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School of Architecture (V-SPARC)



The classrooms are well-designed rooms that incorporate everything needed for a pleasant learning atmosphere. The wide spacious classrooms contain a whiteboard and also a projector that is used for teaching so a professor can switch to different modes of teaching as and when required so the teaching isn’t monotonous and the lectures are put across in the best way possible. This hi-tech equipment enables our faculty to conduct classes in a way that enable students to make use of every available resource from one point at the click of a button. These classrooms are also often used for seminars and events from time to time


Architectural Studio is a unique feature in Architectural studies and its memory will remain forever for every Architecture student undergoing B.Arch Program. As it is evident that a student gets a hands-on skill, working through the course, his expertise and skills are developed on the drawing board, where he does the work such as drawings or making models or doing his artworks. For all these different types of works, an Architecture Student has his own space within the classroom that is his own creative 'Den' which facilitates that growth from a novice into a graduate in Architecture. This space is more often collectively is called the Studio from the early 1900s, since the inception of Architecture studies and curriculum.