Technology Information Forecasting and assessment Council (TIFAC)

TIFAC CORE is an initiative of Government of India wherein the collaboration between Industry and Academia is insisted. Keeping this in mind the Centre is offering a PG program on “Automotive Electonics”. The course is offered in collaboration with School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE) at Vellore campus. The students are exposed to various emerging technologies and hence are getting jobs in R & D Centres. The centre is also conducting a number of short term training programs (workshops) in order to inculcate inter-disciplinary real time problem solving approach among students. The centre has completed many consultancy projects with industry collaboration and filed more than 25 patents. Some of the key focus areas of the center includes sustainable mobility, fuel cell powered electric bicycles, hydrogen vehicle and renewable powered smart charging infrastructure for EVs. The ongoing projects of the center are funded by both national and international funding agencies. The center has a strong research collaboration with scientists from leading research laboratories within India as well as across the globe.

Currently the centre is focussing on:

  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Renewable powered EV charging infrastructure.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System.
  • AI based Driverless Cars for Indian Roads.
  • Sub-system development related to Electric Mobility.

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TIFAC-CORE faculty members have obtained numerous projects from various extramural funding agencies like DST, DRDO, TIFAC- New Delhi and other international collaborative projects. The research center takes up funded research projects under the broad areas of automotive Infotronics sustainable mobility, fuel cell powered electric bicycles, hydrogen vehicle and renewable powered smart charging infrastructure for EVs.


The center has a very competitive and healthy publishing culture. The published journals include International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Energies, Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects, Human Factors and Ergonomics In Manufacturing, International Journal of Vehicle Structures and systems, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, etc.



One of the areas of focus of the center is on New Product Development and the generation of intellectual wealth. The faculty members of the center had filed over 26 patents since 2014. 3 nos. of patents have already been awarded including one US patent. The list of patents filed include Renewable Energy Powered Wireless Fast Charger For Electric Bicycle, A liquid-cooled battery thermal management system for a two-wheeler vehicle, Vehicle To Grid And Grid To Vehicle Wireless Charger For...


Many real time applications can be solved using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence based techniques. But these techniques demand large amount of samples with variety. If the data is more, then the accuracy will be better.

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TIFAC-CORE has active research collaborations with various leading international and national universities, research institutes, industries, and start-ups to perform real-time projects. Some of the notable International institutes with which we have active collaborations include Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Pohang, South Korea, Clean and Resilient Energy Systems (CARES) Laboratory, Texas A&M University, Laboratory of Advanced Electric Grids (LGRID), Escola Politecnica, University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil, Beijing Institute of Technology, China, Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark etc. Some of the notable national collaborations include Nuvento Systems Pvt. Ltd, Cleveron Techworks Pvt. Ltd., CSIR-CEERI, CDAC-Kolkata etc.

  • ECU development 
  • Automotive protocols 
  • Electric vehicle development
  • Embedded system design
  • Model based design
  • Circuit simulation
  • Hardware implementation 

List of Workshops/Cerrtificate programs organised in TIFAC


Dr. D.Elangovan

Deputy Director


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Tamil Nadu, India


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