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School of Advanced Sciences (SAS)



Ongoing Projects - Chemistry

S. No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Order No.& Date Principal Investigator / Co-ordinators Fund Sanctioned ( Rs. in lakhs) Period
1 Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellowship DBT 16th March 2020 Dr. Amit Ranjan Maity 42.5 5 year (Awarded in March 2020)
2 Bifunctional Iron Catalysts for Acceptorless Dehydropenation Reactions: Towards the Development of Environmentally Friendly Catalysts. DST SRG/2019/000518 15966 - Arup Sinha 27.1700 2 Years (31-10-2019)
3 Development of wavelength modulated tuneable diode laser spectrometer for atmospheric gas sensing and quantification. DST SRG/2019/001889 15254 - Dr. Vijayanand Chanderasekaran 24.9800 2 years (22-11-2019)
4 Elucidating the interactions between Lectins and sugar capped nanoparticles towards the deevelopment of nanoparticles based theranostic agents. DST SR/WOS-A/CS-86/2019 00000 - Dr. Roopa Kenoth 27.8000  3 Years (02-01-2020)
5 DST-FIST - 2019 - Single Crystal XRD DST   Dr. A. Mary Saral (PI) Implementation Group Dr. S.L. Manju Dr. A. Sheela Dr. S. Senthilkumar Dr. I.V. Asha Rani Dr. Kaushik Chanda Dr. Arup Sinha 220.00 5
6 Process modification of food ingredients in the rolled sugar cones to refrain from quality defects Kristal Foods, Pondicherry Dated on 16-06-2019 Dr. S. Karthikeyan (PI) Dr. D. Rajagopal (Co-PI) Dr. A. Sivakumar (Co-PI) 0.50 3 months Consultancy Project
7 Design of smart nanomaterials for environmental application DST INSPIRE DST/INSPIRE/04/2018/002484 Dr. Susanta Kumar Bhunia 35.00 11.02.2019 - 11.02.2024
8 Design and Development of Eco-friendly Piezoelectric Energy Harvester based on Biodegradable Polylactic Acid SPARC-MHRD (India & Korea Collaborative Project) SPARC/2018-2019/P399/SL PI: Dr. A. Anand Prabu Co-PI: Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan Dr. Vijaya Krishna Kari (IIT, Bhuvaneswar) 48.91 15.03.2019 15-03-2021
9 Development of Polyvinylidene Fluoride/Hyperbranched Polyester based Energy Harvesting Nanogenerator CSIR 03(1450)/18/EMR-II PI: Dr. A. Anand Prabu Co-PI: Dr. Madvesh Pathak 20.5 05.06.2018 05.06.2021
10 Synthesis of Structurally Ordered Silica/Polymer Monoliths as HPLC Columns and Optical Sensors for the Separation and Sensing of Lanthanides and Actinides IGCAR IGCAR/M&MFCG/FChD/SCSS/01/2018/W.O.No. VITV-01 dated on 11.04.2018 PI: Dr. D. Prabhakaran Co-PI: Dr. Akhila Maheswari 14.86 11.04.2018 11.04.2021
11 Ferrocene Conjugated Y-Shaped Chromophores as Potential Sensitizers in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells with Innovative Redox Mediators DST- Indo Italian Project  INT/Italy/P-5/2016- SP PI: Dr. N. Palanisami Professor (Dr.) Claudia Dragonetti, Italy  16.30 21.11.2017 20.11.2020
12 Synthesis and characterization of novel Z-aryl benzothiazole/benzoxazole, quinoxaline and phenanthroline analogues as tluorescent probes and cancer theranostics applications" DST-SERB EMR/2017/000816 dated: 27-Sep-2017 Dr. S.K. Ashok Kumar Dr. Priyankar Paira 29.06 27.09.2017 27.09.2020
13 Towards Understanding the Synergy in New Nanoomposites based on Peroxides / Conducting Polymers as (Photo) Catalysts for Dye Degradation in Dark and Light  SERB EMR/2016/007152 dated on 23.05.2017 28.09.2018 amount sanctioned Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan 38.89 23.05.2017 - 23.05.2020
14 Investigation of Tandem Device Engineering Interface Properties and Stability of Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells for High Performance Council of Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR] 01(2865)/16/EMR-II Dated on 12.05.2016 Dr. K. Santhakumar 4.85 12.05.2016-31.08.2019
15 A study on natural, substituted and supported apatite phosphates for catalytic properties DST-SERB EMR/2015/002210 dated on 09.06.2016 Dr. G. Buvaneswari 31.52 09.06.2016- 09.06.2019
        Total Fund Granted 582.84  
Completed Projects - Chemistry
S. No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Order No.& Date Principal Investigator / Co-ordinators Fund Sanctioned ( Rs. in lakhs) Period
1 Cu-Ag electrolysis cell for removing microbial activity Whirlpool- Consultancy Project dated on 26.06.2006 Incharges: Dr. A. Sivakumar Dr. V. Dhanasekaran Dr. K. Sathiyanarayanan Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan Dr. A. Mary Saral Dr. F. Nawaz Khan 5.25 2006
  Individual Projects          
2 Electro Synthesis and characterization of perovskite oxides and related materials of technological importance CSIR 01(1870)/03/EMR-II dated on 17.03.2003 Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan 4.08 2003 - 2006
3 Novel methods of synthesis of inorganic materials DRDO ERIP/ER/0304283/M/01 dated on 07.07.2004 Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan 16.73 2004 - 2007
4 Synthesis and leachabiity studies of phosphate phases for unclear waste disposal IGCAR Dir/438 dated on 25.08.2005 Dr. G. Buvaneswari 5.2 2005 - 2006
5 Studies on novel multiple Claisen Rearrangement of oxy vs thio vs  Seleno ethers DRDO ERIP/ER/0403461/M/01 dated on 29.06.2005 Dr. K. Sathiyanarayanan & Dr. V. Dhanasekaran   4.91  2005 - 2007
6 Crown ether intercalated clays as an intelligent composite material for selective extraction of fission and activation products IGCAR   Dr. S. Guhanathan 4.9 2005 - 2007
7 Meso – heteroaromatic porphyrins – Synthesis and physiochemical, non-linear optical and biological studies DRDO ERIP/ER/0403465/M/01/803 dated on 23.08.2005 PI: Dr. A. Mary Saral Co-PI: Dr. M.N. Arumugam 14.837 2005 - 2008
8 Synthesis and Biological screening quinoline derivatives as potential ATP – competitive kinase inhibitor DRDO ERIP/ER/0504334/M/01/890 dated on 30.05.2006 PI: Dr. S. Guhanathan Co-PI: Mr. M. Shiva Shankar   14.855  2006 – 2009
9 Synthesis of apatite structure related compounds and fluorination of Hydroxyapatite CSIR 01(2025)/04/EMR-II dated on27.04.2007 Dr. G. Buvaneswari 9.5 2006 - 2009
10 Pesticides Removal from irrigation water using nanomaterials based on oxides L-Ramp-IITM dated on 19.09.2007 Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan (Guide) Mr. Ravi Chandrasekhar (Student) Mr. Arjun Krishna Kumar (Student) 0.5 2007 – 2008
11 Synthesis and characterization of Zirconia based Ceramic Nano Powders and their Electrophoretic Deposition over Structural Materials for Pyrochemical Reprocessing Applications IGCAR IGC/Accts-B&C/VIT3/2007 dated on 04.01.2007 Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan 23.00 2007 – 2010
12 Synthesis and study of novel macrocyclics using substituted-4 piperidone moiety   DST-SERC Fast Track Scheme  (Young Scientist)   SR/FTP/CS-108/2006 dated on 20.09.2007 Dr. V. Vijayakumar 19.728 2007 - 2010
13 Leachability studies on metal waste forms (MWF) from Pyrochemical Reprocessing IGCAR VIT/VC/SSH/GB/CHEMISTRY/IGCAR/2007dated on 29.06.2007 PI: Dr. G. Buvaneswari Co-PI: Dr. K. Chidambaram   8.71 2007 – 2010
14 A study on interaction of groundwater arsenic species with zero valent iron nano particles DST funded project under SERC scheme SR/S1/PC/13/2007 dated on 15.01.2008 Dr. Badal Kumar Mandal Dr. Amitava Mukerjee   5.00 2008
15 “Smart Windows” L-Ramp-IITM dated on 18.09.2008 Dr. A. Mary Saral (Guide) Mr. Rahul Rawat (Student)   0.5 2008 – 2009
16 Target selective electrochemical sensor based on trickly designed chemically modified electrodes. DST-SERC Fast Track Scheme (Young Scientist) SR/FTP/CS-55/2007 dated on 25.01.2007 Dr. A. Senthil Kumar 19.03 2008 – 2011
17 Synthesis and study of novel camptothecin and mappicine analogues.  DST-SERC Fast Track Scheme (Young Scientist) SR/FTP/CS-99/2006 dated on 22.01.2008 Dr. F. Nawaz Khan 19.02 2008 - 2011
18 Pyrolysis of waste agrobiomass by thermocatalytic process using microwave in bebble/fludized bed reactor. DST under the MNRE scheme 107/163/2009-NT(BF) dated on 28.09.2010 PI: Dr. R. Natarajan Co-PI (1): Dr. Y. Dominic Ravichandran  Co-PI (2): Dr. V. Vjayakumar   103 2010 - 2012
19 Electrochemical sensor for toxic heavy metals analysis in drinking water  Ministry of Science and Technology (Tepp) DSIR/TePP/TMC-VIT-01/08 dated on 15.12.2010 Dr. A. Senthil Kumar 0.8 2010 - 2011
20 Synthesis and supply of N,N’-Diphenyl-N, N’-dibenzylpyrdine-2,6-dicarboxamide & N,N’-diethyl- N,N’-di(p- tolyl) pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamide  IGCAR IGCAR/CG/FChd/KNS/VIT-1-2010 dated on 02.06.2010 Dr. K. Sathiyanarayanan 6.4 2010 – 2011
21 Investigations on using ferroelectric polymers as photo-electric converters and photo-induced capacitors in plastic solar cells. DST- Science & Engg. Res. Council (SERC) Fast Track Scheme (Young Scientist) SR/FT/CS-037/2009 dated on 02.02.2010 Dr. A. Anand Prabu 15.63  2010 – 2013
22 Development of active nano materials on disposable electrodes Confederation of Indian Industry and NSC Taiwan (overseas project) dated on 16.04.2010 Dr. A. Senthil Kumar (PI: Indian side) Prof. Jyn-Myng Zen (PI: Taiwan side)   Travel Support (`80.00 lakhs- Taiwan side)   2010 – 2013
23 Investigation of solubility and catalytic properties of substituted hydroxyl, fluoro and oxy apatite ceramics  DST-SERC SR/S1/IC-38/2009 dated on 25.06.2010 Dr. G. Buvaneswari  30.25  2010 – 2013
24 Nanomolecular structures stabilized thin-film electrodes: Preparation, surface corrlation and electrocatalysis. DST, Nanomission SR/NM/NS-40/2010 dated on 23.09.2010 Dr. A. Senthil Kumar 20.543 2010 – 2013
25 Developing of Novel Photocatalyst Materials for degradation of dyes without pre-treatment DSIR - TePP DSIR/TePP/887/2010 dated on 27.06.2011 Dr. N. Padmavathy 0.82 2011 – 2012
26 Flow injection analysis-Electro-chemical Detector (FIA-ECD) for biochemical analysis DST-Technology Development and Transfer Division (TSD) DST/TSG/ME/2011/16-G dated on 16.11.2011  Dr. A. Senthil Kumar 34.363 2011 – 2014
27 Revealing mechanism on the encapsulation/immobilization of organic redox mediators on carbon nanotube modified electrode by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and electrochemical techniques DST -SERC SR/S1/PC-16/2011 (G) dated on 29.09.2011 Dr. A. Senthil Kumar 32.28 2011 – 2014
28 FIST –DST- VIT: 400MHz NMR Equipment FIST-DST SR/FST/CSI-211/2010 dated on 12.01.2011 DST - 59.00 VIT - 59.00 Dr. K. Sathiyanarayanan Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan Dr. Pundlik Rambhau Bhagat Dr. A. Senthil Kumar Dr. V. Vijayakumar 128.00 2011 – 2015
29 New Vistas in Organometallic Chemistry of group 8-10 Metals – Synthesis, Reactivity and applications of Novel Metal-Alkenyl, Metal-Alkyl and Metallacycloalkane Complexes CSIR 01(2541)/11/EMR-II dated on 12.12.2011 Dr. Akella Sivaramakrishna 19.1 2011 – 2015
30 Preparation of hierarchically porous zeolites using agricultural waste materials as hard templates and their catalytic activity studies DST - FAST TRACK SR/FT/CS-65/2011 dated on 16.05.2012 Dr. K. K. Cheralathan 26 2012 – 2015
31 Development of electrochemical based biosensor for detection of lymphatic filarial parasite, Wuchereria bancrofti, in vectors DST - TSD DST/TSG/PT/2011/197-G dated on 02.11.2012 Dr. A. Senthil Kumar 17.01 2012 - 2015
32 Synthesis of efficient heterogeneous fenton catalyst for degradation of industrial organic pollutants by catalytic wet peroxide oxidation DST - FAST TRACK SR/FT/CS-138/2011 dated on 08.08.2012 Dr. G. Satish Kumar 25.74 2012 – 2015
33 Transition metal complexes bearing pyridyl-amine and pyridyl-porphyrin ligands-synthesis, characterization and its application towards catalytic oxidation of alkenes to epoxided and alcohols DST - FAST TRACK SR/FT/CS-135/2011 dated on 08.08.2012 Dr. G. Thirumanavelan 22.58 2012 – 2015
34 Exploitation of physical and chemical properties of remarkably flexible hypercoordinate silicon complexes. DST - SERB SR/S1/IC-30/2011 dated on 01.02.2012 Dr. Akella Sivaramakrishna 21.85 2012 – 2015
35 Alkoxysilanols: An efficient oxygen-rich single source precursor for metallasiloxanes and metal silicate materials.  DST - FAST TRACK - OYS Scheme SR/FT/CS-11/2011 dated on 19.01.2012 Dr. N. Palanisami 19.44 2012 – 2015
36 Novel Phosphine Oxide-Functionalized Dendrimers: Synthesis, Coordination Behavior and Extraction Studies of Actinides from Radioactive Wastes DAE-BRNS 2012/37C/6/BRNS/No.623 dated on 28.05.2012 Dr. Akella Sivaramakrishna 14.22 2012 – 2015
37 Synthesis and studies of novel perylene diimide derivatives for organic photovoltaic applications DST - SERB SB/FT/CS-185/2011 dated on 01.08.2013 Dr. P. Sakthivel 14.02 2013 – Aug. 2016
38 Highly Efficient and Cost-Effective Preparation of Nanoporous Carbon by Microwave Pyrolysis for Water Purification DST - SERB DST/TM/WTI/2K12/61(G) dated on 26.09.2013 Dr. S.K. Ashok Kumar 6.488 2013 - 2014
39 Development of coir pith based structural material enchanced performance and durability in moist environment Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology TNSCST/S&T Projects/AR/ET/2013-2014 dated on 21.04.2014 Dr. K. Priyadasan 2.6 02.06.2014-02.06.2016
40 Novel chiral poly(ionic liquids) and their applications in enantioselective organic transformations DST - SERB SR/S1/OC-22/2012 dated on 03.05.2013 Dr. Vijaya Krishna Kari 38.46 03.05.2013 – 03.05.2016
41 Novel task specific functionalized molecules and polymeric resin: Synthesis and their application towards Lanthanide/Actinide Extraction UGC-DAE-CSR  CSR-Kn/CRS-53/2013-14/652 dated 02.09.2013 Dr. Vijaya Krishna Kari 10.56 2013 – 2016 upto 31.03.2017
42 A facile agricultural waste mediated green synthesis of palladium and nickel nanoparticles and its biological studies  DBT-RGYI BT/PR 6891/GBD/27/491/2012 dated on 13.08.2013 Dr. S. Mohana Roopan 9.65 2013 – 2016
43 Synthesis of C-N bond bearing chiral/ achiral organic molecules via selective C-H activation using novel zirconium catalysts DST-SERB- FAST TRACK SR/FT/CS-93/2011 dated on 15.06.2012 Dr. S. Rajasekhara Reddy 23.7 15.06.2012 – 15.06.2016
44 Carissa edulis fruit: Library for the investigation and structural elucidation of insecticidal and pesticidal alkaloids DST - SERB SB/FT/CS-113/2013 dated on 30.06.2014 Dr. G. Madhumitha 25 30.06.2014-30.06.2017
45 Preparation and application of biocompatible thin film coatings on surgical grade 316L implant and its in vitro corrosion study DST - SERB SB/FT/CS-091/2012 dated on 13.11.2013 Dr. U. Vijayalakshmi 22 13.11.2013 – 13.11.2016
46 Dihydroacridin-1 (2H)-One: Building block for the synthesis of various condensed ring junction heterocyclic system and its application as pesticides DST - SERB SB/FT/CS-126/2012 dated 20.12.2013 Dr. S. Mohana Roopan 16.22 20.12.2013- 20.12.2016
47 Synthesis and evaluation of oxyapatites for immobilization of HLW nuclides UGC-DAE-CSR  CSR-KN/CRS-54/2013-14/653 dated on 02.09.2013 Dr. G. Buvaneswari 10.00 2014
48 Synthesis, Characterization, and Studies of Novel Poly[ Thieno(Indenoindole)] Based Low Band Gap Polymers for Organic Solar Cell Applications DST- TMC DST/TMC/SERI/FR/172 dated on 15.10.2014 Dr. P. Sakthivel 45.52 2014
49 Novel Diketone Based Oxovanadium (IV) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, DNA Binding and Insulin Mimetic Studies CSIR 01(2742)/13/EMR-II dated 18.04.2013 Dr. A. Sheela 18.74 2013 – 2016
50 CO2 Methanation on Hexagonal Cobalt Nanoparticles Embedded over Carbon Nanodisks and Crystalline Mesoporous Carbon/Silica Composite DST - Bilateral (Indo-Israel) Project DST/INT/ISR/P-9/2014 dated 20.01.2015 Dr. G. Satish Kumar 13.8 2015 -2017
51 Phosphoryl Acetamide Functionalized Polymers/ Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Actinide Separation IGCAR-Kalpakkam Consultancy Project - PI: Dr. Vijaya Krishna Kari 15 May 2014 - Sep. 2017
52 Innovative Ionic Polymers from renewal sources for Energy and Environment International Research Staff Exchange Scheme” (IRSES)  European Union, Spain FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSES No.318873 dated on 15.06.2012 Dr. Vijaya Krishna Kari 53.22 2013 – 2017
53 Speciation and rapid separation of Hg, Pb and Cd species by RP-HPLC method: Using structurally Designed Monolithic Columns Anchored with tailor-made Organic Modifier SERB SB/FT/CS-091/2013 dated on 30.06.2014 Dr. Akhila Maheswari 24 30.06.2014-15.08.2017
54 Synthesis and Characterization of Thiophene based Donor-Acceptor conjugated polymer for photovoltaic Application  DST - SERB SB/FT/CS-140/2013 dated on 02.06.2014 Dr. S. Karpagam 21 02.06.2014 - 02.06.2017
55 Synthesis of Novel Biomolecule Based Ionic Liquids And Their Metal Complexes: Application Towards Organic Synthesis And Biosensor Fabrication CSIR 01(2816)/14/EMR-II dated on 24.11.2014 Dr. S. Senthil Kumar Co-PI: Dr. Pundlik Rambhau Bhagat    17.46 24.11.2014 - 24.11.2017
56 Leach resistance of Fe-9Cr-1Mo-Zr metallic Waste Form Alloys  IGCAR IGCAR/MMG/CSTG/CP/VIT-01/2015/01 dated on 08.05.2015 Dr. G. Buvaneswari 16.14 08.05.2015 - 08.05.2017
57 Improved molecular wiring of metallo-proteins on Iron and graphite impurities containing MWCNT: Development of highly efficient biosensors DST-SERB PDF/2015/000174 dated on 21.03.2016 Vijayanand  14.40 21.03.2016 -21.03.2018
58 Electrocatalytic Conversion of Carbondioxide by Transition Metal Complexes SERB SB/FT/CS-168/2013 dated on 05.08.2015 Dr. D. Saravanakumar (Research Scientist) 33.70 05.08.2015 - 05.08.2018
59 National Post-Doctoral Fellowship DST-SERB PDF/2017/000283 dated on 29.01.2018 Dr. Thanigaivelan Arumugham Under - Dr. K. Sathiyanarayanan 19.20 29.01.2018 - 29.01.2020  
60 Aqueous Phase Synthesis of Palladium Nanocrystals with Systematic Shape Evolution and Study Their Facet-Dependent Activity in Organic Transformation and Formic Acid Electro Oxidation CSIR 01(2913)/17/EMR-II dated on 03.05.2017 Dr. Kaushik Chanda  5.00 03.05.2017 - 03.05.2020
61 Development of Stable and Redox Active Inorganic/Organic Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Modified Electrodes: In-sight Studies using Scanning Electrochemical Microscope and Electro-Catalytic/Bio-electrocatalytic Applications Department of Science & Technology - Science & Engineering Research Board [DST-SERB] EMR/2016/002818 dated on 15.03.2017   Dr. A. Senthil Kumar 59.70 15.03.2017-15.03.2020
62 Aromatic and Y-Shaped Heteroaromatic Donor Subunits in Borasiloxane Rings/Cages: Structural, Luminescence, Nonlinear Optical and DFT Studies CSIR 01(2914)/17/EMR-II dated on 03.05.2017 Dr. N. Palanisami 7.00 03.05.2017- 03.05.2020
63 National Post-Doctoral Fellowship NPDF (DST)-Two Years PDF/2016/003963 dated on 05.05.2017 Mr. Senthilkumar Puvaneswaran Under - Dr. S. Mohana Rooan 14.40 05.05.2017 - 05.05.2019
64 Novel functionally graded strontium phosphosilicate coatings on Ti-6Al-4V and its in vitro corrosion resistance behaviour in Simulated Body Fluid Solition for Biomedical Applications DST-SERB EMR/2016/002562 dated on 04.01.2017 Dr. U. Vijayalakshmi 16.896 04.01.2017-04.01.2020
65 Plasma treatment on metallic materials with and without coatings for biomedical applications BRNS-DAE 34/14/01/2016-BRNS/34027 dated on 15.04.2016 PI: Dr. Geetha Manivasagam Co-PI: Dr. U. Vijayalakshmi 34.44 15.04.2016-15.04.2019
66 Exposure study of metallochlorophyllins and its derivatives via beverages and food commodities after speciation of their metabolites in human biological samples DST-India-Taiwan Programme in Science & Technology GITA/DST/TWN/P-72/2015 dated on 31.12.2015 Indian PI: Dr. Badal Kumar Mandal Taiwanese PI: Prof. Yong-Chien Ling 27.525 04.01.2016-04.01.2019
67 Tuning of coupling an exothermic and endothermic reaction over mixed oxide supported catalysts DST-SERB-YSS YSS/2015/002090 dated on 10.03.2016 Dr. P. Sangeetha 22.44 10.03.2016-10.03.2019
68 Linear, X- and Y- Shaped Borasiloxanes derived from Ferrocene-Conjugated  Boronic Acids: Structural, Electrochemical, Luminescence, Non-Linear Optical and DFT Studies DST-SERB EMR/2016/001794 dated on 25.11.2016 Dr. N. Palanisami Dr. K. Thirumoorthy 26.62 25.11.2016-25.11.2019
69 Biomimetic Sensors: Bioinspired Metal Complexes Immobilized Carbon Nanomaterials modified Electrodes for Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensing of Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species DST-SERB PDF/2015/000253 dated on 10.03.2016 Dr. Natarajan Saravanan 19.20 10.03.2016-10.03.2018
70 Design and Synthesis of Novel Bifunctional Ionic Liquid Supported Proline Based Organocatalysts and its Application in Asymmetric Transformation DST-SERB YSS/2015/000450 dated on 12.01.2016 Dr. Barnali Maiti 18.40 12.01.2016 - 12.01.2019
71 Design and synthesis of natural, Un-natural analagues of calothrixins A, B  and evaluation of antimalarial and anticancer activity EMRF EMR/2015/000466 Dr. Sriraghavan K 39.18 01.02.2016 - 01.02.2019
72 Structure Activity Studies of a Novel Antimicrobial Proteins from Brinjal (Solanum Melongena) SERB YSS/2015/000783 dated on 05.11.2015 Dr. Roopa Kenoth (Research Scientist)  38.75 05.11.2015 - 05.11.2018
73 Electrochemical biosensors with improved wiring based on dendrimer encapsulated metal nanoparticles/carbon nanomaterials hybrids DST-SERB SB/FT/CS-078/2014 dated on 18.07.2015 Dr. S. Senthil Kumar  30.00 18.07.2015-18.07.2018
74 Discovery of novel organoruthenium based phototoxic cancer cell markers: A detection and termination approach for A3 receptor targeted Photodynamic Therapy SERB YSS/2014/000842 dated on 04.11.2015 Dr. Priyankar Paira 27.65 04.11.2015 - 04.11.2018
75 Morphology engineering of high performance organic solar   cells: A comparative study based on spin and spray coating methods DST-YSS YSS/2015/001104 dated on 03.09.2015 Dr. K. Santhakumar 24.56 03.09.2015-03.09.2018
76 Structure Activity Studies of a New Structural Class of Bioactive Fatty Acid Amides: N-acyltaurines SERB YSS/2014/000021 dated on 13.11.2015 Dr. Ravikanth Kamlekar 24.60 13.11.2015 - 13.11.2018
77 Solid-State Optical Sensors for Arsenic and Chromium Species: Using Chromo-Ionophoric Responsive Organic Receptors Anchored on Structurally Designed Porous Silica/Polymer Materials DST-SERB SB/FT/CS-051/2014 dated on 24.07.2015 Dr. D.Prabhakaran 24.06 24.07.2015-24.07.2018
78 Fabrication of Surface Renewable Biosensors using Covalently Immobilized Enzymes on Metal Nanoparticle / Ionic Liquid Composited Electrodes DST-SERB SB/FT/CS-018/2014 dated on 29.05.2015 Dr. K. Thenmozhi 17.72 29.05.2015-29.05.2018
79 Computational Chemistry Modeling for Delineating the Metabolite's Chirality Driven Cancer Progression SERB YSS/2014/001019 dated on 03.09.2015 Dr. K. Thirumoorthy 17.48 03.09.2015-03.09.2018
80 Cyclometalated Ruthenium Arene Complexes Bearing Ferrocene Functionalized Imidazole Ligand - Synthesis, Characterization and its Evaluation Towards Anticancer Properties CSIR  01(2815)/14/EMR-II dated 24.11.2014 Dr. G. Thirumanavelan 12.42 24.11.2014 - 24.11.2017 extended upto 31.12.2018
81 Design and synthesis of organophosphorus ionophores as molecular sensors for f-metal ions recognition and extraction ability BRNS - DAE 34/14/11/2015/BRNS dated on 29.06.2015 PI: Dr. S.K. Ashok Kumar Co-PI: Dr. Akella Sivarama Krishna Dr. Vijay Krishna Kari  27.73 29.06.2015-29.06.2018
82 Design and development of highly versatile electrochemical biosensors based on enzyme functionalized ionic liquids DBT BT/Bio-CARe/05/9784/2013-14 dated on 14.11.2014 Dr. K. Thenmozhi Co-PI: Dr. S. Senthilkumar    16.9 14.11.2014 - 14.11.2017
      Total Fund Granted 1737.324  

Ongoing Funded Projects - Physics

Sl. No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Project No. & Date Principal Investigator / Co-ordinators Fund Available (Rs. in lakhs) Period
1 DST-FIST - 2019 - Vibrating Sample Magnetometer DST SR/FST/PSI-88/2019 dated on 07.01.2020 [shared on 50:50 ratio] DST - 82.5 VIT - 82.5 Dr. K. Senthilnathan (PI)
Implementation Group
Dr.  Ramesh M Thamankar
Dr.  Kuraganti Vasu 
Dr.  Ankur Rastogi
Dr.  Anusha P T
Dr.  Krishna Chandar N
Dr.  Leema Rose Viannie
Dr.  Sumangala T P
Dr.  Tarun Garg 
165.00 07.01.2020 - 07.01.2025 
2 Degenerate Two Dimensional Semiconductor Nanostructures for Multifunctional Applications MHRD-Govt. of India under Scheme for Transformational and Advanced Research in Sciences (STARS)   Dr. Kuraganti Vasu 50.00 31.10.2019
3 Yielding and Plastic Deformation in Amorphous Materials DST-SERB SRG/2019/001923 dated on 26-09-2019 Dr. Bhaskar Sen Gupta 29.58 26-09-2019 - 26-09-2022
4 Copper oxide based cost-effective photovoltaics by magnetron sputtering DST-SERB CRG/2018/000500 PI: Dr. Samir Ranjan Meher, SAS
Co-PI: Dr. Zachariah C Alex, SENSE, VIT
26.92 11.03.2019 - 11.03.2022
5 Investigation of a novel contactless technique to quantify quantum efficiency of solar cell materials DST-SERB EMR/2017/002570 dated on 20.06.2018 Dr. Dhritiman Gupta
Co-PI: Dr. Samir Ranjan Meher
26.66 20.06.2018 - 20.06.2021
6 Development of Nanoscale Magnetometry using Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond DST-SERB EMR/2016/005575 dated on 10.07.2018 PI: Dr. M. Ummal Momeen
Co-PI: Dr. Jianping Hu
37.97 10.07.2018 - 10.07.2021
7 Development of Magentic Nanocomposites Comprising Ba0.5Sr0.5Fe12O19/Y3Fe5O12 for Permanent Magnet Applications DST-SERB EMR/2016/005632 dated on 25.07.2017 Dr. R. Ezhil Vizhi 30.84 25.07.2017-25.07.2020
Total Fund Granted 366.97  
Completed Funded Projects - Physics
Sl. No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Project No. & Date Principal Investigator/ Incharge Fund Sanctioned (Rs. in lakhs) Period
1 Growth and Characterization of 1,3,5-Triphenylbenzene (3-PB) by Solution Growth Technique DAE-BRNS 34/14/22/2014-BRNS/0294 dated on 16.05.2014 Dr. S. Kalainathan 13.16 2014-2017
2 Study of Hydrophobic Nature of polyamide Phenol/Phenolic Resig Complexes Using Water Contact Angle Measurement DRDO ERIP/ER/1203109/M/01/1502 dated on 20.12.2013 Dr. M. Malathi 16.01 2014-2017
3 Laser Peening of Alpha titanium Alloys DST–SERB SB/S3/ME/36/2013 dated on 11.12.2013 Dr. N. R. Sathya Swaroop 41.75 2013 - 2016
4 Investigation on the growth aspects and properly studies of alkali, (I-A) metals mixed Boro succinates and malonates single crystal DST-Fast Track  SR/FTP/PS-122/2012 dated on 19.09.2013 Dr. R. Ezhil Vizhi 16.44 2013 – 2016
5 Microwave Synthesis of NiMg and NiMgZn Ferrites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Technology DRDO ERIP/ER/1103015/M/01/1484 dated on 20.06.2013 Dr. W. Madhuri 15.26 2013 – 2016
6 Ultrashort Pulse Generation At 850nm Using a Tapered Photonic Crystal Fiber CSIR 03 (1264) /12/EMR-II dated on 06.11.2012 Dr. K. Senthilnathan 14.78 2013 – 2016
7 Chirp and pedestal free, robust pulse compressor using highly nonlinear fiber bragg gratings DST-SERB SR/FTP/PS-66/2009 dated on 01.11.2013 Dr. K. Senthilnathan 4.8 2013 - 2016
8 Growth and characterization of PMN-PT single crystal DRDO-NRB DNRD/05/4003/NRB/275 dated on 28.02.2013 Dr. S. Kalainathan 32.41 2013 – 2015
9 Growth and Characterisation of Diluted Magnetic Semiconducting (DMS) Crystal Lead Sulphide Doped with Manganese, Europium and Gadolinium by Bridgeman Techniques CSIR 03(1227)/12/EMR-II dated on 16.04.2015 Dr. S. Kalainathan 18.92 2012 – 2015
10 Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-Graphene Nanocomposite (PGNC) for Naval Applications  Naval Research Board (NRB) DNRD/05/4003/NRB/259 dated on 26.04.2012 Dr. Girish Mukundrao Joshi 20.62 2012 – 2015
11 Synthesis growth and characterization of single crystals of succinic and maleic acids with the admixtures of L-histidinium for opto-electronic applications DST-SERB SR/S2/CMP-0002/2011 dated on 02.01.2012 Dr. D. Rajan Babu 15.6 2012 – 2015
12 Investigation for Room temperature ferromagnetism in Cr, Fe, Ni and Cu-doped In2O3 thin films for spintronic applications UGC-DAE-CSR CSR-KN/CSR-17/2011-12-589 dated on 22-07-2011 Dr. S. Kaleemulla 6.59 2011 – 2015
13 Growth and Characterization of New Nonlinear Optical Stilazolium Crystal 4-N, N-Dimethylamino-4-N-Methyl-Stilbazolium 2 Napthalenesulfonate (DSNS) DRDO ERIP/ER/1103929/M/01/1402 dated on 13.01.2012 Dr. S. Kalainathan 21.65 2012 – 2015
14 3D Dosimetric Analysis on Polymer Gel using Integrated Laser CT Scanner DST-SERB SR/SO/BB-75/2010 dated on 01.06.2015 Dr. E. James Jebaseelan Samuel 32.79 2012 – 2015
15 Growth and Characterization of Oxide single crystals using optical floating zone technique UGC-DAE-CSR CSR-KN/CRS-29/2012-13/748 dated on 17.09.2012 Dr. S. Kalainathan 6.59 2012 – 2015
16 Growth and characterization of highly nonlinear organic crystal 3 methyl 4 nitrostilbene (MMONS) DST-SERC SR/S2/LOP-0027/2008 dated on 10.03.2010 Dr. S. Kalainathan 24.83 2010 – 2013
17 Investigations on Cr and Co doped CdTe Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors for Room Temperature  Ferromagnetism DRDO ERIP/ER/0705085/M/01/1233 dated on 02.07.2010 Dr. N. Madhusudhana Rao 14.9 2010 – 2013
18 FIST – DST – VIT - High resolution XRD DST SR/FST/PSI-108/2007 dated on 28.04.2008 - Sanctioned `91.50 lakhs (50:50 mode) Dr. K. Chidambaram Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan Dr. S. Kalainathan 91.5 2008 – 2013
19 Study of Dielectric Properties of Polyamide Phenol Compounds for use as Thermo-Sensitive and Humidity  Sensitive Device DST-SERC SR/S2/CMP-36/2008 dated on 16.03.2009 Dr. M. Malathi 13.79 2009 – 2012
20 Growth of Transition element doped Alpha lithium iodate single crystals for waveguide applications DST-SERC SR/S2/LOP-07/2007 dated on 11.06.2008 Dr. D. Rajan Babu 26.12 2008 – 2011
21 Development of single crystal Thallium activated Cesium Iodide and adaption of a γ-spectroscopy IGCAR IGC/Accts-B & C/VIT76/2007 dated on 10.04.2007 Dr. S. Kalainathan 15.4 2007 – 2011
22 Investigations on artificially produced Urinary stones composed of natural Materials DST-SERC SR/SO/HS-47/2005 dated on 06.10.2006 Dr. N. Arunai Nambi Raj 18.21 2006 – 2009
23 Study of dielectric properties of polymer Phenol Complexes Using Time Domain Reflectrometry DRDO ERIP/ER/0504323/M/01/891 dated on 30.05.2006 Dr. M. Malathi 14.38 2006 – 2009
24 Optical CT Based Radiation Gel Dosimetry DRDO ERIP/ER/0504326/M/01/920 dated on 08.11.2006 Dr. E. James Jebaseelan Samuel 14.95 2006 - 2008
25 Development of Optical CT-Gel Dosimetry AERB AERB/CSRP/Proj. No. 34/02/2006/6263 dated on 16.06.2006 Dr. E. James Jebaseelan Samuel 7.16 2006 – 2008
26 Study of dielectric properties of polyamide Phenol compounds for use as thermo sensitive and humidity sensitive device DST-SERC SR/S2/CMP-09/2005 Dated on 02.06.2006 Dr. M. Malathi 1.92 2006 – 2008
27 Fabrication of Electro-Optic Modulator using 4-D Dimethilamino-N-Methyl-4-Stilbazolium Tosylate (DAST) Crystal DRDO ERIP/ER/0502129/M/01/906 dated on 01.08.2006 Dr. S. Kalainathan 14.86 2006 – 2008
28 Physical Investigations on CuInxAl¬1-xSe2 Thin Films Leading to the Development of Heterojunction Solar Cells  DRDO ERIP/ER/0403463/M/01 dated on 16.02.2005 Dr. G. Hema Chandra 13.83 2005 – 2008
29 Growth of High Quality NLO Crystal 4-Dimethlamino-N-Methyl-4-stibazolium Tosylate (DAST) DRDO ERIP/ER/0203384/M/01 dated on 25.02.2002 Dr. S. Kalainathan 13.69 2002 – 2005
30 Laser shock Peening (LSP) of Aero Engine Materials (GTMAP) Aeronautics R&D Board [ARDB] ARDB/GTMAP/01/2031839/M/I dated on 31.01.2017   Dr. N. R. Sathya Swaroop 69.08 31.01.2017-31.01.2020
31 Investigation of Luminescence property and scintillation mechanisms of 1, 1, 4, 4-tetraphenyl-1, 3-butadiene organic scintillation single crystal for fast neutron detection Department of Science and Technology - Science and Engineering Research Board [DST-SERB] EMR/2015/000674 dated on 26.09.2016   Dr. S. Kalainathan 21.70 26.09.2016-26.09.2019
32 Design of Sialic acid analog inhibitors to Hemagglutinins and Neuraminidases of Influenza Virus by Molecular Modelling and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Department of Biotechnology [DBT] BT/PR13410/BID/7/536/2015 dated on 28.07.2016 PIs: Dr. Veluraja K Co-PIs: Dr. Anuradha C 32.46 28.07.2016-28.07.2019
33 Development of three dimensional structural database for biologically and functionally important glycans and glycan-protein complexes through molecular dynamics simulation Department of Biotechnology [DBT] BT/PR12267/BID/7/506/2014 dated on 02.08.2016   PI: Dr.K. Veluraja Co-PIs: Dr. Aravindan P G & Dr. C. Anuradha 25.29 02.08.2016-02.08.2019
34 Structural Modeling of Random Metal Oxides Department of Science and Technology - Science and Engineering Research Board [DST-SERB] YSS/2014/000251 dated on 03.02.2016   Dr. Eithiraj R D 5.64 03.02.2016-03.02.2019
35 Development of Room temperature ferromagnetic Transparent, Conducting Mn, Fe doped ITO thin films UGC-DAE-Consortium for Scientific Research CSR-KN/CRS-72/2015-16/809 dated on 13.11.2015 CSR-KN/CRS-72/2018-19/1565 dated on 31.03.2018 Dr. S. Kaleemulla 6.86 13.11.2015-31.03.2018 renewed for one more year letter dated on 31st March 2018 01.04.2018 - 31.03.2019
Total Fund Granted 723.94  

Mathematics - Ongoing Projects

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Order No.& Date Principal Investigator / Co-ordinators Fund Sanctioned ( Rs. in lakhs) Period
1 Nonlinear matrix equations: solution, convergence, perturbation analysis, simulation DST - SERB CRG/2018/000615 Dr. Hemant Kumar Nashine 19.48 26.03.2019 - 26.03.2022
Total Fund Granted 19.48  
Mathematics - Completed Projects
S. No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Order No.& Date Principal Investigator / Co-ordinators Fund Sanctioned ( Rs. in lakhs) Period
1 Bio-economics of additional food provided predator-prey system with applications to agricultural pest control" DST - SERC SB/FTP/MS-008/2013 dated on 29.05.2014 Dr. B S R V Prasad   10.56 29.05.2014-29.05.2017
2 Water Wading Study Across the Porous Media Renault Nissan Technology and Business Center India Pvt. (RNTBCI) FP20160074 dated on 01.01.2016 Dr. M.S. Jagadeesh Kumar 5.06 01.01.2016 - 01.08.2016
3 Reliable and secured space communication based on fundamental cur-sets and fundamental circuits in graphs ISRO ISRO/RES/3/645/2013-14 dated on 12.09.2013 Dr. R. Selvakumar 13.63 2013 – 2015
4 Study on Socio Economic Conditions and Improvement Avenues of Leather Tannery Workers in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. ICSSR 02/197/2011/RP dated on 22.11.2012 Dr. S. Rita 7.5 2012 – 2015
5 Mathematical Modeling of some nonlinear MHD mixed convective heat and mass transfer flows through porous medium in vertical channel DST-SERC SR/S4/MS:674/10 dated on 07.10.2010 PI: Dr. S. Srinivas Co-PI: Dr. R. Muthuraj 9.46 2011 – 2014
6 Numerical Modelling and Simulation of boundary layer problem i.e., Singular singularly perturbed two point boundary value problems DRDO ERIP/ER/0903823/M/01/1285 dated on 24.01.2011 PI: Dr. A.S. V. Ravi Kanth Co-PI (1): Dr. S. Srinivas Co-PI (2): Prof. K. Aruna 4.49 2011 – 2012
7 Investigation of Hydromagnetic Boundary Layers in Rotating Flows with B–plane approximations DRDO ERIP/ER/0304284/M01 PI: Dr. V. Somaraju Co-PI (1): Dr. S. Srinivas Co-PI (2): Dr. A.S.V. Ravikanth   14.85 2005 – 2008
8 Optimal  Rank Approximation for efficient Information Retriel DST - SERC SR/S3/EECE/25/2005 dated on 17.01.2006 PI: Mr. C. H. Aswin Kumar Co-PI (1): Dr. S. Srinivas Co-PI (2): Ms. H. Seetha 4.92 2006 – 2008
9 Some Nonlinear Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Fluid Flows in Non-Uniform channel with Oscillating Walls DRDO ERIP/ER/0304285/M01 dated on 28.05.2004 PI: Dr. S. Srinivas Co-PI (1): Dr. Somaraju Co-PI (2): Dr. A. S. V. Ravikanth   13.54 2004 – 2007
10 A Study on Working conditions of Women Engaged as Construction Workers, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. ICSSR 02/55/2014-15/RPR dated on 13.06.2014 Dr. S. Rita 10 2014-2016
11 Mathematical Modeling of from Nano Fluid Flows DAE 2/48(19)/2012/NBHM (R.P)/R&D II/9137 dated on 22.07.2013 Dr. S. Srinivas 9.67 2013-2016
12 Integration of NAVIC receiver with mapping Services Indian Space Research Organisation [ISRO] ISRO/RES/4/632/16-17 dated on 24.11.2016 Dr. R. Selvakumar 12.70 24.11.2016-24.11.2018
13 Performance Analysis of single server retrial queuing system with vacations and unreliable servicer R&D - NBHM 2/48(6)/2015/NBHM(R.P.)/R&D II/14129 dated on 16.10.2015 Dr. V.M. Chandrasekaran 12.98 16.10.2015 - 16.10.2018
Total Fund Granted 129.36  

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