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Technology Information Forecasting and assessment Council (TIFAC)


S. No Title Inventors Application No.
1 In Vehicle Networking based Services K. Ganesan, Sri Lavanya Paleti, Sri Sudha Garimella 13/018,477 (US) (PATENT AWARDED in Aug 2014)
2 Driver Assistance System For Blind Turns K. Ganesan, Naman Jain 5311/CHE/2012
3 Next Generation Remote Control K. Ganesan, K. Santosh, T. J. N. Surya Rao, K. Narasimha Rao, M. B. S. Mahesh, S. Balaji Gupta, D. Manikanta 2010/CHE/2013
4 Automatic Tracking and Moving Object Following Load Carrying Locomotive K. Ganesan, Gaurav Pohuja, Akanksha Parad, Mukta Jain 5575/CHE/2013
5 Customer Centric, Secured Locker System K. Ganesan, Kanaga. G 5576/CHE/2013
6 Dynamic Brake Force Display (Rear) Rammohan A, K. Ganesan, Sree Harsha K, Navaneeth Ankam 5577/CHE/2013
7 Mobile Usage Denial System While Driving Vehicles K. Ganesan, Sidda Mahesh Reddy 5578/CHE/2013
8 Automatic Helmet Detection System for Two Wheelers K. Ganesan, Ankit Jain, Chandra Shekhar Pujari 5579/CHE/2013
9 Imaging Based Automatic Vehicle Windshield/Window Tint Detection System K. Ganesan, Swapnil M. Parate 5580/CHE/2013
10 Detection of Improper Use of Clutch Rammohan A, K. Ganesan, Sree Harsha K, Navaneeth Ankam 5581/CHE/2013
11 Electronic Belt for Waist Measurement K. Ganesan, T J N Surya Rao, Narasimha Rao Kommuri 5582/CHE/2013
12 Real Time all Weather Vision System for Clear Visibility Kaliyaperumal Ganesan,
Sayan Giri, Satyajit Bhattacharya
13 Smart Bin Tracking System K. Ganesan, Soham Kamani, Akshay punjabi 5444/CHE/2014
14 Intravenous Fluid Monitoring and Alerting System K. Ganesan, D. Shalini 5445/CHE/2014
15 Configurable Battery Management System for Portable Devices Inventors: Amara Raja Batteries Limited Venkateswarlu Manne, Suryanarayana Murthy Kurivella, Balaji Goalla Inventors: VIT University : Subramaniam Chittur Krishnaswamy, Ganesan Kaliyaperumal, Ramanathan. T 3288/CHE/2015
(29.June 2015)
16 Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Smart Cooking System Ganesan Kaliyaperumal, Revathi Thiyagarajan 5395/CHE/2015 (09.Oct 2015)
17 Safe Calls for Vehicle Riders Ganesan Kaliyaperumal, Vishnu S. Nair, Jenish Abraham. V 5396/CHE/2015 (09.Oct 2015)
18 (Unique Traction Sharing Method for Electric/Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Hybrid Three Wheelers) A VEHICLE TRACTION SYSTEM Subramaniam C K, Kaliyaperumal Ganesan, Givith Abraham, Jayapal C C, Jerin Geogy George, Nithin P V, Siddharth M 201641027055
19 IoT Enabled Single & Three Phase Inverters Kaliyaperumal Ganesan
Subramaniam Chittur Krishnaswamy
Aruldoss Peterlouis Baranidharan
Meera. V
2017 (Submitted for filing)
20 Unique Hybrid Share & Energy Utilization Protocol for Existing Two Wheelers Subramaniam C K, Kaliyaperumal Ganesan, Ritayan Jeta, Saurabh Jain, Chandresh Trivedi 2017 (Submitted for filing)


S. No Title Inventors Registration No.
1 DMTIOLA - Decision Making Tool for Identification of Optimal Location in Aqua Farming Development P. Mahalakshmi, K. Ganesan SW-6092/2013
Dt. 15.02.2013

IoT Enabled Smart Pressure Cooking System

Dr. K. Ganesan , Director, TIFAC-CORE,T. Revathi, Senior Technician,TIFAC-CORE, VIT


  • The proposed idea discloses a technology based smart solution for effective cooking of food.
  • The present invention aims at developing a low cost add on electronic control unit which can be connected with the existing cooking system.
  • The envisaged system results in locally / remotely controlling, monitoring and updating the status of the cooking process to an authorized user.
  • Using the proposed system, an end user can operate the cooking system locally or remotely via Internet or via simple messaging system service.
  • The sensor unit interfaced with the proposed electronic control unit will identify the frequency of the whistle originating from the pressure cooker and starts counting it.
  • Options are provided to the user (via (Graphical) user interface) to configure the temperature, schedule of the induction heating element, duration of cooking time, the number of whistles for which the food is to be cooked.

Design of smart weighing machine to capture vital signs for diabetic screening

Dr. K. Ganesan , Director, TIFAC-CORE,D.Shalini, Senior Development Engineer,TIFAC-CORE, VIT


  • The present invention aims at designing an affordable device that can detect earlier signs of foot complications and other vital parameters associated with diabetes.
  • The machine act as a single integrated device that contains extensive set of physiological sensors such as ultrasonic sensor, load cell, blood pressure sensor, pulse rate sensor, pulse oximeter based sensor and IR thermometer which can measure all the vital parameters such as height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, pulse rate, Blood Hemoglobin concentration, body temperature, foot pressure and vision testing including Color blindness. This in turn will digitally acquire all the vital parameters.
  • The hardware units such as weighing machine, microcontrollers, wireless systems, fingerprint readers, sensors and digital display units are used in this system.
  • Acquired vital parameters are stored in the sufficient storage memory locally and depicted in the display unit and transferred later via 4G modem for the remote access to doctors.
  • The system is also interfaced with a fingerprint reader so that the user (if he wants) is identified and can share his private information with the hospital / doctor.