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School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE)


S.No Project reference number Year Project Titles Principal Investigator Co-Investigators Funding Agency Total Project Cost Current Status Duration
1   2005 Automated Interpretation of Industrial Radiographs using ANN Dr. S. Margret Anouncia   VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram Rs6.06 Completed  
2   2007 An Adaptive Approach for Providing Quality of Services in Group Communication for Streaming Services Over MANET Dr. T. Arunkumar   DRDO, New Delhi Rs12.96 Completed  
3 SR/S3/EECE/0054/2010 2010 Ambiguite Semantic Issues and Tool Development in Contextual Grammer Dr. K. Lakshmanan Dr. Anand M.
Dr. Khalid M.
Department of Science & Technology (DST), New Delhi 1,374,240 Ongoing 3 Years
4 ISRO/RES/3/607/10-11 2011 Automated disposition of weld radiographs based on given specification and performance enhancement of the existing developed system Dr. S. Margret Anouncia Dr. Anthoni Xavior
Prof. Mythili T.
VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram 523,000 Completed 18 Months
5 F.NO.NRDMS/11/1653/10 Project No 2 2011 Financial Assistance for Sensor Network Projects -Interactive Kiosl for Farmers using sensor Grid based on Meta Modeling Prof. C. Srimathi   Department of Science & Technology (DST), New Delhi 1,000,000 Completed 3 Years
6 ERIP/ER/1103978/M/01/1347 2011 Generic classification and recognition of defence related targets and objects Dr. P.V.S.S.R. Chandramouli   Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), New Delhi 981,000 Completed 3 Years
7 ISRO/RES/4/589/11-12 2012 GIS Based early warning landslide susceptibility model using data mining classification approach Prof. M. Venkatesan Dr. Arun Kumar T.
Prof. Anbarasi M.
ISRO, Ahmedabad 1,095,000 Completed 2 Years
8 ISRO/RES/4/598 2012 Development of approaches for geometric, radiometric and atmospheric correction of remote sensing data products for multi-data data analysis Dr. S. Prabu Prof. Swarnalatha P. ISRO, Ahmedabad 706,000 Completed 2 Years
9 OGP 94 2012 Grid Based application development for Satellite image processing Dr. S. Margret Anouncia   ISRO, Ahmedabad 1,046,000 Completed 2 Years
10 NRDMS/11/1978/012 2013 Indoor positioning and tracking system by using smart phone sensors Prof. Bhulakshmi Bonthu   DST, New Delhi 600,000 Completed 2 Years
11 TCS-SMR-15/08/2017-DSH 2018 Development of Data Analytics Algorithms for Predicting the Parameters of Oil and Gas Well Flows Dr. Delhi Babu R   Data Science Hub
Khoroshevkoe Shosse
Moscow, Russia
1,300,000 Ongoing 2 Years
12 ISRO/RES/3/789/18-19 2018 Development of Automated Web based Online Feature Tracking system using Shape Adaptive Curvelet with PCA and Haralick Texture Feature Dr. Rajakumar K Dr. Arunkumar T
Dr. Prabhavathi T - SITE
ISRO, Bengaluru 1,138,000 Ongoing 2 Years
13   2018 Speckle noise reduction in SAR images using Neuro – Fuzzy Approaches for coastal zone change detection and monitoring Dr. Santhi V Dr. P. Arunmozhivarman, SENSE ISRO 1,420,000.00 Ongoing 2 Years