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Technology Information Forecasting and assessment Council (TIFAC)

TIFAC CORE in Automotive Infotronics is an initiative of Government of India wherein the collaboration between Industry and Academia is insisted. Keeping this in mind the Centre is offering a PG program on “Automotive Electonics”. The course is offered in collaboration with School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE) at Vellore campus. The students are exposed to various emerging technologies and hence are getting jobs in R & D Centres. The centre is also conducting a number of short term training programs (workshops) in order to inculcate inter-disciplinary real time problem solving approach among students. The centre has completed 25 consultancy projects (with Industries) and filed more than 25 patents. Currently the centre is focussing 3 major areas :

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System.
  • AI based Driverless Cars for Indian Roads.
  • Sub-system development related to Electric Mobility.


  • TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics
  • Image Processing Techniques for Extracting Ocean Features from Satellite Imagery
  • Chaos Based security systems in Transform Domain
  • TIFAC-MSME Internship Scheme


  • Journal of Transportation Technologies, Vol.1, No.5, 2012
  • American Journal of Signal processing, Vol.1(1), 2012.
  • International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, 2012;  1(2): 7-12 
  • Aquaculture International Journal (Springer) Oct 2012.


DMTIOLA - Decision Making Tool for Identification of Optimal Location in Aqua Farming Development

The proposed idea discloses a technology based smart solution for effective cooking of food. The present invention aims at developing a low cost add on electronic control unit which can be connected with the existing cooking system. The envisaged system results in locally / remotely controlling, monitoring and updating the status of the cooking process to an authorized user.


Many real time applications can be solved using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence based techniques. But these techniques demand large amount of samples with variety. If the data is more, then the accuracy will be better.

Click here to view - Research & Development Activities in Big data analytics & Artificial Intelligence


  • ECU development 
  • Automotive protocols 
  • Electric vehicle development
  • Embedded system design
  • Model based design
  • Circuit simulation
  • Hardware implementation 

Industrial collaboration:

TIFAC-CORE has  collaboration with many industries for doing real-time projects along with faculties, staff and students of TIFAC-CORE. The following companies signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TIFAC-CORE, VIT.

List of Workshops/Cerrtificate programs organised in TIFAC


International Virtual conference Electric Mobility 2020

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