Centre for Functional Materials(CFM)

Ongoing Research Projects
S.No Project Title Investigator(s) Funding Agency Amount(Lakhs of Rs.) Period Status
1 Development of magnetic nanocomposites comprisingBa0.5Sr0.5Fe12O19 /Y3Fe5O12 for permanent magnet applications Dr R Ezhil Vizhi DST-SERB Rs. 30.84 Lakhs 2017-2021 Ongoing
2 Ferrocene ConjugatedY-Shaped Chromophores as Potential Sensitizers in Dye Sensitized SolarCells with Innovative Redox Mediators Dr. Palanisami N DST (International Division Indo-Italian) Rs. 16.30 Lakhs 2017-2020 Ongoing
3 Unveiling the novel states at the interface betweenoxide and 2D van der Waals materials Ankur Rastogi VIT R.s 2,00,000 2020-2021 Ongoing
4 Second Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of (Ferrocene/non-Ferrocene)-IntegratedLinear, X-, Y-, V- and H-shaped Heteroaromatic Push-Pull Chromophores Dr. Palanisami N. VIT Rs.2,00,000 2020-2021 Ongoing
5 (i) Atomic scale characterisation of singular defectsin h-BN
(ii) Resistive switching in single layer VO2
Dr. Ramesh Thamankar VIT 1,00,000 2020-2021 Ongoing
Completed Research Projects
S.No Project Title Investigator(s) Funding Agency Amount(Lakhs of Rs.) Period Status
1 Atomic scale characterisation of singular defects in h-BN and c-BN Dr. Ramesh Thamankar VIT 1,00,000 2019-2020 Completed
2 Electric field induced Metal-Insulator Transition in nanoscale Dr. Ramesh Thamankar VIT 25000 2018-2019 Completed.
3 Aromatic and Y-shapedHeteroaromatic Donor subunits in Borasiloxane Rings/Cages: Structural,Luminescence, Nonlinear Optical and DFT Studies. Dr.Palanisami N CSIR-Extramural ResearchGrant Rs. 7.0 Lakhs 2017-2020 Completed
4 Linear, X-and Y-ShapedBorasiloxanes derived from Ferrocene Conjugated Boronic Acids:Structural, Electrochemical, Luminescence, Nonlinear Optical and DFTStudies Dr. Palanisami N DST-SERB ExtramuralResearch Grant Scheme Rs. 26.62 Lakhs 2017-2020 Completed
5 Fabrication and characterization of magnetic impurity doped CuGaS2 thinfilms for high efficiency intermediate band solar cell application Dr.S.Kalainathan DST-JSPS INR 15,14,200 2017-2019 Completed
6 Investigation of luminescence property and scintillation mechanisms of1,1,4,4-tetraphenyl-1,3-butadine organic scintillation single crystalfor fast neutron detection Dr.S.Kalainathan DST-SERB INR21.705 Lakhs 2016-2019 Completed
7 Development of Room Temperature Ferromagnetic,Transparent,ConductingMn,Fe doped ITO thin films Dr.S.Kaleemulla UGC-DAE-CSR Kalpakam INR6.85 Lakh 2015-2018 Completed
8 Laser Peening of Alpha Titanium Alloys Dr.S.Kalainathan DST-SERB INR41.75600 Lakhs 2014-2017 Completed
9 Growth and characterization of 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene(3PB)by solutiongrowth method Dr.S.Kalainathan BRNS INR 13.10 Lakhs 2014-2017 Completed
10 Study of hydrophobic nature of polyamide ? phenol/phenolic resincomplexes using water contact angle measurement Dr.M.Malathi DRDO Rs.19.50 Lakhs 2014-2017 Completed
11 Microwave synthesis of NiMg and NiMgZn ferrites for electromagneticinterference shielding Dr.W.Madhuri DRDO Rs.16lakhs 2014-2017 Completed
12 Investigation on the growth aspects and propertystudies of Alkali, (I-A) metals mixed boro succinates and malonatessingle crystal Dr R Ezhil Vizhi DST-SERB (Fast Track Young Scientist) Rs. 16.44 Lakhs 2013-2017 Completed