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VIT Business School (VIT BS)



Funded projects & Workshops

S.No.Financial YearName of Faculty (Principal InvestigatorName of the Funding agencyTitle of the ProjectSanctioned order no.Sanctioned dateAmount Received(In Rupees)
12015-2016Prof. Subashini RICSSRStress and Coping Styles of Women Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu02/77/2015-16/ICSSR/RPR11-Sep-151200000
22015-2016Prof. S. Sujatha
Co-PI. Prof. Pulidindi Venugopal
Prof. A. Seema
ICSSRCrime against Women, Punishment Goals and Socio-Economic Welfare of Victims: Social Order and Moderating Effect of Public ProtestSc-9/2015-16/ICSSR/RPS30-Nov-151600000
32015-2016Prof. Sumathi G. NICSSRTen Days Research Methodology Programme for Ph.D Students in Social Sciences5-57/RMC/TCB/SC/2015-1609-Dec-15550000
42014-2015Prof. A. VasumathiICSSRLive to Work or Work to Live02-246(GEN)/2014-15/ICSSR/RPR24-Nov-141400000


Dr. Bhanusree Reddy, Sr. Professor and Dr. Uma Pricilda, Asso. Professor carried out a consultancy project for TVS Motor Company Ltd during 2016-17. They carried out the consulting project to conduct consideration and non-consideration study among customers of premium segment of motor cycles.