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School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE)


S.No Name Title Filed/ Published/ Awarded Year Ref. No.
1 Dr.Rajasekhara Babu
Dr.Venkata Krishna P
Mr.Shijo Anthony
Mr.Tatavarti Sri Venkata Narasimha
Method and Apparatus for Recognition of Hand Gestures of Differently Abled Persons Published 2012 2567/CHE/2010A
2 Dr.Venkata Krishna P
Mr. Aman Sharma
A Method and Apparatus for Human Life Security Filed 2013 5454/CHE/2013
3 Dr.Margret Anouncia
S Mr.Anthony Xavior
Inductive Reasoning for Machinability Prediction Filed 2013 E-2/5733/2013-CHE
4 Mr.Sanju V
Mr.Niranjan C
Dr.Venkata Krishna P
SMITHA: Scalar Modular Interconnect for Three Dimensional Application High Performance Applications - A New3d Topology for NoC Systems Filed 2014 IPO No. 1598/CHE/2014
5 Dr. Margret Anouncia S. System and Method for Predicting Neurological Disorders Filed 2014 6745/CHE/2014
6 Ms. Sayantani Basu Medical Shopping, Information and Care (MedSIC) Filed 2016 -
7 Mr. Prashant Balasubramaniam
Dr. Rajasekhara Babu M.
A Lowcose Holistic Precrash Data Logger for Postcrash Analysis of with Crash Prediction using Neural Networks Published 2016 201641007253 / 01.03.16
8 Dr. Margret Anouncia Subramanya G.
Venkata Radha Krishna Rao
Kuhelee Roy
System and Method for Predicting Neurological Disorders Awarded in 2017 2016 US 9715622 B2