School of Computer Science Engineering and Information Systems (SCORE)


Sl No Fin. Year PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR CO-PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR Project Title Funding Agency Sanction Date Duration(Yrs) Sanctioned Amount
1 FY2022-23 Dr. Sweta Bhattacharya Dr. Sumathy S,Dr.Thippa Reddy G,Dr. Rajesh Kaluri Co-designing a 'Smart curriculum' and 'a method of personalised delivery ' for inclusive value-added coursed on Industry 4.0 Technologies British Council 15-12-2022 1 1674000
2 FY2022-23 Dr.Shunmuga Perumal P - Visual Autonomous Navigation for Ground Robots in Agriculture for Under-Canopy monitoring with Flexible Sensing Platform. DST-TiHAN 15-05-2022 1.5 1037300
3 FY2021-22 Dr. Agilandeeswari.L Dr. Prabukumar M Image and Video Processing Techniques with the use of Biometrics Prince Sultan Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 09-02-2021 1 56250
4 FY2020-21 Dr. Rajesh Kaluri Dr. Thippa Reddy Dr. Dharmendra Singh Rajput Dr. Kuruva Lakshmanna DIVERSASIA ? Embracing diversity in ASIA through the adoption of inclusive open practices. Erasmus programme of the European Union 15-Jan-2021 3 7341000
5 FY2020-21 Dr. Rajesh Kaluri Prof. Thippa Reddy  G, Prof. Dharmendra Singh Rajput, Prof. Kuruva Lakshmanna DIVERSASIA – Embracing diversity in ASIA through the adoption of inclusive open practices. EPEU 15-01-2021 3 7341000
6 FY2020-21 Dr.  Prabhu  J   Weather-based maize yield forecast in Saudi Arabia using statistical analysis and Machine learning. KSAKFU 01-08-2020 .05 587753
7 FY2020-21 Dr. Chandrasekaran  S.S Prof. Ganapathy  G.P, Prof. Ganesan  K Development of forewarning system for landslides in the Nilgiris. DST 12-07-2020 3 5000000
8 FY2019-20  Dr. A. L. Arthy   Thermal Image VIT 27-08-2019 1 300000
9 FY2019-20  Dr. S.P. Shantharajah   BCI (Brain Computer Interface) for Predictive Analysis of Neurodegenerative Disorders in Geriatric Population VIT 27-08-2019 1 150000
10 FY2019-20  Dr. Parimala M   Assimilation of Satellite data to predict rainfall during tropical cyclone VIT 27-08-2019 1 75000
11 FY2018-19  Dr. Aswani Kumar Cherukuri Dr. Sumaiya Thaseen Intelligent anomaly detection system for encrypted network traffic SPARC 15-03-2019 2 6295953
12 FY2018-19 Dr. Ch. Aswani Kumar   Intelligent Techniques for Network Traffic Anomaly Detection VIT 15-10-2018 1 300000
13 FY2018-19 Dr. S. Sumathy   Development of an information portal to address the challenges faced by abandoned women in the society with special reference to State of Tamilnadu VIT 15-10-2018 1 75000
14 FY2018-19 Dr. M Prabukumar   To monitor the level of Deforestation using Hyperspectral image processing techniques VIT 15-10-2018 1 250000
15 FY2018-19   Dr. L. Agilandeeswari   Thermal Imaging based Wild Animals Monitoring System VIT 15-10-2018 1 250000
16 FY2018-19  Dr. Divya Udhayan   Investigation on Geo-Information Processing Communication Technologies in Urban Governance Using CityGML in Indian scenario VIT 15-10-2018 1 125000
17 FY2018-19 Dr. RAJAKUMAR K Dr. ARUNKUMAR T, Dr. PRABHAVATHY P Development of Automated Web based Online Feature Tracking system using Shape Adaptive Curvelet with PCA and Haralick Texture Feature ISRO 28-06-2018 2 1138000
18 FY2018-19  Dr. Daphne Lopez Dr. M Varalakshmi A Big Data Processing Framework to Model Vector Borne Disease Dynamics Based on the Seasonal Changes ISRO 31-05-2018 3 1566000
19 FY2017-18  Dr.Lakshmi Priya G G   Human action recognition in unconstrained videos VIT 14-09-2017 1 150000
20 FY2017-18 Dr. Divya Udhayan   Indian Heritage Reconstruction and Augmented Reality Based Rendering Over Real Space VIT 14-09-2017 1 100000
21 FY2017-18 Dr. Ganesan K Mr.  Don Sasikumar Image processing techniques for extracting ocean features from satellite imagery DRDO 08-08-2017 1 995000
22 FY2016-17 Dr. Jeyanthi N   Secured cloud based voice over IP application for tele medicine to rural India DST 06-09-2016 2 1726902
23 FY2016-17  Dr. Prasanna M   Design and Development of predictive Health aware HEALASAN Kit for yoga practitioners using MetaHeuristics approach VIT 01-04-2016 1 70000
24 FY2015-16 Dr. Aswani Kumar Ch.   Quantum Inspired Context Sensitive Cognitive Conceptual Spaces DST 08-09-2015 3 1602800
25 FY2015-16 Dr. Dr. Dhramendra singh   Computationl Models for content miniting in large web document batabase. VIT 01-04-2015 1 300000
26 FY2014-15 Dr. ch. Aswani Kumar   Investigations on role based access control using fuzzy formal  concept analysis and description logic. VIT 01-04-2014 1 300000
27 FY2014-15 Dr. Ch. Aswani Kumar   Investigations on fuzzy formal concept analysis DAE 01-11-2011 3 777600
28 FY2011-12 Dr. Daphne Lopez Dr. M. Parimala Spatio-temporal transmission model for H1N1 using clustering for Vellore ICMR 1-May-2011 3 1145162
Sl. No Year Project Titles Principal Investigator Funding Agency Date of Comm from Total Project Cost Current Status
1 2022 Development a robust deep neural network for Atrial Fibrillation Detection Dr.Thippa Reddy G,cc:Dr.Rajeswari C,Dr.Nancy Victor,Dr.Sweta Bhattacharya,Dr.Praveen Kumar Reddy M University of Hail 1-Nov-2022 1050000.00 Completed
2 2022 Mathematical Epidemic Modeling and Forecasting of CoViD-19 using Deep Learning Techniques. Dr.Neelu Khare KACST,King Saud University 16-Oct-2022 263160.00 Completed
3 2022 Improving Crash Recovery from Web Databases Dr.Sumangali K,Dr.Asha N Mk Systems and Hosting Solutions 6-Oct-2022 11800.00 Completed
4 2022 Deep Learning Based Model for Detecting the Employee's Activities in Working Environment Dr.Uma K,cc:Dr.Iyapparaja M, Nigus Systems Private Limited 20-Sep-2022 29500.00 Completed
5 2022 AWS and relevant Technologies Training for DT3 employees PHASE-I Dr.Siva Rama Krishnan S,cc:Dr.Jayakumar S,Dr.Nallakaruppan M.K.,Dr.Srinivas Koppu,Dr.Sweta Bhattacharya,Dr.Senthil Kumaran U Digital T3 software services (DT3) 22-Aug-2022 18800.00 Completed
6 2022 Handling customer data securely using new technologies Dr.Prasanna S,cc:Dr.Navaneethan C Mk Systems and Hosting Solutions 16-Jun-2022 30000.00 Completed
7 2022 Tool for Identification of Paper Citation Dr.Pounambal M,cc:Dr.Sumathy S,Dr.Dhinesh Babu L.D,Dr.Gitanjali J KAS Innovative India Pvt Ltd 16-May-2022 40000.00 Completed
8 2022 Blue Cross Blue Shield - Health Insurance Dr.Vanmathi C Perficient India Pvt Ltd 2-May-2022 110063.00 Completed
9 2022 Blue Cross Blue Shield Dr.Sumaiya Thaseen I Perficient India Pvt Ltd 2-May-2022 415125.00 Completed
10 2022 Blue Cross Blue Shield Dr.V.Priya Perficient India Pvt Ltd 2-May-2022 267525.00 Completed
11 2022 Tool for Identification of Paper Citation Dr.Gitanjali J, CC:Dr.Karthikeyan J KAS Innovative India Pvt Ltd 16-Mar-2022 28000.00 Completed
12 2022 Deduction of Cardiac Arrest using the Data Set(MI,Deep Learning,AI) Dr.Sujatha R,cc:Dr.Anitha A Scope Tech Solutions 16-Feb-2022 30000.00 Completed
13 2019 Developing face-recognition based HR automation solution. Dr. K. Ganesan Cleveron Tech works, Vellore 27-Sep-2019 50000 ongoing
14 2019 Development of vision-based medicine recognition system. Dr. K. Ganesan Cleveron Tech works, Vellore 27-Sep-2019 150000 ongoing
15 2019 Assessment module of Nexrise Android Application. Prof. N. Deepa
Prof. B. Prabadevi 14409
Nexrise Technology private limited, Chennai ############ 25000 ongoing
16 2018 Simulation and Visualization of Cultural heritage. Dr. Divya Udayan NVIDIA Corporation,  25-Sep-2018 147000 Ongoing
17 2016 Arya Samaj Negar, Bhopal, Designing and developing their Web site. Dr. Neelu Khare Arya Samaj Negar, Bhopals 13-Dec-2016 15000.00 Completed
18 2015 Consultancy work Dr. Aswani Kumar Cherukuri Suriya Dxi, LLC 31-Dec-2015 501975.00 Completed
19 2015 Consultancy work on Android application for "ECG Basics" Prof. G. Thippa Reddy &
Prof. G. Nagarajan (13338)
M/s Sree Diabetic Care Center, Andhara Pradesh. 15-Dec-2015 25000.00 Completed
20 2015 "Contextual search with respect to the longitude and latitude of a subject in an ecosystem"  Dr. Pradeep Reddy CH B2 Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad 5-Oct-2015 150000.00 Completed