SBST) Development of Bio-ceramic 3D scaffolds by extrusion-based printing technique using Cellink BIO X System ALTEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 38,822
61 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy , Dr. Edwin Sudhagar P, Dr. Arun Tom Mathew & Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy M Composite Butt Joint Knockdown Factor Estimation Honeywell Technology solutions Lab Pvt.Ltd. 17,84,750
62 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. Thangaraj J & Dr. S. Babu Oil Cocking Estimation   11,08,492
63 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. G. Praveen Kumar, Dr. k. Balaji & Dr. K. palanisamy Designing a vacuum dryer thermal study Sunbest Pvt. Ltd. 15,000
64 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. P. Sakthivel Quantification & Investigation of Oil Pump Gear Noise of SAME DEUTZ-FAHR tractor engine variants at Engine Test Bed SAME DEUTZ-FAHR India Pvt. Ltd. 2,20,000
65 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. K. Balaji and Prof. Palanisamy K(SELECT) Energy Audit atCaplin Point Pvt. Ltd. Puducherry   50,000
66 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. K. Jayakrishna and Dr. G. Rajyalakshmi Circular Product Development Strategies for Responsible Consumption, Production, and End-of-Life Disposal AICTE - ATAL scheme 3,50,000
67 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. Benedict Thomas Development testing lab for high pressure hydrogen tribometer and conduct wear testing of composire samples Dover India Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru 11,56,800
68 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. Tapano Kumar Hotta, Dr. Aruna Kumar Behura, Dr. Bibuti Bhusan Sahoo & Dr. Chinmaya Prasad Mohanty Emissivity Test of Alumina-Based Refractory Material Carborundum Universal Ltd. 41,500
69 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. P. Sakthivel Development of Active Suspension and its Control algorithm for OnRoad Vehicles - BOSCH Bosch Global Software Technologies Private Limited 300000+ 100000 (Corporate Training)
70 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. Deepak Kumar Biswal, Dr. Nishant Tiwari & Dr. Lalit Kumar Bansal TPMS-based Heat Exchanger Design Model and Simulation Honeywell Technology solutions Lab Pvt.Ltd. 6,94,100
71 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. A. Satheesh, Dr. P. Padmanathan & Dr. C. Ramesh Kumar Computational Studies of Exhaust Gas of inline "Centri Air Flow" for IC Engines M/s Nakshathra Energy Pvt. Ltd. 3,54,000
72 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. Gunji Bala Murali Developing the Neem Fruit Collector mechanism Coromandel International Ltd. 4,99,553
73 FY202324 Consultancy Dr. Jambeswar Sahu Elemental Amalysis of Materials Sprint Testing Solutions, Nagpur 59,000