Technology Information Forecasting and assessment Council (TIFAC)

Funded Projects

1 2021 Fuel Cell Powered Electric Bicycles With Solar Generator Based RefuelingTechnique
For Sustainable Transportation
Dr. Elangovan D International DST/INT/Egypt/P-01/2019 2021-2023 9.1
2 2017 Image Processing Techniques for Extracting Ocean Features from SatelliteImagery Dr. K GanesanDr. Don, National DRDO (Sanction Order No. NPOL/18CR0003/240/PR-240) 2017 9.95
3 2014 TIFAC-MSME Internship Scheme Dr. K Ganesan National TIFAC, New Delhi 2014-till date 13.17
4 2010 Chaos Based security systems in Transform Domain Dr. K Ganesan National DST (Sanction order No : SR/S2/HEP-16/2009) 2010-2013 19.44
5 2005 TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics VIT National TIFAC, New Delhi 2005-till date 200
6 2022 Nano filled natural ester impregnated surface modified pressboards for suppressing
partial discharges in transformers
Co-PI National DST-SERB 2022-25 50.73
Seed Money
1 2021 Design and development of solar powered unmanned multipurpose vehicle for
agricultural applications along with business model to address farmer welfare.
Dr. Suprava Chakraborty
Dr. Elangovan D.
Dr. Thundil Karuppa Raj R
Dr. Padma Lakshmi G
National Seed Grant-VIT 2021-2023 1.89
2 2016 Design of IOT Enabled Engine Lubrication Oil Contamination DetectionSystem for
Improving Fuel Efficiency.
Dr. Rammohan National RGMS 2016-2017 2.5
3 2016 Foot Pressure distribution measurement system. Dr. K Ganesan National RGMS 2016-2017 3

Consultancy Projects

Sl. No Financial Year Faculty Involved Name of the Consultancy Project Consultancy Agency Revenue Generated (INR in lakhs.)
1 2021 Dr D Elangovan, Dy.Director
Mr. N. S. Manikandan, System Architect
Artificial Intelligence NUVENTO SYSTEMS Private Limited,Kochi, Kerala - 682303 Ongoing (2)
2 2019 Mr. N. S. Manikandan, System Architect
Mr.N.Rajesh, Lab Asst.
Vision Based Medicine Recognition System Cleveron TechWorks Pvt.Ltd , Vellore 2.24
Face Recognition Based HR Automation Solution
3 2016 Dr. K. Ganesan, Director,
Dr. C.K. Subramaniam, Prof., SAS,
Ms. Meera. V, Sr. Dev. Engineer
Electrical System Design Verification [Evaluation & Assessment] Eicher Motors Limited, Chennai 2.24
4 2016 Prof. A. Rammohan Design & Simulation of Engine Model for Software FMEA in Gasoline Engine Continental AutomotiveComponents India Pvt.Ltd,Bangalore 2.4
5 2015 Mr. N. S. Manikandan, System Architect
Ms. D. Shalini, Sr. Dev. Engineer
Foot Pressure Analysis using Pressure mat scanner ELITE Electro Medical Equipments (P) Ltd.,Madurai 0.75
Smart Executive
Foot Surface measurement
Foot Ulcer Measurement
Amplifier Circuit using OPA2333
6 2014 Mr. Jayanthan. Ra. V, Dev. Engineer
Ms. Madhuraambiga. N.T, Dev. Engineer
Design of Ophthalmic Imaging for New Born Babies Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology, Bangalore 12.2
7 2013-2014 Mr. N. S. Manikandan, System Architect
Mr. D. Sridhar, Dev. Engineer
Blind spot warning using mobile interface Renault Nissan Technology & Business CentreIndia Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore 10.11
Traffic sign detection system and ADAS applications (ADAS)
8 2012 Ms. D. Shalini, Sr. Dev. Engineer Automatic Slack Adjuster WABCO India Limited, Chennai 0.4
9 2012 Mr. M. K. Mohanaprabhu, Sr. Tech.
Ms. T. Revathi, Sr. Tech.
Product Development of Power Supply Controller Unit Connoiseur Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore 0.4
10 2012 Mr. T. Ramanathan, Dev. Engineer
Mr.Baranidharan A.P, Sr.Tech.
Management System for Li-ion Batteries Amara Raja Batteries, Tirupati 4.49
11 2011 Mr. M. K. Mohanaprabhu, Sr. Tech.
Ms. T. Revathi, Sr. Tech.
Test Rig for M&M Combinational switch Kostal NTTF, Vellore 0.43
12 2011 Mr.G.Venkatakrishnan, Delphi Thermal Analysis ? RFPS Card CoreEL Technologies, Bangalore 0.55
FloTHERM 0.99
13 2010 Mrs. D.Valli, Asso. Prof
Mr. Sasikumar C, Dev. Engr
Echo cancellation for e-tracking device e-Logistics, Chennai 0.25
14 2010 Mr. Immanuel Singh, Dev. Engr
Mr. M. K. Mohanaprabhu, Sr. Tech.
Ms. T. Revathi, Sr. Tech.
Continuity Tester for Roof Blower Switch Kostal NTTF 0.05
Intermittent Durability Test Rig Rotary Blower Switch TATA Safari HVACLife span test
for AC Roof blower switch
Life span test for AC Roof blower switch 0.08
Test bed for OVRM rotary push switch 0.02
Test Rig for Slider Part Checking (Mirror Switch) 0.05
15 2010 Mr.Sasikumar C, Dev. Engr Blupen Tepp 0.68
16 2010 Ms. Mohana V, Dev. Engr Low Cost Handheld Computing Device with Barcode Acquisition 0.69
17 2008 Mr.Sasikumar C, Dev. Engr Design of Electronic Engine Speed Control Indian Nippon Electricals Ltd. (INEL), Hosur 2.33
18 2007 Mr. Vinoth Kumar R, JRA
Mr.Sasikumar C, Dev. Engr
Design of ECU for power regulation in a two wheeler 2.04