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VIT School of Design (V-SIGN)



Smart Product Design laboratory mainly focuses on the development of innovative futuristic products. Consumers demand products with extended functionality, increased complexity, enhanced smartness and impeccable aesthet- ics. Smartness means the ability of products to identify and respond to changes in the environment and user's needs. This is achieved through the enhancement of control in the products using electronics, including microprocessors and micro-controllers. In short, it is about integrating mechatron- ics into product design.


It is a laboratory for experimenting and building a product design in its final form & colour. Typical materials used here are wood, sheet metal, steel, aluminium, and engineering plastics. There is machinery to do operations such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, buffing, pressing, forming, shearing, bending, welding and thermoforming.


The name of this studio is an abbreviation of PROduct aestheTICS/ semioTICS/ syntacTICS/ pragmaTICS. This studio is for exploring studies on form & colour and developing new designs. All simulation models in soft materials for aesthetic studies will be done here. It is equipped to make mock-up models in POP, clay, thermocol, plasticine, cardboard, paper, HIPS, acrylic, binding wire and wood. Small models in aluminium and sheet metal can also be done here. There are machinery / equipment to do operations such as turning, drilling, grinding, buffing, sanding, bending, pressing, riveting, cutting, gluing and fabricating. There is a dedicated Paint Booth with a Front open dry type filtering system and an air-compressor. It is equipped with hook type product hangers and bed type rotating table for professional quality spray painting of product models.


Three Dimensional Industrial Design studio is presently equipped with 30 Nos. of high-end iMacs. There are Wacom tablets such as Cintiq and Intuos with all the iMacs for digital sketching and image manipulations. Students learn to build 2D and 3D models of products using software tools such as Alias, Sketchbook Pro, Fusion 360, Solidworks, Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw. This studio is also equipped with machines for 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Laser Cutting.


'Human Factors & Ergonomics' is the discipline of designing products and systems to match the abilities of people in order to improve user satisfaction, safety, performance and productivity. Studies on the physical factors of the human-product-interaction in a controlled environment, depending on the usage, are done in Ergonomics Lab. These studies are done also in the virtual environment using software tools like Delmia. This lab is equipped with devices like Electronic Digital Goniometer, Absolute axis Goniometer, Algometer, BLC Dynamometer, Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Holtain Harpenden Anthropometric Set, Jamar Digital Hand Evaluation Set, etc.