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VIT School of Design (V-SIGN)

VIT School of Design (V-SIGN) is one of the latest schools in VIT, Vellore. It has been functional from July 2018 and presently B.Des and B.Sc (Multimedia & Animation) in the branch of Industrial Design are being offered under this new school. It offers one of the best facilities for design research, consultancy, training and growth for faculty members. We have faculty members who are highly qualified from institutes like IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IISc Bangalore and NIT Tiruchirapalli. Over 100 years of combined industry experience of our faculty members from reputed companies in India and abroad add value to our design programmes. The main objective of the programmes is to create a new breed of problem solvers in the domain of industrial design.

Already state-of-the-art studio / lab facilities have been created in a sprawling new building for teaching, training, model-making, prototyping, and experimenting. PROTICS Studio (PROduct aestheTICS), 3D-iD Studio with 30 iMacs, Smart PD Lab, Ergonomics Lab, and Painting Booth are some of the facilities already established.

Our programmes would encourage contemporary design thinking and would give a wider perspective to the thoughts and ideas of tomorrow. Our programmes aim at developing skills, knowledge and aptitude among students so that they can bring about innovation in the product manufacturing industry. The students are trained to approach product design from a holistic viewpoint - integrating the aesthetics, ergonomics, and engineering in a balanced and harmonious manner.

B.Des. (Industrial Design)

  • This programme prepares students to become creative professionals for tackling the complexity of design problems in the 21st century by creating products, systems, and environments which help to innovate and improve everyday objects and situations.
  • Students are trained to design “SMART Products”. This program besides imparting knowledge of designing tangible products additionally provides skills to incorporate “Internet of Things (IoT), multimodal natural interfaces, AI planning, and machine learning”.
  • Career options include design positions in various industries like consumer electronics, home appliances, healthcare products, education, transportation, furniture, digital design, OTT platforms, and IT.
  • Curriculum includes training to become a professional in design companies or a designer in start-ups / leading product manufacturing houses or a successful entrepreneur.

B.Sc (Multimedia and Animation)

  • This programme deals with a blend of Art, Design, Media, and Animation. Projects include traditional art & design work, 2D & 3D digital animation, film making with advanced visual effects, and architectural visualization, thus culminating in the production of short animated works.
  • Graduates are hired in capacities such as Graphic and Web Designer, Concept and Storyboard Artist, 2D & 3D Animator, 3D Modeller, VFX Artist, Game Developer, Game Tester, Rigging Artist, Video Editor, Cinematographer, Online Editor, Web Designer, UI Designer, VR /AR content creator.
  • Career options include positions in various industries like Digital design, Advertising, Film and Media, Education, OTT platforms.
  • Curriculum includes training in becoming a successful entrepreneur or a professional in leading production houses.

B.Sc. (Visual Communication)

  • Career options include creative positions in various industries like News and Media, Advertising, Film production, Websites, Radio Stations, Education, and IT.
  • Graduates are hired in capacities such as Graphic Artist, Art Director, Desktop Publisher, Digital Photographer, Web Designer, DI Colorist, Instructional Designer, Film Director, Casting Artist, Cartoonist, Content Writer, Production Assistant, Ad Photographer, UI Designer and Developer, Event Manager, etc.
  • Apart from being designers, graduates can even go for a broader selection of jobs such as Journalist, reviewer, RJ, VJ, storyteller, free-style artist, news editor, print media editor, broadcaster.
  • Curriculum includes training in becoming a successful entrepreneur or a professional in leading production houses.