Technology Information Forecasting and assessment Council (TIFAC)

1 AY 2021-2022 Peter K Joseph, Dr. D. Elangovan Flexible Distance Wireless Charger For Electrified Vehicles 202041006239 20-Aug-21 Published India
2 AY 2021-2022 Santanu Kumar Dash, Elangovan Devaraj A smart photovoltaic tied unified power quality conditioner system 202141055872 02-Dec-21 Filled India
3 AY 2020-2021 Elangovan D, Peter K Joseph, Arunkumar G Renewable Energy Powered Wireless Fast Charger For Electric Bicycle 201941031746 23-Apr-21 Awarded (364892) India
4 AY 2020-2021 Dr. D. Elangovan Devaraj, Dr. Thundil Karuppa Raj Rajagopal, Mr. Jeevesh Jain, Mr. Sumit Nilesh Vadodaria A liquid-cooled battery thermal management system for a two-wheelervehicle 202141005377 2-Apr-21 Published India
5 AY 2020-2021 K. Ganesan Driver Assistance System for Blind Turns 5311/CHE/2012 2-Apr-21 Awarded (363718) India
6 AY 2020-2021 Ganesan Kaliyaperumal, A.Ramohan Internet of things (IOT) based Fuel Meter 201941034933 0-Jan-00 Published India
7 AY 2019-2020 Dr. Prabhu Kumar Manoharan Dr. Agilandeshwari L Kaliyaperumal Ganesan Ms. Divya Meena S Managing human-animal conflicts with thermal imaging and IOT based wildanimal Intrusion detection 201941033814 6-Sep-19 Published India
8 AY 2019-2020 Elangovan D, Peter K Joseph, Arunkumar G Vehicle To Grid And Grid To Vehicle Wireless Charger For RenewableEnergy Powered Electric Bicycles 201941031767 23-Aug-19 Published India
9 AY 2018-2019 Subramaniam C K,Kaliyaperumal Ganesan, Ritayan Jeta, Saurabh Jain, Chandresh M Trivedi Energy Utilization System and method for a two-wheeler 201741020328 14-Dec-18 Published India
10 AY 2018-2019 Kaliyaperumal Ganesan, A.Rammohan, Mathiazhagan C.E, Ganesh.K Automatic Vehicle Air Conditioner Load Manager System and Method 201841037007 30-Nov-18 Published India
11 AY 2017-2018 Subramaniam C K, Kaliyaperumal Ganesan, Givith Abraham, Jayapal C C, JerinGeogy George, Nithin P V, Siddharth M (Unique Traction Sharing Method for Electric/Internal Combustion Engine(ICE) Hybrid Three Wheelers) -A Vehicle Traction System 201641027055 9-Feb-18 Published India
12 AY 2016-2017 Ganesan Kaliyaperumal, Vishnu S. Nair, Jenish Abraham. V Safe Calls for Vehicle Riders 5396/CHE/2015 14-Apr-17 Published India
13 AY 2016-2017 Ganesan Kaliyaperumal, Revathi Thiyagarajan Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Smart Cooking System 5395/CHE/2015 14-Apr-17 Published India
14 AY 2016-2017 Inventors: Amara Raja Batteries Limited:Venkateswarlu Manne, Suryanarayanana Murthy Kurivella, BalajiGoalla Inventors: VIT University : SubramaniamChitturKrishnaswamy, GanesanKaliyaperumal, Ramanathan. T Configurable Battery Management System for Portable Devices 3288/CHE/2015 30-Dec-16 Published India
15 AY 2016-2017 K. Ganesan, D. Shalini Intravenous Fluid Monitoring and Alerting System 5445/CHE/2014 1-Jul-16 Published India
16 AY 2016-2017 K. Ganesan, Soham Kamani, Akshay punjabi Smart Bin Tracking System 5443/CHE/2014 1-Jul-16 Published India
17 AY 2016-2017 Kaliyaperumal Ganesan, Sayan Giri, Satyajit Bhattacharya Real Time all Weather Vision System for Clear Visibility 5444/CHE/2014 1-Jul-16 Published India
18 AY 2015-2016 K. Ganesan, T J N Surya Rao, Narasimha Rao Kommuri Electronic Belt for Waist Measurement 5582/CHE/2013 24-Jun-16 Published India
19 AY 2015-2016 K. Ganesan, Kanaga. G Customer Centric, Secured Locker System 5576/CHE/2013 24-Jun-16 Published India
20 AY 2015-2016 K. Ganesan, Gaurav Pohuja, Akanksha Parad, Mukta Jain Automatic Tracking and Moving Object Following Load Carrying Locomotive 5575/CHE/2013 24-Jun-16 Published India
21 AY 2015-2016 K. Ganesan, K. Santosh, T. J. N. Surya Rao, K. Narasimha Rao, M. B. S.Mahesh, S. Balaji Gupta, D. Manikanta Next Generation Remote Control 2010/CHE/2013 10-Jun-16 Published India
22 AY 2014-2015 Rammohan A, K. Ganesan, Sree Harsha K, Navaneeth Ankam Detection of Improper Use of Clutch 5581/CHE/2013 12-Jun-15 Published India
23 AY 2014-2015 K. Ganesan, Swapnil M. Parate Imaging Based Automatic Vehicle Windshield/Window Tint Detection System 5580/CHE/2013 12-Jun-15 Published India
24 AY 2014-2015 K. Ganesan, Ankit Jain, Chandra Shekhar Pujari Automatic Helmet Detection System for Two Wheelers 5579/CHE/2013 12-Jun-15 Published India
25 AY 2014-2015 K. Ganesan, Sidda Mahesh Reddy Mobile Usage Denial System While Driving Vehicle 5578/CHE/2013 12-Jun-15 Published India
26 AY 2014-2015 Rammohan A, K. Ganesan, Sree Harsha K, Navaneeth Ankam Dynamic Brake Force Display (Rear) 5577/CHE/2013 12-Jun-15 Published India
27 AY 2014-2015 K. Ganesan, Sri Lavanya Paleti, Srisudha Garimella In Vehicle Networking based Services US 8,797,953 B2 5-Aug-14 Awarded United States
28 AY 2013-2014 K. Ganesan, Kanchan Bhakoo and Krishnan Srikanthan Safety Enhanced Headgear 3079/CHE/2010 10-Jan-14 Published India
29 AY 2012-2013 K. Ganesan and Tatavarti Venkata Sreerama Narasimha Rao Wireless Communication System for Automatic Operation of Routing Gatesat Cross Road Junctions and for Providing Advance Alerts of Disasters 3597/CHE/2010 20-Jul-12 Published India