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School of Social Sciences and Languages (SSL)



S.No. Title of the Project Funding agency/Industry Status
1 HR Training Nasar Bali Gloves P Ltd., Vaniyambadi Completed
2 HR Training Aala Gloves, Vaniyambadi Completed
3 HR Training Pakker Leather Company, Vaniyambadi Completed
4 HR Training VAS Noorullah & Company, Vaniyambadi Completed
5 HR Training Bharat Silks, Bangalore Completed
6 Consultancy Project Power Mech Projects Ltd. Hyderabad Completed
7 HR Training Methods- NSDC Project for Apparel Industry, Delhi Ongoing
8 HR Training Madarasa-E-Mufide-Aam, Vaniyambadi Completed


S.No. Title of the Project Department Total cost in Rs. Beneficiary Funding agency/Industry Status
1 Are Rural Consumers Aware of Their Rights? – A Study with Special Reference to Vellore District of Tamil Nadu (Economically Most backward District)  SSL-Commerce 300000 Dr. N. Sundaram ICSSR, New Delhi Completed
2 "Micro Credit to Self Help Groups: A Boon for Empowerment of Rural Women"  SSL-Commerce 590175 Dr.V. Selvam ICSSR, New Delhi Completed
3 "Women awarness on consumer Protection Act - A study with special reference to Vellore District in Tamilnadu" SSL-Commerce 350000 Dr. N. Sundaram Dr. G. Velmurugan IIPA, New Delhi Completed
4 "Financial Inclusion in Rural India-A Study with special Reference to Vellore District of TamilNadu (Industrially most Backward District)"  SSL-Commerce 798725 Dr. N. Sundaram Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma ICSSR, New Delhi Completed
5 " An Analysis of Corner Shop Economy of Vellore "  SSL-Social Sciences 800000 Dr. N.P. Hariharan ICSSR, New Delhi Completed
6 Improving the writing skills of students of Govt.Higher Secondary Schools in Vellore District through Task-Based approach  SSL-English Dept. 461175 Dr. R. Srinivasan Dr. Md. Shaul Hameed ICSSR, New Delhi Completed
7 Motivation to learn English as Second Language and Language Learning Strategies used by the Rural Population of India.  SSL-English Dept. 1000000 Dr. Shahila Zafar  ICSSR, New Delhi Completed
8 Translation Project I(KuaileHanyu to Santhosanamana Cheenamozhi SSL-English Dept. 500000 Dr. J. Karthikeyan Hanban, Beijing, China Completed
9 Translation Project II (Chinese Paradise to Cheena Poonjolai) SSL-English Dept. 669000 Dr. J. Karthikeyan Hanban, Beijing, China Completed
10 Translation Project III (Learn Chinese with me to Ennudan Cheenam Katrukolungal) SSL-English Dept. 680000 Dr. J. Karthikeyan Hanban, Beijing, China Completed
11 A Study on Occupational Health Hazards and the Role of Health Care Finance and Health Insurance among Leather Industrial Workers in Vellore Dist  SSL-Social Sciences 1000000 Dr. N. Savitha ICSSR, New Delhi Completed