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School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE)



The School has well equipped laboratories with hardware and software required to cater the needs of the students.

  • Basic Electronics lab   
  • Analog Electronic Circuits lab (under Texas Instruments University programme)
  • Digital Signal Processing lab
  • Digital Electronic Circuits lab
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller lab  
  • Control System and Data Acquisition lab
  • Analog and Digital Communication lab
  • Advanced Communication lab  
  • Networking lab
  • Digital Signal Processing lab
  • Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation lab
  • Optical Communication lab
  • RF & Microwave Engineering lab
  • VLSI Design lab
  • Embedded System lab
  • CAD Tools for VLSI Design lab
  • Physical Sensors lab
  • MEMS and Chemical Sensors lab
  • Wearable Technology lab- A unique facility offered to Undergraduate students
  • Green Building Laboratory sponsored by Johnson Controls, India