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School of Mechanical Engineering(SMEC)


Funded Projects

Sl. No Year Sanction order Number (Ref. No) Project Title Name of the Principal Investigator/
Name of the Funding Agency Category Duration of project
(in months)
Total sacntioned amount in Rs. Amount received in Rs. Current Status
1 2013 SB/FTP/ETA-0128/2013 Development of combustion chamber for LPG fulled lean burn spark ignition engine. Dr. Porpatham E DST-SERB Govt agency 48 3236000 2988884 Completed
2 2014 SB/S3/ME/35/2013 Hot corrosion studies on Alloy 617 OCC in ultra-supercritical power plant environment Dr. N. Arivazhagan, 
Dr. M. Nageswara Rao,
 Mr. A.H.V. Pawan
DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2953200 1824400 Completed
3 2014 SB/FT/CS-076/2013 Preparation of self bonded magnesium aluminate aggregates for refactory applications from synthesized (by coprecipitation) Magnesium aluminate hydrate.  Dr.Soumen Pal  DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2452000   Completed
4 2015 ARDB/01/2031754/M/I Studies on bi-metallic combinations of Inconel 718 and AISI 316 L stainless steel. Dr. Devendranath Ramkumar DRDO-AR&DB Govt agency 36 1237000 366000 Ongoing
5 2015 SB/S3/MMER/008/2014 Experimental study on Kalina Cycle System. Dr.Tangellapalli Srinivas
DST-SERB Govt agency 24 3400000 2770000 Completed
6 2015 SP/YO/006/2015 Development of Human Powered Vehicle for a sustainable Rural and Urban Transportation PI - Dr.Denis Ashok
Co-PI - Prof. Krishna


DST-SERB Govt agency 30 943098   Completed
7 2015 YSS/2014/000706 Development of PCGTA welding and activated flux TIG techniques for improved mechanical properties of super-austenitic stainless steels. Dr.Devendranath
DST-SERB Govt agency 36 1685000 895000 Ongoing
8 2015 F.No.02/77/2015-16/ICSSR/RPR Stress and Coping Styles Of Women Entrepreneurs In Tamil Nadu Prof.Subashini ICSSR Govt agency 24 1200000 480000 Ongoing
9 2016 SC-9/2015-16/ICSSR/RPS Crime Against Women Punishment Goals And Social Economic Life Of Victims Social Order And  Moderating Effect Of Public Protest Dr.Pulidindi Venugopal ICSSR Govt agency 24 1600000 03.04.3652 Ongoing
10 2016 SB/FTP/ETA-0009/2014 A study of structural domping and forced vibration responses of carbon nanotube reinforced rotation tapered hybrid composite plates. Dr. R. Vasudevan DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2146000 1115000 Ongoing
11 2016 YSS/2015/001525 Fabrication of novel ceramic composites by Microwave sintering. Dr. Raja Annamalai A DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2169310 1067170 Ongoing
12 2016 No.34/14/01/2016-BRNS/34027 Plasma Treatment On Metallic Materials With And Without Coatings For Biomedical
Dr. Geetha Manivasagam DAE-BRNS Govt agency 36 3444026 592125 Ongoing
13 2016 R.5/2/PG/15-16/PG2016015 Vibration and damping characteristics of woven aloe vera fibre fabric/hybrid polymer uniform and tapered honeycomb sandwich composite structures. Student Project, Guide -
Dr. G. Venkatachalam
IE(I) Govt agency 12 94200 94200 Completed
14 2016 39/14/21/2016-BRNS/34174 Theoretical Investigations and modeling of a double-screw Hydrogen Extruder. Dr.A.Senthil Kumar DAE-BRNS Govt agency 36 2368720 427750 ongoing
15 2016 ECR/2016/000935 Condition Monitoring and Damage Assessment during Cryogenic Drilling of CFRP for Improved Surface Integrity and Functional Performance. Dr. A. S. S. Balan DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2341070 1592520 ongoing
16 2016 ECR/2016/000768 Conjugate Heat Transfer Study of Turbulent Plane Jet Impinging onto a Moving Flat Plate at Inclined Angle. Dr. Devendra Kumar Patel DST-SERB Govt agency 36 1773660 822160 ongoing
17 2016 DST/INT/EGYPT/P-01/
Damping enhancement of laminated composite plate using CNT. Dr. S. Devindran
DST (Indo-Egypt)  Govt agency 24 630000 315000 Ongoing
18 2016 ECR/2016/001059 Sustainability and Composition Based Evaluation of Biofuel Energy Resources. Dr. Thangaraja J DST-SERB Govt agency 36 1993750   Ongoing
19 2016 NRB/4003/PG/386 Studies on laser-GMA-hybrid welding of high strength low alloy naval grade steel. Dr. N. Arivazhagan DRDO-NRB Govt agency 36 2241600 736000 Ongoing
20 2017 ECR/2016/001829 Effect of Perforation and Corrugation on the Nonlinear Flexural and Vibration Behavior of Heated Layered/Graded Composite Panels under Various Loading/Support Conditions. Dr.Vishesh Ranjan Kar DST-SERB Govt agency 36 1151700 872000 Ongoing
21 2017 ECR/2016/001808 Development of Telefacturing based distributed manufacturing support system for optimal manufacturing service for Indian small and medium scale enterprises. Dr. Vijaya Kumar Manupati DST - SERB Govt agency 36 1359600 250000 Ongoing
22 2017 EMR/2016/004138 Development of Engine Controller and Combustion Chamber for Multi-fule gas operated Spark Ignition Engine. Dr. Porpatham E
Co.PI. Dr. Sumathy - 10183
DST-SERB Govt agency 24 2398620 1744590 Ongoing
23 2017 ECR/2016/001972 Design and validation of additive manufactured catalytic converter for control of aldehyde emissions from a gasohol fueled spark spark ignition engine. Dr. Prakash R DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2404600 900000 Ongoing
24 2017 ECR/2016/001873 Aerothermodynamic analysis of Shock-Surface Interactions in high speed flow using Conjugate Heat Transfer Solver. Dr. Bibin John DST-SERB Govt agency 36 1446500   Ongoing
25 2017 ECR/2017/000906 Development of Lightweight carbon Nanomaterials Hybridized Hollow Glass Microspheres/Epoxy Conducting Composite Syntactic Foams. Dr. Ariful Rahaman S K DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2182780 1059830 Ongoing
26 2017 DARO/DBFA/83226/M/01/2031/D(R&D) Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Buckling and Vibration Behaviour of Non-uniformly heated laminated polymer nano composite plates PI - Dr.P.Jeyaraj
Co-PI - Dr.R.Vasudevan
AR&DB Govt agency 24 1566890 1063670 Ongoing
27 2017 ECR/2016/001938 Design and Development of Compliant Microgripper for Performing Minimally Invasive Biopsis. Dr. Bharanidharan Ramalingam DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2216500 1785500 Ongoing
28 2017 ECR/2017/000512 Design, Development of a Novel Method for Estimating Residual strength of Composite Structures Damaged by Impact Loading Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2573560 2157580 Ongoing
29 2017 DST/INT/UK/P-121/2016 Methanol Fed High Energy Density Fuel Cell  System with Novel Catalyst and Flow Field Design Prof. R.Thundil Karuppa Raj DST - UKIERI  Govt agency 36 12679116   Ongoing
30 2017 ECR/2017/001267 Development of a novel Injection Strategy for Hydrogen Fuelled Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim M DST-SERB Govt agency 36 2439140 1327310 Ongoing
31 2017 EEQ/2017/000096 Develpoment and peformance Evaluation of self lubricating Nanostructured Cold Sprayed Coatings Dr.B.Venkateswaralu DST-SERB Govt agency 36 3171000 1560000 Ongoing
32 2017 F.No.02/32/2017-18/RP/
A study on Awareness, Knowledge, Socio-economic Status and Willingnes to Purchase Consumer Goods in Vellore City. Dr. C. Padmavathy ICSSR Govt agency 24 600000 150000 Ongoing
33 2018 Con/BH/010/Rev-02 Design, Development,  Manufacturing and Certification Testing of Ballistic Helmets forDefence
PI - Dr.Padanaban
Co-PI - Dr.R.Vasudevan
Concorde Helmets Industry 18 1203600 503000 Ongoing
34 2018 DST/INT/UK/P-164/2017 D Micro-Stereolithography Printing of Scaffolds using Plant Oil Polymers and Graphene for Various
Functional Biomedical Applications
PI - Dr.A.S.S.Balan
Co-PI - Dr.R.Vasudevan
Co-PI - Dr.Arun Tom Mathew
UK-India Educational Research Initiative[UKIERI] Govt agency 24 4203823 0 Ongoing
35 2018 IAPP1R2\100145 Advanced Composite Materials Based Joint Industrial/Academic Curriculum Development for Automotive Sector in India & UK. PI from Cranfield University: Dr.Krzysztof Koziol
PI - Dr.R.Vasudevan
Co-PI - Dr.M.Ganapathy
Co-PI - Dr.T.C.Kanish
Royal Academy of Engineering -UK International
24 4474000 0 Ongoing
36 2018 ERIP/201705007/M/
Studies on Laser-GMA- Hybrid welding of maraging steel MDN 250 Dr. Arivazhagan  N
Co-PI Dr. Manikandan  M
DRDO Govt agency 36 1921000 0 Ongoing
37 2018 DRDL/21/15F/2017/0262/0227F Non-Linear Quasi static Buckling Response Analysis of Ellipsoidal Dome PI - Dr.R.Vasudevan
Co-PI - Dr.M.Ganapathy
Co-PI - Dr.R.Manoharan
DRDL Govt agency 24 1980000 0 Ongoing
38 2018 SR/NM/NT-1016/2017(G) Enhancement of first ply and progressive plies failure loads of composite plates using CNT Reinforcement  PI - Dr.R.Vasudevan
Co-PI- Dr.Edwin Sudhagar
DST-Nano Mission Govt agency 36 2453600 1424000 Ongoing
39 2018 EMR/2017/002297 Remote Activation of Shape memory effect in Polyurethane-graphene nanocomposites. Dr. Narendra Kumar U DST-SERB   3 2918625   Ongoing
40 2018 ARDB/01/2031894/M/I Condition Monitoring and Experimental Investigation of Residual Stress induced during deep cold rolling of superalloys for improved fatigue life and functional of aerospace components PI: Dr.A.S.BalanProf.R.Oyyaravelu AR&DB   2 1339000   Ongoing
41 2018 TARE/2018/001123 Development of novel deep learning, visual servoing approaches for improved detection of anti-tank mines using thermal vision mobile robot Dr.Denis Ashok DST-TARE   3 825000 275000 Ongoing
42 2019 EEQ/2018/000725 Sustainable Production of Fourth Generation Bio-butanol from Municipal Solid Waste Biomass and its Air Quality Assessment Using Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine Dr.K.Nanthagopal DST-SERB   3 3729000 2200000 Ongoing
43 2019 IAPP18-19\154 Design and development of a four-wheeled electric vehicle for research, teaching and outreach in Tamil Nadu, India Prof. R.Thundil Karuppa RajCo-PI: Dr. Denis Ashok (Emp ID: 12481) Royal Academy of Engineering -UK   2 4632000 1000000 Ongoing
44 2019 18/19 - IAPP18-19\161 Enhancing research based learning and teaching on advanced materials and manufacturing technologies for aerospace sectors in India and UK Dr. Devendranath RamkumarDr.T.C.KansihDr. A. Raja Annamalai Industry Academia Partnership Programme - 18/19 - IAPP18-19\161 - Successful   2 4633000 1794142 Ongoing
45 2019 CRD/2018/000061 Sustainable fourth generation bio-fuel from micro-algae and its characterization for automotive application as future bio-energy Dr.B.AshokCo-PI: Dr. K.Nanthagopal- Emp ID: 10783 DST-ASEAN-INDO (AISTDF)   02 years 1342000   Ongoing
46 2019   Design and Development of an jaffordble gait training device. Dr. Mohan Verma DST-SERB   2-Jan-1900 2515270   Ongoing
47 2019   Comparative evaluation of Joints produced by GTAW and PAW in 12 mm thick plates of maraging steel MDN 250 for microstructure, microsegregation, strength and fracture toughness Dr.M.ManikandanCo-PI : Dr. Arivazhagan - Emp ID: 11234Dr. Nageswara Rao M-14868 AR & DB   03 years 1416600   Ongoing
48 2019 GTRE/MMG/BMR1/1146/19/CARS/A/19 dated on 10/Sep/2019 Development of criteria for estimating dynamic magnification factor of mistuned bladed disk under forced vibration Dr.Mallikarjuna Reddy GTRE Bangalore   02 years 9500000   Ongoing
49 2019 TNSCST/STP-PRG/AR/2018-2019 Experimental Investigations on crossworthiness of carbon Dr.P.Ponnusamy Tamilnadu State Council of Science and Technology, Tamilnadu   02 years 415000    
50 2019 TAR!2019/000008 Tare project Dr.RAMAKRISHNANR DST-TARE     1830000    
51 2019 SRG/2019/002038 Design and Development of CNT Reinforced ceramic composite scaffold by Additve Manufacturing Technique for Bone Tissue Regeneration Dr.Renold Elsen DST-SERB   3 3114690 1762540 Ongoing
52 2019 CRG/2019/003325 Development of Flex-Fuel Engine Map and Multi-Mode Combustion Strategy for Ethanol-Gasoline Fueled Direct Injection Motorcycle Engine Dr.B.Ashok DST-SERB   3 4400000   Ongoing
53 2019 Linnaeus Palme Dr.K.JayakrishnaDr.A.K.JeevananthamEmp ID:11106 Swidish Council for higher education     592000   Ongoing

FIST and Erasmu Funded Projects

Sl. No Year Title Project Ref. ID Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration Total Project Cost Amount received in Rs. Current Status Collaboration if any(International/National)
1 2004 DST - FIST Programme - Automotive Research Center   Dr. S. Narayanan DST-FIST 5 5500000   Completed Nil
2 2011 Advanced Material Processing and Testing - DST - FIST Programme, SMBS SR/FST/ETI-288/2010 Dean - Dr. A.Senthil KumarCo-PI: Prof. P. KuppanProf. M.NageswaraRaoProf. K.SenthilKumaranProf. K. Devakumaran DST-FIST 5 25700000   Completed Nil
3 2019 A New Master Course in Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics" on establishing a New InternationalPG Degree Program in the Area of Computational Fluid Dynamics through 609965-EPP-1-2019-1-TH-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP Dr.R.VasudevanProf. Satyajit GhoshProf. Bibin John Prof. Thundil Karuppa Raj RProf. Satheesh EProf.Devendrakumar PatelProf. Ashok KProf. Sekarapandian N Prof. Padmanathan P Erasmus+ Scheme" under "Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education 2019 (CBHE2019)   76751152   Ongoing Chiang Mai University , ThailandCranfield University, UKUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain University of Malaya, MalaysiaReadLab-Research Innovation Development Lab, Athens, GreeceChiang Mai University , ThailandNaresuan University, Thailand UiTM, Sarawak, MalaysiaUniversity of Patras, Greece Manipal Academy of Higher Education, IndiaEEOGroup, Ethens