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Research Areas

Tyres and Vehicle Dynamics

  • Source identification, prediction, and investigation of noise and vibration   generation mechanisms of a Passenger Car


  • Friction studies on engine components, Impact of biofuel on automotive components, Lubricating oils, Nanoparticle-based lubricants

Hydrogen fuelled engines

  • Experimental studies on hydrogen-fuelled SI engines

Hybrid Power trains

  • Develop hybrid powertrains using electric motors
  • Optimization of power delivery, energy management, and torque distribution for track and road applications

HCCI engines

  •  Experimental investigations on hydrogen-fuelled HCCI engine

Engine management systems

  • Development of engine controller for multi-fuel gas operated SI engine
  • Development and validation of an improved position control strategy for an electronic throttle body

Engine emission control

  • Automotive engine exhaust treatment

Alternative fuels

  • Investigations  on LPG fuelled lean burn spark ignition engine
  • Experimental and theoretical studies on combustion in a CNG fuelled lean burn spark ignition engine
  • Design and development of variable  valve actuation mechanism
  • Investigations on liquid phase LPG  fuelled spark ignition engine
  • Use of Methanol in SI engine
  • Experimental investigations on performance and durability studies of an  automotive diesel engine fuelled with ethanol-biodiesel blends