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Patent Granted

S.No Name Patent Name Application No Patent Status Patent Country & Year
1 R. Natarajan A System for production of Hydrogen with metal hydride and a method 59/CHE/ 2003 Patent granted India & 2004
2 US & 2004 A System for production of Hydrogen with metal hydride and a method US Patent. 10/542,550 Patent granted US & 2004
3 R. Natarajan A system for using liquid carbon dioxide as driving force for vehicles and other applications 1114/CHE/2008 06.05.2008 Patent granted India & 2018
4 R. Natarajan Thrust augmented wind turbine 1577/CHE/2008/27.06.2008 Patent granted India & 2019

Patent Filed

S.No Faculty Name Patent Application detail Year of Filing
1 T. Srinivas Solar Energy power plant 2011
2 T. Srinivas Tri generation cycle 2015
3 T. Srinivas Single axis semi automatic tracking mechanism for solar invention 2015
4 K. Santhakumar Next Generation Organic solar cells based on Tandem NFA Architecture 2019
5 K. Santhakumar A Self Sustainable Bio-Solar Cell For Energy Production 2019
6 Dr. Senthil Kumar Arumugam Three spilit regenerative supercritical carbon dioxide brayton power cycle 2019
7 Dr. S. Murugavelh A system for conversion of agro biomass and plastic waste into energy dense fuel 2019
8 Dr. J. Ranjitha Maximizing lipid production and extraction of bio-diesel from fungus using a novel reactor 2020
9 Dr. J. Ranjitha A Green catalyst for the production of biodiesel from waste fat using a novel electromagnetic induction based biodiesel reactor 2020
10 Dr. J. Ranjitha Increasing lipid production and extraction of bio-diesel from the species of Chlorococcum Sp. using a magnetic and functionalized nanobiocatalyst 2020
11 Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi Scaled-Down Wind Turbine with External Gear Assembly and Multiple Generators 2020

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Last updated : June 12, 2020