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School of Architecture (V-SPARC)

The B.Arch degree offered in VIT is unique by virtue of the below-mentioned features

  • FFCS - Fully Flexible Credit System.
  • OPPORTUNITY to study in an "INTER-LINKED CURRICULUM" with collaborated universities abroad.
  • Affiliation with Eminent Architects at International and National Level for on-going mentoring as part of the course.
  • Internship guidance with Leading Architect's Firm in India and Abroad
  • Architectural Curriculum being benchmarked with leading International Architectural School's Curriculum.
  • Architect Sanjay Mohe - designed school of Architecture building that would inspire and foster Creativity for students.
  • NEW PARADIGM SHIFT in Architectural Education in India.


  • B. Arch programme aims at bringing practical knowledge to the students to become Architects of the new era.
  • Having a deep-rooted knowledge of our History and culture
  • Creating professionals who are qualified to take the role of shaping society by creating a better environment for everybody through their professional work.
  • Architects are needed in large numbers as per the Human Resources Department in the near future.
  • A graduate of the B.Arch. programme will have options to go for employment with any established Architectural firms.
  • A graduate of the B.Arch. programme can go into Research and/or higher specialization studies in Architecture. Architectural Research is most wanted and critically acclaimed at this point.
  • The B. Arch programme develops the entrepreneurial skills in the student and with the practical exposure the student has gained during the course, can even start on his/her Architecture consultancy firms. The demand for Qualified Architects is high like never before now.
  • The student is expected to have hands-on skill with the various stages of building creation.
  • Good conceptualization skills to having a clear knowledge of the finer details of construction methods.
  • Up to date understanding of the latest technologies and materials involved in the creation of a building.
  • Building up Entrepreneurial Skills.
  • Independent thinking and inquisitive mind.
  • Analytical to evolve a solution about the situation or issue.
  • Team player and a leader to accomplish work through collaborative means encompassing different fields of specialization.